Taurus Compatibility: Which Signs Align

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05 Jun 2023
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Taurus Compatibility Guide

In astrology, Taurus are known for being down to earth and hopeless romantics. This is likely because the sign is ruled by the romantic Venus. She is the Goddess of love, after all. Still, that leaves many questions about Taurus compatibility.

For example, which are the most compatible signs for Taurus? Also, which personality traits, habits, and interests are most likely to attract Taurus as romantic partners? Let’s answer all of there questions here.

All About Taurus

The earthy Taurus is known to be romantic, indulgent, and a real home body. Taurus natives enjoy sultry pleasures, close relationships, and value their loved ones deeply. Taurus is also a creature of habit and a bit stubborn.

This zodiac is a fixed earth sign, which means:

  • Taurus are fixed signs: What do we mean when we say Taurus is a fixed sign? There are different zodiac signs for each season. Fixed signs are the most firmly associated with its season. These are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These signs are most known for their hardworking and reliable. They are also most likely to behave in ways that align with their signs.
  • Taurus are earth signs: Taurus are also earth signs. Some other earth signs are Virgo and Capricorn. An earth sign is known to be sensual, organized, loyal, practical, and habitual. Additionally, Taurus is ruled by planet Venus, the Goddess of love.

4 Important Qualities About Taurus

Before we discuss Taurus compatibility, let’s get into some Taurus personality traits everybody should know. Taurus are planners and doers. They also enjoy comfort and security. Both lovers and friends of this sign will notice that Taurus are impeccable hosts who throw amazing parties. They are thoughtful gift givers.

Additionally, Taurus work exceptionally hard in their personal and professional lives. When they are met with a challenge, you can be sure they will tackle that with persistence. Taurus craves stability. This may contribute to their desire to create safe, comfortable, even luxurious spaces for themselves and the ones they love:

  • Taurus loves their family: If you’re interested in a romantic relationship with a Taurus, you should know how much they love their family. Of course, to them, family also includes lovers and close friends who become part of their inner-circle.
  • Taurus is a great listener: Is it important for you to have a relationship built on communication? Taurus agrees with you. They have a nurturing nature that makes amazing listeners who seek mutual understanding.
  • Taurus seeks balance: Because they value a peaceful, harmonious existence, Taurus seeks balance. They value aligning all aspects of their lives.
  • Taurus is financially responsible: Taurus is always working to maintain a sense of security. This zodiac sign tends to be quite thrifty. They only feel comfortable when they have a sense of financial security.

Taurus Compatibility: Strife and Negativity

On the flip side, not everything is roses with this extremely sensual sign. It can take a lot of work to have a relationship with a Taurus. For one thing, Taurus tend to be nitpicky and critical. They tend to be vocal with their opinions, and may go too far with their words. Sadly, their stubborn nature makes it difficult for Taurus to apologize when they butt heads. They may tell their partners that they are simply speaking their minds or sharing their opinions.

The good news is that once they have fallen for someone, Taurus will work hard to make a relationship work. So, even if they have trouble saying the words “I’m sorry”, Taurus will often work very hard to make amends in other ways.

8 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Compatible With Taurus

Which signs have the best compatibility with Taurus. If you are one of these zodiac signs, you may be the perfect match for a Taurus.

Taurus compatibility

Taurus and Taurus!

Birthday: April 20 – May 20

Can there be a love match between two Tauruses? Believe it or not, when it comes to Taurus compatibility, you won’t find a sign that’s much better than a Taurus.

It’s true! What a Taurus has to offer in a relationship is exactly what they need as well. So, a Taurus couple has a great chance at a long term relationship. More than other zodiac signs they value communication, affection, beauty, luxury, comfort, and loyalty. A Taurus is almost always totally compatible with another Taurus.


Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Birthday: September 23 – October 22

There is real potential for Taurus and Libra to have a love that lasts for years.

Let’s start with Libra. They are laid back and low-key. They are also ruled by Venus. This makes Libra just as sensuous and pleasure-seeking as Taurus.

The only challenge is that Libra has an ethereal nature. This is difficult for Taurus to accept as they are so pragmatic and stable. There might be arguments as a result.

Cancer compatibility

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

Birthday: June 21 – July 22

There is no denying the sparks a Cancer-Taurus connection can create. Taurus and Cancer share many of the same traits and have the same relationship goals. They both love things that are luxurious and beautiful. They are also both peacemakers.

Unfortunately, there is some potential for discord. Cancer are very sensitive while Taurus tend to lack tact. This can lead to some hurt feelings. It also explains why Cancer is so high in terms of being a romantic match, but is only average for Taurus friendship compatibility.

Pisces compatibility

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

Birthday: February 19 – March 20

Pisces is another water sign, which gives them a definite Taurus compatibility advantage. This is particularly true in the areas of passion and romance. Taurus and Pisces both enjoy hanging out at home. They’re also very passionate, and sensual. The fact that Pisces also enjoys beautiful things helps as well.

Unfortunately, Pisces and Taurus do have different communication styles. This can cause some conflict. Pisces tend to retreat when they are upset. Taurus may interpret this as Pisces keeping secrets or being dishonest.

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Scorpio-Taurus Compatibility

Birthday: October 23 – November 22

Scorpio is surprisingly a water sign. That helps ensure a high Taurus compatibility. But, it’s important to know that Taurus and Scorpio have a compatibility that is high passion and sometimes high conflict. You might say this is an opposites attract scenario.

Fortunately, when Taurus and Scorpio can work together, they can bring out the best in one another. Scorpio can encourage Taurus to read beneath the surface in terms of emotions. Meanwhile, Taurus can encourage Scorpio to find their center and a sense of calm. Finally, when these two signs have shared interests, they have the final ingredient for a long term relationship.


Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

Birthday: August 23 – September 22

A Virgo-Taurus pairing is all about the finer things in life. Virgo brings high intellect to the table, a love of deep discussions, and a passion for reading. Taurus contributes a love for luxury, high end comforts, and artistic beauty. There’s also undeniable sexual chemistry between the two earth signs, Taurus and Virgo.

Taurus tends to be a bit too indulgent. That’s something Virgo can help to balance. Here, the biggest challenge will be getting Virgo to dial back their judgmental tendencies while Taurus will need to be a bit more open minded.


Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

Birthday: December 22 – January 19

The match between Taurus And Capricorn isn’t a particularly passionate one. However, these two signs score so high in the areas of friendship and communication style, that it is definitely worth giving this pairing a try.

Like Taurus, Capricorn are extremely hardworking. However, they go about things in a very different way. Taurus tends to be quite confident in their efforts. On the other hand, Capricorn often struggles with anxiety that things aren’t just right. This can cause conflict between the two if they work together. However, Capricorn can also find good balance with Taurus.

Compatibility with Gemini

Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

Birthday: May 21 – June 20

When it comes to Taurus love compatibility, Gemini does have some potential. Both Taurus and Gemini often have sexual chemistry. Unfortunately, things get difficult between them when it comes to communication style and personal values.

The ideal Taurus partners are straight shooters. The fact that a Gemini loves to argue from different points of view and debate for the sake of debating can frustrate Taurus. There’s also the fact that Taurus can be a bit smug. That’s something Gemini absolutely hates.

So, how is Taurus compatible with this sign? Both have such an abundance of creative energy. They also enjoy indulgent experiences. Things can really be harmonious as long as they can avoid bickering.

4 Zodiac Signs That May Not Work With Taurus

Now, we’ve gone over the most compatible signs. Let’s take a look at star signs that may not be the best romantic choices for Taurus natives. However, keep in mind that these shouldn’t be deal breakers. There have been successful Taurus love matches with partners who don’t have much astrological compatibility.

Leo compatibility

Taurus and Leo Compatibility

Birthday: July 23 – August 22

The Taurus and Leo pairing isn’t a terrible match. However, there is just enough potential for trouble in paradise to keep them out of our top matches.

At first, the Leo-Taurus connection will be strong. Taurus is often attracted to Leo’s eye for fashion and art. They both love finer things.

However, Leo is a bit of a show off. They also tend to have high intensity emotions. They seek conflict where Taurus seeks peace. This is where Leo Taurus couple is most likely to have issues with one another.

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Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

Birthday: January 20 – February 18

How well do Taurus and Aquarius match? Not so well, it turns out. This is largely because Aquarius tend to be rebellious rulebreakers who enjoy spontaneity. This drives Taurus practically mad as they thrive on structure.

Also, their approach to friendships differ. With Taurus, friends are earned through a lot of effort and last forever. Aquarius makes friends wherever they go.

Even if there is some attraction at first, an Aquarius-Taurus match is going to be difficult to sustain. Taurus will always feel exasperated at Taurus, and Aquarius will feel restrained by Taurus’ rigidity.

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Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility

Birthday: November 22 – December 21

It would take a lot of compromise to make things work between Taurus And Sagittarius. Both enjoy and appreciate their friendships. They each also love to entertain, but the similarities end there.

Sagittarius enjoys adventure. Their social life and approach to engaging with others is highly casual. Think impromptu gatherings and unexpected guests as the Sagittarius way of entertaining. Simply, Sagittarius prefers a laidback, fun approach to life.

In contrast to Sagittarius, Taurus can be a bit fussy. They would never want to throw a last minute get together. To them, a Sagittarius is simply inviting trouble by not following a more organized approach to things.

For thing to truly work between a Sagittarius and Taurus, each person would have to really work against some of their most basic instincts. That’s virtually impossible to maintain in the long run.


Taurus and Aries Compatibility

Birthday: March 21 – April 19

The fiery Aries may be the absolute lowest when it comes to Taurus compatibility. If there are truly polar opposites in the Zodiac scale, that would be Taurus and Aries. The Taurus bull and Aries ram are guaranteed to lock horns. They just want different things.

What makes Aries and Taurus so different? Taurus prefers the comforts of home. These star signs are so hard working, but to them the best pay off is comfortable place to live and a loyal, loving family.

Aries is equally hardworking, perhaps more so than Taurus. However, these fire signs believe the reward for their effort comes when they can travel and experience life’s adventures. This sign values freedom and will feel oppressed and resentful in a relationship with the possessive Taurus.

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Should Zodiac Guide Your Dating?

Zodiac is fun and informative. It can give you some great insights into your tendencies and personality traits. It can also help you understand your own spiritual growth. However, we discourage you from relying solely on the stars to make your dating decisions. There are just too many individual traits to tell you whether you are compatible with a Taurus or any other sign.


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