Pisces Compatibility: How to Deal with This “Airy-Fairy” Water Sign

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01 Jun 2023
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Pisces Compatibility with Other Signs - Here's the Lowdown

Would it surprise you that Bon Jovi and Steve Jobs are and were Pisces? It shouldn’t. Bon Jovie is known not just for his music but for all of his charitable work, including his own foundation that works to combat poverty and homelessness. Steve Jobs is considered to have been one of the most creative geniuses of our time. That’s the traits people who have Pisces zodiac sign share, and what those interested in Pisces compatibility should care about.

Just Who Is a Pisces?

If you are or are dating a Pisces, then it will be important to know and understand all of the traits of this mutable water sign – two fish swimming in opposite directions that kinda symbolize the changeable nature of those born under this sign. But let’s take a look at the general traits of the Pisces.

Quick Summary of Pisces Personality

Pisces are intuitive, creative, and smart. In fact, some say they are close to being psychic, because of their gut reactions to people and situations. At the same time, Pisces are intelligent and rational and respect mental acuity. Albert Einstein was a Pisces.

It seems that the two fish swimming in opposite directions may represent the internal and external Pisces – the one who is sensitive, empathetic, and social with others and the one who retreats to alone time to recalibrate.

The other key thing about Pisces is that they have a strong moral compass. But they tend to me nonjudgmental of others – sort of a “live and let live” outlook. Others feel comfortable coming to Pisces for advice or just to talk with when they have problems.

Pisces in Love and Friendship

Pisces is intense and passionate when in love and generally honest and loyal. And this goes for friendships as well.

But Pisces can be a bit cagey and others may feel that they never really fully know them. they can be a bit secretive and hold their inner thoughts close to their chest. Pisces friends can find them mysterious.

So what is Pisces compatibility with other zodiac signs for love and friendship? Let’s have a look.

Pisces Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

This summary will give you info on the least and most compatible signs – both love and friendship compatibility. Read through and you’ll know a lot more, whether you are a Pisces or dating one.


Pisces and Aries

Pisces and Aries compatibility in both friendship and love can be a challenge. Why? Because while Aries is a driven and independent achiever, Pices is more laid back, preferring to observe and see what happens. Think about what might happen if a Pisces and Aries couple should face a crisis. The Aries ram will want to hit it head-on, while the Pisces will step back and want to “wait and see.” Still, because they are such opposites, it is possible that they might both modify the traits of the other and end up in a great match that is compatible. Pisces and Aries will need lots of communication.

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Pisces and Taurus compatibility

Pisces and Taurus

While the fixed, earth-bound Taurus may at first seem an odd match with a Pisces, in reality, Pisces and Taurus have a lot in common. They are both rather laid back and spend time bonding. Both see romantic relationships as a priority. There is a high level of Taurus-Pisces compatibility here. The one difference and potential area of conflict would be that the Aries is more spiritual while Taurus is very grounded in the physical/tactile. In general, though, the Pisces and Taurus compatibility level is high. This could be one of the most compatible signs for Pisces.

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Compatibility with Gemini

The Pisces and Gemini Match (or Mis-Match)

The biggest point to be made for Pisces and Gemini compatibility is that they are both mutable zodiac signs. As such, both Pisces and Gemini can be pretty indecisive, struggling to come to final decisions on a lot of things. It’s as if they are floating along (in the water or air), going with the flow. and kinda just letting things happen. Pisces, though, is more emotional while Gemini is the rational one. In a relationship, this can be an issue as they approach both their relationship and other challenges that may arise. It will take a strong commitment to make this Pisces-Gemini match work. A Pisces woman may have to work on keeping her emotions in check, and Pisces men may see Gemini women as too materialistic. Another problem? Pisces is normally looking for a secure, stable romantic partner, while Gemini often prefers a more free-spirited romantic life. These two zodiac signs may be the least compatible signs of the Zodiac.

Pisces and cancer compatibility

Cancer-Pisces Compatibility

So here’s a match that can work really well. While Pisces is more “go with the flow,” Cancer natives are cardinal initiators, driven to get things done. So, while at first, the Pisces and Cancer compatibility may seem counterintuitive, consider this. Pisces does have goals and wants to achieve them but doesn’t always take the action needed for achievement. Cancer can put things in place for Pisces to move forward with a nice solid plan. At the same time, Pisces can temper Cancer’s bossiness by getting them involved in creative arts (including lovemaking) and curb that Cancer frustration with the escapist, daydreaming Pisces. Cancer-Pisces matches are often pretty amazing, so look for a long-term relationship between a Pisces and Cancer if they work on it. All-in-all it seems that Pisces and Cancer might do very well in a relationship.

Pisces and Leo compatibility

Pisces and Leo

Can Pisces and Leo compatibility be achieved? Here is a whimsical, daydreaming, emotional, and spiritual being paired up with a go-getter, achievement-oriented Leo. But Leo is also imaginative and an incurable romantic. In these two areas, a Pisces-Leo match has solid potential. The problematic part of the Pisces-Leo relationship is that Leo can ultimately get frustrated with Pisces inertia, emotions, and daydreaming, and Pisces can become upset by the constant pressure to do something. A stronger and better Pisces compatibility may well lie with some other signs.


Pisces and Virgo Compatibility

Pisces-Virgo compatibility seems almost impossible to imagine at first. As an earth sign, Virgo is deeply grounded in the rational and the importance of order, while dreamy Pisces is anything but. But Virgo is mutable as is Pisces, and therein lies the possible Pisces and Virgo compatibility. If both of them are willing to make the changes to meet in the middle the ground of the Virgo and the water of the Pisces can grow a beautiful romantic garden. Result? A Virgo-Pisces partnership that lasts.


Pisces and Libra

So, here’s the thing about the Pisces-Libra match. While not the very best compatibility, there is certainly the potential. Libra is a cardinal air sign which means they are an initiator while Pisces is not. Libra will want to take charge, and they do like to connect with people. Pisces are not so inclined and are perfectly happy to stay at home with their own thoughts and feelings. The Libra wants to get out there, while you will find Pisces pretty hesitant. But here’s the thing. Pisces and Libra compatibility comes from the fact that they love the arts and they are both romantics. So, it is possible that they can enjoy a great relationship if they can compromise on being social.


Pisces and Scorpio

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility is almost a no-brainer. Each is a water sign, though Scorpio is fixed while Pisces is mutable. In astrology, this is one of the most harmonious combinations, so the potential for a great romantic relationship is certainly there. Both have intense feelings and are in touch with their inner selves. Scorpio is more intense than Pisces and may become frustrated with Pisces passivity. And Pisces may be a bit disturbed by the intensity of Scorpio. Still, Scorpio has the intensity to help Pisces realize their goals, and Pisces can help Scorpio to modify their intensity and learn to relax and “let things happen.” If this compromise is reached, the Scorpio-Pisces relationship can be truly a “match made in heaven.” They will need to watch their emotions, though.


Pisces and Sagittarius

Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility is pretty iffy. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, and, in general, fire and water signs are not the best matches. In this instance, both Pisces and Sagittarius share a love of art and beauty, and both have emotional and spiritual strengths. But there the compatibility ends. Pisces has a sensitivity to others and is highly empathetic to the pain of others. Sagittarius on the other hand, sees empathy as far less important and takes an intellectual approach to their feelings. They can be blunt, direct, and far less caring about the feelings of others. They can see a Pisces as too “touchy-feely” for their liking. Pisces see Sags as too insensitive. If they can modify one another’s approaches and behaviors, there may be a chance for a relationship’s success. A successful Sagittarius-Pisces relationship may take a bit of work.


Pisces and Capricorn

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, but most of the astrological symbols for Capricorn sign are the sea goat – a horned goat with a fish lower half, a mythical creature whose body image has lots of interpretations. In terms of their values, there is lots of Pisces and Capricorn compatibility. Both have a lot of sensitivity to others and their needs, and this gives their relationship an emotional depth that few others have. The one difference is that Pisces love being dreamers and are often not grounded in reality, while Capricorn prefers to take a more realistic slow, and steady path toward their goals. They can learn from one another, and their sensitivity to each other lets this happen and makes a Capricorn-Pisces match a good one.


Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Pisces love to go with the flow, sort of like water flowing in a stream. And they are steadfastly humanitarian, along with their creativity and imagination. Aquarius shares these qualities but is much more logical and rational, rather than the dreamer that Pisces is. Together, Pisces and Aquarius can complement each other with Aquarius adapting to be a bit less rational and the Pisces cooperating in the path they might choose to reach their goals. Thus, Aquarius compatibility can be achieved. These two signs together can also make great co-workers with Aquarius keeping the dreamer more grounded as they work on projects.

Pisces compatibility with Pisces

Pisces Compatibility with Another Pisces

Two Pisces can be pretty amazing together. They can both dream and share those dreams, turning them into creative projects in the arts. They will also be there for one another always. Two Pisces together will have a fast friendship or a highly spiritual connection in a romantic partnership And the fact that they are both mutable signs means they can adapt. So, if one Pisces sign is able to become a bit more grounded, there is nothing they cannot accomplish together. In short, Pisces compatibility with one of their own can be almost better than with any other sign.

Wrapping It All Up

Of all the zodiac signs, Pisces is perhaps the most in tune with the emotional and spiritual needs of themselves and others. If they have a fault, it is that they remain in their dreams and let life move on around them. Pisces tend to become a bit inert, and so it may be important that they connect with others (e.g., earth signs) who are more rational, more achievement-oriented, and who can pull them along to more actively pursue those dreams. As for Pisces compatibility with another zodiac sign, it can be a bit tricky, but most can work if there is a willingness to negotiate and compromise.

Pisces love compatibility with those who are closest to them in personality, like some other water signs, but these two signs may stall their moving forward to achieve lasting satisfaction in their lives and in their relationship. And when emotions rule to a fault, there can be problems.

This article on Pisces compatibility takes into account only one part of an entire natal chart – sun sign compatibility. If you or your partner is a Pisces, then it would be wise to get a full reading to fully understand all of the other facets of your individual uniqueness. Sun sign compatibility can be deceptive. If you have a deep interest in astrological compatibility, go for the deeper reading.



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