Getting Romantic Gifts to Her: No More Stress!

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11 Nov 2023
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Romantic Gifts for Her: 5 Tips and 18 Top Ideas

Planning the best romantic gifts for her can be hard. Quite frequently, what seems like a good idea may fall flat on its face. And sometimes, the ideas that don’t seem like enough may end up being one of the most romantic gifts you could have ever given her. No surprise that we wonder how to understand a woman’s mind!

If the idea of making romantic gifts brings you stress, take it easy. In this post, we will show you how to find her a romantic gift and what it may be. It won’t be a problem for you anymore!

5 Tips for Planning Out Your Romantic Gift Ideas

Before getting a special gift of any kind – be it for a birthday, a date night, the holiday season, or an unexpected gift without any specific purpose – come up with a plan first. In this plan, imagine the gift’s what, when, and how. In this section, we’ll show you how to do it.

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1. Get a Gift for Her, Not for You

When it comes to getting a romantic gift for her, make sure that’s what she wants. It’s tempting to get your partners and family members a gift you can also use. But that’s not how the romantic gift idea works.

Always make sure that any gift you get for your partner is for them and not for yourself. Even if you both enjoy the same things, the idea of a gift is that it is for them and not you.

2. Your Gift Shouldn’t Involve Extra Effort

If you plan to get her a big gift, that’s great! However, before buying it, make sure that’s the only thing she needs to do. A gift that involves a lot of extra work for her is not a gift.

The idea of a romantic vacation is great. But making the itinerary, finding pet- or babysitters, and taking care of lodging and transport will require extra effort. Make sure it won’t give her stress.

3. Observe Her Tastes

Pay attention when shopping with her and watch how she reacts to certain things.

Did she reminisce about happier times when she saw a certain stuffed animal? That might make a great sentimental gift for her. Did you see her melt at the sight of a beautiful dress? Try surprising her with it and take her out on a date.

Romantic gifts are everywhere and easy to find if you pay attention to your partner.

4. Check Her Social Media

What is she sharing on her TikTok page or timeline? Is she talking about something she saw that her friend shared with her? Social media is a great place to get ideas for meaningful gifts.

You can even ask her to show what is in her ‘Saved’ items or get access to her public wishlist. These collections make things so much easier!

5. Mix Things Up

If you are sure that she will love the thoughtful gift you’ve found, don’t be afraid to make it a true surprise to her and everyone else. Whether it’s a birthday present or an anniversary gift, just let your gift idea out of the gift box.

The process of gifting is no less important than the gift itself. Plan on an atmosphere of surprise and joy, and it will make things easier and more fun!

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Top ideas for romantic gifts for her

19 Gift Ideas for Your Romantic Partner

You may have some cool ideas in your head but still not come up with the best gift ever. And here, the lists with perfect gift ideas of all time are handy.

But don’t expect such gift guides to be one-size-fits-all. Some people love a nice-smelling candle, while others want to just watch their favorite show with their partner. Examine these ideas carefully and choose the best gift that suits your beloved.

Check out these 19 romantic gift ideas for her and find a great gift she’ll love!

1. Vacation

Taking her off on a vacation is a great way to leave her speechless on a date night. This is a thoughtful gift that can easily transform into one of the most sentimental gifts that she may ever receive.

If you can afford it, you will spend much quality time together and create beautiful memories. It could also be a good way to extend your love story with a little wooden box if you feel ready for that.

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2. Anything of Her Favorite Color

Whether it’s a birthday gift or just a way to show your appreciation, you can buy such a personalized gift with any budget. All you have to do is ask her what her favorite color is and get to work.

If her favorite color is green, get a green bag, and fill it up with green things: suckers, chips, sodas, slippers, socks, and more. 

Women love it when you put in any effort, and this awesome gift is nothing except for a significant effort to make her happy.

3. Loot Crates

Loot crates are a great and personalized way to give her a gift that’s sure to always lift her mood. There’s a loot crate for anything and anyone nowadays, from makeup and books all the way to engineering kits.

All you have to do is put in the order, and as long as you know her address, it will always arrive at the right place.

4. Home-Made Coupon Book

While she may not be able to use all the coupons at the store, this is a significant gift that she can use with you to make her feel special.

Make it personalized with her name, style it to match her favorite things, and find inspiration to help you make it even more meaningful. 

Does she have a favorite meal? Make a few coupons in the book saying you will cook it for her. This will be a great way for the two of you to spend some quality time together.

5. Spa Night Kit

You can buy a gift set premade or you can gather the stuff to make a great present with headbands, bath bombs, and more. All you have to do is figure out a theme that your girlfriend or wife loves – and go for it!

Relaxation is always a great idea, especially if you prepare it while taking a bath full of roses together.

6. Movie Night Kit

Find a plastic popcorn bucket at the store and start filling it with candy boxes, popcorn bags, a DVD, and more. You can even write a love letter to add to it! Then show it to her with it during your next date night.

Alternatively, you can purchase a year-long subscription to her favorite streaming service. Such services are expensive, even though many of us use them all the time. Just choose her favorite, not the one you’ll enjoy watching together!

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7. A Personalized Scented Candle

If she enjoys the smell of roses and doesn’t want a necklace, a candle that smells like roses is the perfect gift for your partner rather than expensive jewelry.

You can ask her more about her favorite smell – or just observe how she reacts to them any time you are together. If you have no clue, check her perfumes, shower gels, or which syrup she adds to her coffee – you can safely choose these scents for your romantic candle.

8. Her Favorite Book Series

It may not be an enchanted rose. However, there’s a reason why she likes that book series so much. And supporting her with this great present will send her a meaningful message from you.

Although it may not be the most unique gift in the world, we can guarantee that if you find her favorite book series, she will absolutely love it.

9. Handmade Creative Ideas

Although rose gold is pretty, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing a woman will accept as a wonderful gift. Make her a ceramic bowl, take a cooking class or two, and show off your new skills by making her a delicious meal.

Get a hand-painted picture of you together. Whether you paint it yourself or commission someone else to do it, this gift will be a great conversation starter that will surely hit a romantic soft spot for anyone who sees it.

Getting something from you that took your energy and time spent is one of the best gifts to make her heart skip a beat, especially if action is her love language.

If she is into animals, support her with a romantic gift

10. Her Favorite Animal

This is just like the favorite color bag that we suggested earlier. You do essentially the same thing for the favorite color bag idea, only this time, you base it around her favorite animal.

Although she may not be able to experience the physical touch of a penguin or other animal, this will be a great way to make her happy.

Also, as long as you both feel ready for one, consider a fur baby as a beautiful addition to your family. But consider the responsibility of caring about a sweet little animal in advance!

11. A Scrap Book

This is a fun and sweet gift that can show exactly how your life is together and how much fun your relationship with each other has been.

Send her off for a day of self-care and get to work for a special occasion. Print out your favorite pictures together. And when she gets back, surprise her with a book showing off the course of your romance together.

12. Jewelry

Whether it’s a pair of earrings or a fairy bottle necklace, a piece of any jewelry, either bought or made custom just for her, is a great way to show your partner how much you love them. In fact, you can even mix and match things as well. For example, you can order the fairy bottle necklace and ask if the person making it can make you a pair of earrings that look like fairies.

By the way, whether she has a ton of jewelry or not, a jewelry box is also a great way to show off your romance and creative passions. And again, you can personalize your gift by purchasing a jewelry box and customizing it just for her.

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13. Flowers

“I must have flowers, always, and always.”

Claude Monet, a French painter

Flowers are romantic, smell sweet, and if you do it correctly, they always make a one-of-a-kind type of gift that smells just as good as a nice candle.

Make her a cute gift by giving her a bouquet of flowers. You can buy these in the store, such as a large bundle with just red roses, or go on an adventure challenge to find more uncommon goods out in the wild.

14. Servd Card Game

Although it’s not part of Hearst digital media, the servd card game is a funny way to challenge your partner over a certain amount of time. All you do is set a timeline and split up the deck.

Make them trade food with you, play games, and so much more. This will sometimes leave your loved one frustrated without words – but laughing the rest.

15. Tickets to Her Favorite Show

Has she been talking about a certain musical or comedy act lately? Buy her a ticket there!

She’s going to love them rather than chocolates or a necklace for sure if music and standup are her passions. So go for it – surprise her with a romantic gift by getting her tickets to the show she’s been raving about for months.

How to Ask Her About Her Favorite Romantic Gift Idea Indirectly

Although our list has cute ideas that can work for almost any occasion, you may still be uncertain and have no clue what to choose for her. If that’s your case, refer to this list of meaningful questions. It will help you find out what your woman would love to receive from you – without inquiring about the gift of her dreams directly!

1. What Was Your Favorite Show as a Child?

This question creates a box filled with cute possibilities. Nostalgia is huge at the moment – and if you ask them what they enjoyed as a child, you can use their answer to create a beautiful and touching gift for them.

2. What Is Your Favorite Thing in Life? Tell the First One That Comes to Your Mind!

Romance is person-oriented, so you may never talk about things as objects of love. Try asking about her favorite things in life as a conversation starter next time – and see which of her answers you can use as an inspiration for your personalized romantic gift.

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3. Is There Something You Have Always Wanted to Try?

This is a great question to ask at the beginning of a relationship because it will give you a good amount of time to plan out a wonderful gift for her.

It will be more meaningful if she shares with you the thing she was always afraid to try. But be careful: although you don’t want to force her to do anything, you can still be sure that you are able to do it together.

4. If You Could Go Anywhere in the World Right Now, Where Would It Be?

Travel is expensive, but there are many ways to experience the world. So if she says she wants to go to Paris and such a vacation is not affordable for you at the moment, you can get her a loot crate filled with Parisian snacks. Or take her to a restaurant that specializes in Parisian foods.

You don’t have to get her a ticket out there, but you can help her experience her dream destination anyways and create great memories together.

To Sum Up, Effort Counts Most of All

“Your Temporary Santa, “He says presents aren’t important, but I think they are- not because of how much they cost, but for the opportunity they provide to say ‘I understand you.”

David Levithan, American author and editor

Most women want gifts that are thoughtful and show you understand them. Thus, a good gift isn’t just cherished because of its value – it’s appreciated because of the time and effort behind it.

So, don’t be shy – make her a gift you want to share! It can be a classic bouquet or a hand-painted box of customized gifts of a different kind. Ultimately, your love behind your gift is the only thing that should matter.

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