Leo Compatibility: How to Deal with the Lion Among Us

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04 Jun 2023
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Leo Compatibility Summary - Your Start Point

Leo is one of the three Zodiac fire signs, and that comes with passion, hot-headedness, charisma, ambition, and, as a fixed fire sign, a born leader. But also pretty self-involved! That’s the basics you need to know if you dare to ask about Leo compatibility here.

In the romance category, Leo’s desire is to be loyal and to shower his partner with gifts, as well as to be as supportive of that partner as possible. They can also be incurable flirts and sometimes melodramatic. And, by the way, expect a lot of selfies on their social media platforms, if you find your Leo compatibility good.

Given all of the traits of Leo, there are some signs that have great Leo compatibility and others that do not. If you’re Leo, check out Hily app to see your compatibility chart with other signs in romance and friendship. And then read the article in front of you right now for some further explanation.

Leo Compatibility with 12 Other Zodiac Signs

Let’s check out Leo compatibility with each zodiac sign before you’ll make your final dating decision.


Leo and Aries

Aries birthday: March 21 – April 19

This would be two fire signs getting together. And while some would think this could be a fiery bad combination, that isn’t the case. The Aries, like the Leo, is passionate, ambitious, and hell-bent on making their mark in the world.

Together, a Leo-Aries partnership can make a formidable team, if they are on the same page with their goals and how to get there. The only downside for the Leo and Aries combination is that they are both headstrong. And when Leo and Aries strongly disagree, there will be fireworks for these two fire signs.

Here’s some advice for an Aries who is hooking up with Leo: sharpen up your negotiating skills to avoid those fireworks. Aries are also good Leo friends and co-workers.

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Pisces and Taurus compatibility

Leo and Taurus

Birthday: April 20 – May 20

Ah, Taurus the bull – one of the fixed earth signs. When a Taurus takes a Leo partner, they can have a lot in common. Both are fiercely loyal to their friends and to one another, and this is a big plus.

But both are also obstinate and happy to dig in their heels during disagreements. They will surely butt heads, and that can seriously impact their relationship. If Leo and Taurus partners can both learn the art of negotiation and compromise, the relationship can survive the turbulence. If not, it’s probably doomed.

Compatibility with Gemini

Leo and Gemini

Birthday: May 21 – June 20

Gemini’s are the twins who sit two signs apart from Leo on the Zodiac wheel. This is an air sign that is playful, curious, and optimistic. These traits the Gemini shares with Leo.

But Geminis also have an analytical side that can counter the Leo tendency to just let the heart rule and “go for it.” This could be a problem in both a romantic relationship and any kind of business partnership.

Overall, though, Leo and Gemini could be an adventurous pairing that lives life to its fullest. In short, the Gemini-Leo partnership has good partnership potential.

Cancer compatibility

Leo and Cancer

Birthday: June 21 – July 22

Leo is only one sign apart from Cancer, the crab, and a water sign. In general, the fixed signs of fire and water are not the ideal match. Why? Because Leo natives can be spontaneous with a “go get ’em” personality, the more emotional and “feeling” Cancer can find the style of Leo a bit overwhelming.

But both signs are loyal when in love, and that can sometimes overcome the differences. In sum, a Leo and Cancer match can work with flexibility.

Leo compatibility

Leo and Leo

Birthday: July 23 – August 22

Any Leo native will find almost a perfect match in another Leo. Leo partners have a compatibility they will never have with other signs. In fact, two Leos will probably set the world on fire.

In short, they are passionate in their love for one another, take pleasure in surprising each other with gifts and amazing vacations and support one another in their personal and professional goals. The only drawback may be their stubbornness if they disagree.


Leo and Virgo

Birthday: August 23 – September 22

The approximate match between Leo and Virgo partnership is 35% only, and it is so due to severe challenges.

While Leo natives are take-charge and full of spontaneous action, the quieter and more deliberate mutable earth sign Virgo likes to think things through and gather information before making a move. Sometimes, a Virgo can seem indecisive and that is frustrating to the fun-loving, spontaneous, and attention-seeking Leo.

In short, Leo and Virgo compatibility is a bit iffy unless both are willing to compromise a lot. But a Virgo-Leo partnership can be successful, and they can provide each other with what they may be missing as individuals.

The Virgo-Leo relationship, overall, is probably not the best. If you are Virgo dating a Leo or a Leo dating a Virgo, it might be a good idea to consult a professional who can give you a full reading based on your birth chart.


Leo and Libra

Birthday: September 23 – October 22

Is a Libra-Leo match perfect? In terms of Leo and Libra compatibility, they both are into romance and have a need to be seen while socializing.

Generally, Libra is an air sign that may be the most compatible with lots of signs. In fact, there are only three signs that have a low compatibility rating for a Libra, and Leo is not one of them.

In overall, Libra and Leo can have great fun together, as long as Leo doesn’t try to control too much and Libra reigns in their noncommittal attitude. There is good potential for a Leo and Libra partnership, but a Libra-Leo match will still require some flexibility.


Leo and Scorpio

Birthday: October 23 – November 22

Watch out! Scorpio is a fixed water sign and Leo and Scorpio may be the least compatible signs of all.

Both Leo and Scorpio want to be in charge, are stubborn, and are very aware that they have the power to get what they want. And if their wants and needs conflict, sparks will fly.

The one plus of a Scorpio-Leo match is that they are sexually passionate. One additional problem with a Scorpio-Leo match is a Scorpio can be pretty possessive, and a Leo may balk at that.

In sum, Leo and Scorpio compatibility is iffy. They may be better off in just a hook-up for a casual sex relationship.


Leo and Sagittarius

Birthday: November 22 – December 21

As they are fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius compatibility can be pretty strong. It’s a mutable fire sign, and fire signs tend to match well together.

A Sagittarius-Leo combination will probably be filled with excitement, activity, and drive to achieve. And there certainly will be passionate love in the mix.

The only potential Sagittarius-Leo conflict will come from both being a bit domineering. Otherwise, these are two of the most compatible signs. A Leo and Sagittarius romantic partnership can top the charts.


Leo and Capricorn

Birthday: December 22 – January 19

So the goat and the lion. Both see themselves as big leaders and in charge. The difference between Leo and Capricorn lies in their reasons for wanting to be in charge.

The Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, believes they deserve recognition and leadership because they have accomplished a lot, while the Leo believes they deserve it because they have such a great heart and soul, and charisma. Can Leo and Capricorn make a go of it? Probably.

But they come from very different vantage points and will need to respect and honor that difference. They are not the most compatible two signs, but a Capricorn-Leo match can work with some flexibility.


Leo and Aquarius

Birthday: January 20 – February 18

Acquarius is one of those fixed air signs among all zodiac signs, compared to a mutable air sign, like Gemini. Leo’s compatibility with Aquarius is questionable, because this zodiac sign can be a bit standoffish, even chilly, and focused on rational thought.

Being compatible with Leo will be a challenge, given that Leo compatibility kinda relies on someone who is also wired to be flamboyant, spontaneous, and driven. Still, opposites do attract at times, and maybe Leo and Aquarius traits can rub off on each other and modify both of their personalities.

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Leo and Pisces

Birthday: February 19 – March 20

Here’s a mutable water sign that is almost the direct opposite of Leo. And it is five signs away from Leo on the Zodiac chart – basically at 180 degrees. So how can a Pisces-Leo relationship work?

The Pisces fish is a spiritual being, highly emotional and empathetic, trying to be compatible with Leo who is more self-absorbed, action-oriented, flamboyant in self-expression, and not always in tune with the feelings of others.

But it almost seems that there might be a Leo friendship compatibility here, especially in a personal environment. They both have a playful sense of fun which Leos love, and this can be a big draw to each other. And they both have strong imaginations.

Is this the stuff from which a permanent Leo-Pisces bond will form? Only time will tell. But a Leo and Pisces should certainly give it a try if they have a strong attraction to each other.

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Leo Compatibility Described: What’s Next?

Whether a Leo woman or man, there is a lot to absorb about this fire sign. They have their fair share of traits that can be a bit of a turn off. They seem to never slow down; they obviously have some self-absorption; they want to be the star of the show; and they believe that their charisma should make them natural leaders.

On the other hand, they will give unconditional love with full loyalty, and they will shower that love with gifts, affection, and surprises. Plenty of other signs will think Leos compatible with only a few other signs, but that is not the case.

If you are a Leo or dating one, it’s important to dig deeper than just the superficial traits that are listed here. Get a full zodiac natal chart and an enhanced Leo compatibility chart from a reputable astrologist to see where all four signs fit into your full picture.


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