83 Ways to Text ʼGood Nightʼ to Her

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13 Mar 2024
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83 Examples of a Good Night Message for Her

How do you fall asleep at night? Chances are you have a routine before you finally get into bed. Once you can quiet your brain from the day’s stress and not worry about all that you must get done tomorrow, you can fall asleep easily. But what about including in your routine a good night message for her to comfort and strengthen your connection? We highly recommend considering this too.

Whichever stage of a relationship you’re in now – just beginning, dating regularly, or in a serious long-term commitment but not living together or separated by school or work situations – sending her a good night message is a great way to show you care and think of her as you are falling asleep. We’ll show you exact examples of how you can craft a really good night message for her.

Good night message for her examples when you're early on relationship

Early On / Dating Stage

When a relationship is new, you may be infatuated and tempted to send romantic good night messages for her. But remember: if you come on too strong, you run the risk she will back away. Thus, leaving short, cute, and mildly romantic good-night messages is best.

Here are some good night texts for her that will have her thinking fondly of you:

  • Thinking of you. Sleep well.
  • Had a great time tonight. You are the best.
  • Hope you had a great day. Goodnight.
  • Just thinking of you. I hope you sleep well.
  • I hope you sleep like a hibernating bear.
  • Wishing you a sweet good night and the best dreams ever – maybe eating your favorite pizza.
  • Don’t worry about the monsters under your bed. I sent them packing. Sleep well.
  • If you’re still up, it’s way past your bedtime. You need your beauty sleep.
  • If I see you in my dreams, I promise we’ll have a good time.
  • Thanks for a great night. I always have a good time with you. Sleep well, and we’ll talk tomorrow.

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How to write good night messages when you're in the middle of your relationship

Midway in a Relationship

While you have not made a long-term commitment yet, you are moving in that direction. In fact, you and she are not seeing anyone else. Obviously, you will want to keep this relationship alive and well, especially if you have separations due to school or work. But even if you are not separated by distance, you are still living in different spaces and often sleep apart.

You can vary those good-night messages for her – funny, romantic, or flirty. In fact, you can use any of the good-night texts that a guy might use early in a relationship and add these:

  • I will be dreaming of you tonight. Promise me you’ll be dreaming of me and not that amazing steak we had tonight.
  • Goodnight, angel baby.
  • I know you need your sleep with a big day tomorrow – just know that I am sending you love and lots of hugs.
  • Sweet dreams and remember I love you.
  • You are the most important person in my life – I love you.
  • I miss you. Wish I was cuddling you right now.
  • I am the luckiest man on earth. Good night my love.
  • I love you more with each day. Can’t wait to see you (add the day).
  • I couldn’t fall asleep until I told you I love you.
  • My night will be longer without you in bed with me.
  • I hope that soon we’ll have every night together. Until then, good night my love.
  • I love you more each day. Close your eyes and see us on the beach before you fall asleep, and I’ll do the same.
  • If I were the Sandman, I’d bring you the best dreams. Good night my love
  • If you’re already asleep, this message will be the first thing you see in the morning. Love you.
  • You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and the reason for the permanent smile on my face. Good night my love.
  • Everything about you warms my heart. It’s what I think about when I drift off to sleep.
  • Here’s my good night message. If you’re still up, go to bed. Then you can dream of me.
  • When I go to bed tonight, I’ll send you all my love across the night sky. Look up, grab a star, and hold me close.
  • I’ll see you in my dreams, my love, and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.
  • My heart swells just thinking about you. Have sweet dreams, my love.
  • Sleep tight and have sweet dreams, my love, as long as they are of me.
  • Hope you have the best sleep ever. I’m still awake thinking about you.
  • Here’s a thought. You close your eyes and send me a kiss, and I’ll do the same. They’ll meet in the middle.
  • My life is complete because of you. I’m sending you a big hug until I see you in the morning.

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Good night texts in a committed relationship

In a Committed Relationship

Obviously, you can use all of the above good night messages for her and even add some more. And a good night message for her can also be funny and not so romantic. Here’s a combination:

  • I’m so grateful to have you. Good night my dearest someone.
  • If someone told me a year ago that I would find my forever love, I would have laughed. Yet here I am, trying to send cute good night messages. Cuteness aside, I love you with my whole being.
  • Who would think I’d be sending good night texts? My love for you makes me do it. I hope you know you have me hooked.
  • Trying to have a good night without you. So I’ll just send a good night message and say I love you. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.
  • Did you know you are my favorite dream? Hope I am yours. Good night my love.
  • I hope you fall asleep knowing how deeply I love you.
  • Being with you is what I dream of every night. Soon, my dear one, soon.
  • I can’t wait to hold you again. Tonight, I’ll dream about it hoping your dreams are the same.
  • A text doesn’t cut it, but it’s all I have. My love for you is boundless. Go to sleep with that thought.
  • My heart is so filled with love for you. Close your eyes and remember that as you drift off to sleep.
  • Here’s a good night text for you: Sleep tight, do it right, and have dreams of me.
  • I wish the best dreams for you – as long as they are about me.
  • The night is so boring without you. All I can do is send a text to you saying how much I want to be with you or at least in your dreams. Sleep tight sweetheart – I love you.
  • This is not a cute good night text. I ache to be with you. Until then, I will dream of you every night and wake up in the morning still so in love with you.
  • I hope you have a good night my love. You won’t have to put up with my snoring, so may your dreams be about me without interruption.

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To Be Short and Sweet

Sometimes, a short text can be just as powerful as a longer one, especially if you are not facing a separation. If you will see her the next day or within the next few days, just a short but sweet text will do.

Here are a bunch of examples for you for you to pick those that fit the relationship stage you are in:

  • Good night love. Dream of me.
  • Good night love. Sweet dreams.
  • Sleep well dear one. I love you.
  • Sleep well and have dreams of me!
  • I wish only the best dreams for you.
  • Get to sleep! See you in the morning. Love, me
  • Good night dear one. I love you.
  • Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams of me.
  • A sweet good night to you. I love you.
  • Sending you a big hug. Good night my love.
  • I wish you great dreams without my snoring.
  • Remember how much I love you.
  • My empty bed wishes you good night.
  • Sleep tight with great dreams.
  • I wish you a good night and pleasant dreams.
How to flirt in messages

To Send a Flirty Vibe

Flirting via text can be fun for a guy who is in the early stages of a relationship. Here are some cute examples:

  • Too bad we have to sleep. Otherwise, we could just keep texting.
  • Not gonna lie. I’ll probably be up a while thinking about the great time I had with you tonight.
  • I’m already thinking about a good morning text I’ll send to you.
  • If we were together, we probably wouldn’t be getting much sleep.
  • Sleep tight and enjoy good dreams. Maybe I’ll creep into them.
  • I’d love to keep you up, but you need your sleep. Look for a text from me in the morning.

And flirty texts are just for early-stage relationships. It’s easy for a guy to take his girl a bit for granted. But a flirty good night text could be just the thing to spark up the night for her.

Here is how you can send a flirty message:

  • I hope you have a sleep as beautiful as you are. My dreams will all be of you.
  • My bed is missing you as badly as I am.
  • Good night love. I’m sending some pretty sexy thoughts your way – hope they show up in your dreams!
  • You’re the reason I’m still awake. I wish you a good night my love, and that you dream of me.
  • Romeo said to Juliet, “Wilt thou leave me so dissatisfied?” That’s how I feel when you’re not here in bed with me.
  • Good night, good night, a thousand times good night. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “Parting is such sweet sorrow,” but I’ll see you again in the morning my love.
  • Good night love. I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night”

And if you’re into quoting famous people with good night messages, you can also check this out for inspiration.

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To Catch Up in the Morning

So, you sent that good night message to your squeeze or dear one, but you have decided to follow up with a wake-up one in the morning. What to say?

Check out these phrases to brighten her day after a great good night message:

  • Were your dreams all that you had hoped for? If my good night message to you worked, you should be good to go today.
  • Just in case my good night message wasn’t enough, I hope you can have a few day dreams about what might happen tonight.
  • You’re the woman I see in the night sky and the woman of my daydreams when the sun is shining.
  • You’re the first thing in my mind when I wake up, just like the last thing in the night. My life is complete because of you.
  • Here’s your wake up message, in case last night’s message didn’t stick.
  • Loving my life right now since I get to say good morning to you.

Main Rule: Your Messages for Her Should Be Sincere

If you have needed some ideas for good night messages to make her smile and have sweet dreams about you, this article should have taken care of it. At least you will have ideas to get your own creative juices going, no matter what the stage of your relationship.

Just one word of caution. If your relationship is new, there is a fine line between giving lots of attention and a bit of stalking. Be certain that your squeeze is receptive and responds positively.

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