17 Weird Soulmate Signs – Is It Meant to Be?

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21 May 2023
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17 Weird Soulmate Signs That Mean Something Special

Your romantic relationships can be meaningful, but there’s just nothing quite like a soulmate connection between two people. If you’ve ever had a true soulmate, you know they’re not just another person. And if not, you may be surprised how weird soulmate signs can be!

Often, the moment you realize that another person is your soulmate isn’t during a perfectly romantic or tender moment. Instead, we often find our true soulmate in moments that are absurd, funny, or stressful. Let’s talk about some of these weird soulmate signs.

The Difference Between Soulmate Relationships and a Relationship with a Romantic Partner

Both soulmates and romantic partners give you a strong connection, but it goes in a different way. A soulmate is a person who helps you grow in a given moment of time when your life paths cross, but a romantic partner is someone who will stay with you for a long time. Also, you build different connections with these people: romantic relationship for a romantic partner, and friendship or another sort of a strong emotional tie for a soulmate connection.

Who are your best friends then? Well, they are soulmates who decided to stay longer! These people in your life didn’t proceed to a romantic relationship, although there may be a presence of unconditional love between you two. You’ve decided it’s better to keep your soulmate relationships as best friends.

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17 Weird or Unusual Soulmate Signs

How do you know when you’ve met your soulmate? This list of weird soulmate signs illustrates that moment may come when you least expect it. Maybe you’ve experienced a weird sign or two in your own relationships. Check them out!

1. Things Aren’t That Great at First

You don’t have many of the same beliefs or hobbies. Sometimes, you frustrate the heck out of one another. Logically, you know you have absolutely nothing in common. Despite this fact, you can’t stay away from them, and they can’t stay away from you. Eventually, you grow on one another. The great truth about this kind of relationship is that such relationships build quite slowly but often end up being exceptionally deep and dedicated.

2. You Enjoy Bantering about Your Differences

When it’s simply romantic love, you may think things aren’t working out when you realize there are too many differences between you and your partner. However, if you enjoy bantering and debating about those differences, you can chalk that up to being another one of these weird soulmate signs.

3. They Aren’t Your Physical Type

When you think about your ideal lover, you may have a pretty detailed visual in mind. That’s totally normal. Most people have a physical type they find most attractive. This isn’t a bad thing, but you may be surprised to find yourself falling in love with somebody who doesn’t fit that image at all. In fact, they may even have what you might have considered to be physical flaws.

That’s because weird soulmate signs like this one indicate that you relate to them on a much deeper level than physical appearance. It isn’t so much that you can overlook something about their appearance. Instead, you find yourself feeling surprisingly attracted to those features.

The weirdest of all the weird soulmate signs

4. You Don’t Like How They Make You Feel

Of all the weird soulmate signs, this one may be the weirdest. How is it that you feel bad when you meet your soulmate? When two souls connect, that can create feelings of uncertainty and imbalance. You may experience a sense of vulnerability and other intense emotions that can be difficult to process.

This may even manifest as hard feelings or conflict. It’s pretty common for someone to argue with their soulmate bitterly at the beginning of a relationship, at least until they resolve their emotions.

5. You Experience a Surreal Feeling of Peace

In addition to irritation, you may feel very serene when you meet your soulmate. That’s a feeling of comfort and safety that arises of your immediate connection. If you’ve experienced something like that, that’s the sign you feel complete when you are with them.

6. You Can’t Stay Mad (Even If You Try)

Everyone has character flaws, but another weird soulmate sign is the inability to stay mad at each other about them. No matter how much you get on each other’s nerves, there is still that spiritual level connection that draws you back to one another. You can’t help but return to your true love.

7. What You Have Transcends Even a Very Loving Relationship

One of the most intense weird soulmate signs comes when you realize your feelings are a combination of deep respect, sexual attraction, spiritual connection, and genuine fondness. This person is your friend, lover, intellectual sparring partner, and ultimately your weird soulmate.

8. No Topic Is Off Limits

Have you ever had a person with whom you could be an entirely open book? That includes weird and ugly stuff like bodily functions. Yes, it’s true! The embarrassing things that make us all human are also weird soulmate signs when we can bond with another person over them.

9. Awkward Silences Are Common

Who is this person? What am I getting myself into? Why do I feel this way? What do I even say to them? You find yourself wondering about these things, and so do they. This leads to awkward silences that define our next weird soulmate sign.

10. You Have a Deep Gut Feeling This Is Right

Not all soulmate signs indicate that everything is falling right into place. Much of this is about your intuition and a deep connection. From the outside in, everything might seem wrong about this relationship. The timing might be off, you may have a different personality type from them, and the world may seem to be against the two of you getting together. You will know that in your situation most people would move on.

Still, that doesn’t matter. When the two of you lock eyes, staying together just makes sense.

11. You Trust One Another Deeply Almost Immediately

Sometimes, a person will come into our lives, and we experience an immediate sense of safety around them. When that feeling is mutual, that person could be your soulmate for life. It’s as if you feel no hesitation about sharing information about your life, and truly letting them into your world. You know that both of you want to help the other to become a better version of themselves. So, you don’t worry about oversharing.

Feeling seen is one of the strongest soulmate signs

12. You Feel Seen

Even if you have great friends and family in your life, it can be easy to get into a rut. Without realizing it, you begin to feel invisible. You might have people to talk to, but everybody is also busy with their own lives. So, the interactions may feel shallow. After all, people want to have fun. They don’t always have the time or emotional energy for deep connections or conversations.

Then, you meet someone who truly wants to hear about your life and your emotions. No matter how hectic their life is, they are available to talk or just sit with you. We think that’s a pretty intense soulmate sign.

13. It Feels Wrong to Be Apart

Words can’t really describe what it’s like to be apart from your soulmate. Sure, if you can’t see your best friend for a while, you will miss them intensely. But, when it is your soulmate, it’s different. You find yourself spiraling, thinking “But what do I do now?” It’s difficult to explain until you experience it in real life, but after you meet your soulmate, life will just feel weird if they aren’t with you.

14. Making Up Can Be Really Strange

Don’t think that fights don’t happen between you and your soulmate. Both of you keep things way too real for things to be peaceful all of the time. The good news is that you always make up – but with your soulmate, making up can be a bit strange.

For example, when you make up with a friend or lover, you might apologize, talk things through, and then the incident is quickly forgotten. Making up with your soulmate might include:

  • Making eye contact and mutually bursting into tears
  • Looking at one another and breathing a sigh of relief because you both just know things are okay
  • Bringing your soulmate the gift of food
  • Turning on your favorite song
  • Amazing makeup sense often with neither of you saying a word

You and your soulmate rarely need to engage in a bunch of dialogue after an argument. You almost have your own secret code to communicate everything you need to after a spat.

15. You Are Weirdly in Sync

Your soulmate is not someone you have to explain things to. They just get you. At times, all it takes is a bit of eye contact and subtle body language for you to have entire conversations with one another. They understand the real meaning behind the subtle cues and get your weird moods. This is the person you share inside jokes with, and the one who just seems to know what you’re going to do next.

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16. Your Might Make Other People Uncomfortable

You and your soulmate don’t mean to do it, but sometimes you make the people around you feel a bit weird. You’re just so connected and into each other that even being in the same room can make others feel a bit voyeuristic.

If you have a friend say they feel like a third wheel or as if they are intrusive, those are signs you have found your soulmate. That’s a good thing, but be careful. You don’t want every other person in your life to feel like an outsider.

17. You Let One Another Get Away With Things

They take up the entire bed when you sleep together. They borrow your favorite shirt, and then take weeks to return it. Meanwhile, you snack in front of their living room TV despite their strict rule about eating outside of the kitchen.

Neither of you would let anybody else in your life do these things, but somehow you let one another push these boundaries. This is usually because the little things simply don’t bother you about one another.

Don’t Be Overeager About These Unusual Signs

Now it’s time for a reality check about these signs. It’s the most amazing thing when you find the person who is truly your soulmate. However, don’t fall prey to wishful thinking. The truth is that in most cases, bickering, being incompatible and uncomfortable around one another simply means that you aren’t meant to be. So, don’t rush things just because you see many signs that this is your soulmate.

Additionally, please don’t stay in a relationship that makes your life miserable because you are engaging in wishful thinking. Give things some time to gain footing, but don’t waste precious months or years of your life on something that isn’t meant to be.

Never Lose Yourself Even If You Find Your Soulmate

When you make this kind of connection, you may think that everything you need out of life is in this new person. They may seem as if they are your very reason for being. This feels wonderful at first and is yet another sign you are both connected on such a deep level.

Even though that’s true, it’s so important to maintain your own identity. Be careful that you don’t become so intertwined that you lose your sense of self. You should maintain your interests, hobbies, and friendships as you enjoy having this amazing new person in your life.

When each of you leads your own interesting lives, you will have so much more to share and connect over. For example, you can discover new books and bond over what your favorite author posted on TikTok.

A Platonic Soulmate?

Every sign is there. You have a bond with this person like you’ve never experienced before. There’s just one issue. Y’all aren’t connecting in the bedroom. What’s up with that?

There’s a good chance that you’ve made a very special discovery. You may have found your platonic soulmate. This is a person that you are bound to have an amazing friendship with. Enjoy this, because not everybody gets to experience this.

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Be Alert For Your Own Weird Soulmate Sign

The great thing about unusual soulmate signs is that there is such potential for you to experience something really special. You may find that you have found your soul partner based on one of the signs listed here. On the other hand, you may find that your soulmate connection is based on something that is entirely unique to your relationship. It’s pretty amazing when that happens because both of you will have a unique connection to one another, and that’s something that truly can’t be put into words.

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