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Cherie Hamilton

Lives inSaginaw MI
EducationUniversity of Phoenix
ExpertiseSexual Health, Feminism

I’ve always been inspired by women who are outgoing, very sure of themselves, and not afraid to be who they were, including their sex lives. Under their tutelage, I gradually shed my old self, hung out and socialized with them, and, over time, became the empowered, self-confident, and sexual woman I am today. Happy to share my insights with other women today!


For 8 years, Cherie has operated as a certified coach to people with issues of sex and other psychology-related areas (e.g., empowerment, confidence, intimacy, etc.). She is also an expert writer on these issues, providing lots of strategies and tips for sexual and relationship health.


BA/BS: Communications; Psychology - Albion College - 2012 MS: Psychology - University of Phoenix - 2014

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