Aires Compatibility – Best and Worst Matches

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31 May 2023
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Aires Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Astrology. For centuries, people have studied the signs of the zodiac at all levels, describing the personality traits and other characteristics of each zodiac sign, including which signs are most and least compatible and everything in between. And now, when you know that you’re an Aries, or you have Aries in your life – friends, co-workers, or a romantic interest/relationship, and you need to know more about Aries compatibility with others. We are here to help.

Let’s Begin with Some Straight Talk About the Aries

Before digging into Aries compatibility with other zodiac signs in friendship, at work, and in love and romance, let’s define what makes an Aries Aries.

Positive Traits of Aries

One important thing about Aries – it is the first sign of the zodiac calendar and, as a cardinal fire sign, they like to get things going. And they have lots of positive traits in that direction – leadership, courage, energy, passion, creativity, optimism, ambition, confidence, honesty, generosity, and independence. In fact, they are natural-born leaders. What’s not to love about this kind of person? Well, all is not picture perfect.

Negative Traits of Aries

On the other hand, there can be some not-so-rosy traits too – aggression, recklessness, impatience, impulsiveness, explosive temper, and attention-seeking, and lovers of an audience. Aries can also be a bit selfish. Think Eddie Murphy (though he has many of the positive Aries traits too, of course).

Probably the key trait that stands out about Aries is that they are go-getters, and they don’t let much stand in their way. That’s kinda typical of all fire signs, but a cardinal modality, like Aries, has this at a high level. They are natural-born leaders, but all that go-getting can cause them to butt heads with others, whether with friends, co-workers, or in a romantic relationship.

It’s fascinating, and can be insightful, to learn about Aries compatibility with other zodiac signs. So, let’s dig in.

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Aries Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Remember this. There is plenty more to astrology than the Sun sign, and if you really want a deeper dive into Aries compatibility with you, you’ll need to take that dive, either through your own study (it’s complex) or through a thorough reading via a professional astrologer. Compatible signs depend on much more than just the zodiac sun calendar.


Aries and Aries

Two Aries will have an exciting relationship, whether that is in friendship, a working environment, or as romantic partners. Remember, the fire signs are full of energy and ambition. To, together, they can be a major power couple.

But they are also highly independent and can dig in their heels when that independence is challenged. So, if that Aries fire within either of them is the least bit controlling, there can be fireworks. While it’s difficult, the two Aries will need to work together to reach compromises that will work for both of them. Otherwise, they can have a blast together.


Aries and Taurus Compatibility

Here’s an insightful thought about Aries-Taurus compatibility. Both of these signs have horns. And that, of course, means that they are both stubborn during a conflict. The key to Aries compatibility with a Taurus is their willingness to meet in the middle. Both are highly emotional but show it in different ways. While Aries is loud and open, Taurus is far less intense and shows emotions via actions rather than words. One strong area of Aries-Taurus compatibility is in their values. Both Aries and Taurus value financial responsibility, loyalty, and strength of character. A Taurus-Aries match for whatever reason, can be pretty powerful.

Compatibility with Gemini

Aries Compatibility with Gemini

Aries is a fire sign; Gemini’s sun sign element is air. And of course, fire cannot exist without air. Add to the fact that Aries is a cardinal sign (the mover and shaker) and Gemini is a mutable sign, and there is plenty of Aries and Gemini compatibility.

These two are also “male” figures, so the Aries and Gemini will have very active lifestyles. Both have lots of energy, and dating will always be fun and exciting. Aries may take the lead in a romantic connection, and adaptable Gemini will usually agree. If not, they will compromise.

Neither Aries nor Gemini is too emotional – they lead with their heads, not their hearts – which means they are not inclined to jealousy, and if they break up, they will move on pretty quickly.

As work colleagues, Aries and Gemini are both creative, energetic and a bit driven to achieve. But they will have fun doing it and be good friends as well as co-workers.

If there is any area of struggle, it will be in communication. Gemini needs more communication than Aries usually gives. On the other hand, Gemini can change moods often, and that can be a challenge. Again, compromise is the answer.


Aries and Cancer

Both Aries and Cancer love to lead. If there is an area where they butt heads, it may be here. On the whole, though, they can be a great match, especially as work colleagues. They can use their combined emotion and action to forge ahead on projects.

In friendships, Cancer is one to have. they are sensitive to the needs of others, always willing to help out, and are great listeners.

Aries and Cancer compatibility extends to romance and bed too. Cancer can help Aries slow down and not rush romance and sex, as well as be gentler. Aries can help Cancer open up a bit more, although Aries always likes to take the lead in the bedroom. Cancer also loves adventures, and who better to have them with than Aries? Truly, a Cancer-Aries match can be amazing.

Aries and Leo compatibility

Aries and Leo Compatibility

Here are two zodiac signs – fiery Aries ruled by Mars and fiery Leo ruled by the sun. Aries is more creative and artistic, while Leo is more intellectual and rational. Together, Aries and Leo can reign as co-workers and friends, but they also make great romantic and sexual partners. Aries and Leo compatibility level is high.

Life will never be dull with Aries and Leo. In fact, Leo compatibility with Aries extends to their craving for excitement. And both are leaders; and adventurous. They may have conflict because Aries is cardinal and Leo is fixed. They may each want their own way on things and can become competitive. If this isn’t tempered, Leo compatibility will be at risk. They’ll have to work it out, and they can if the love is there. In all, Leo compatibility with Aries is about as good as it gets. If you’re in an Aries and Leo relationship, you both have every chance for a great life.

Aries and Virgo compatibility

Aries and Virgo

Aries and Virgo are five signs apart, and this makes for an interesting matchup. And if it’s true that opposites attract, then this is a prime example. Some of those who delve into astrological compatibility have a level of compatibility here at 5/10. So, it could go either way. In short, Aries-Virgo compatibility will take work.

In terms of compatibility, both work hard but use very different methods. Aries dives in while Virgo takes their time, thinks things through, and is detail-oriented. You can see that in the workplace, they could make a good team, balancing out each other’s approaches to tasks and projects.

In a romantic connection, there will be challenges to be sure. Virgo may resent Aries impulsivity, and Aries will get frustrated that Virgo has to be so deliberate and slow. On the other hand, there is the opportunity that they can rub off on each other, respect each other’s boundaries, and meet in the middle. If this is the case, Aries and Virgo compatibility is there.


Aries and Libra Compatibility

Aries and Libra are at opposite poles of the Zodiac chart, and opposites they are. Remember, Aries ruling planet is Mars, and Libra’s is Venus. So Aries brings the passion and energy to the mix while Libra tempers that with a gentler energy focused on harmony. They communicate and act very differently but both of their ruling planets are related to love and passion.

In the workplace, these two can balance each other out very well as they also do in friendship. Aries can push Libra to be more spontaneous, while Libra can pull Aries back from their impulsivity.

Both are cardinal signs, and this can make for lots of passion in the bedroom. And if this couple struggles, it will be in respecting each other’s boundaries.


Aries and Scorpio

Both Aries and Scorpio are intense and passionate, as both are ruled by the planet Mars. But because Aries is cardinal and Scorpio is fixed, these two can ram heads and become very competitive. If they can moderate themselves and find a compromise, the match can be amazing. Together they can accomplish a lot in the workplace. In friendship and romance, both are ready to seek adventures that can involve risk-taking and are on the same page here. But both are also stubborn. There’s a lot of Scorpio-Aries chemistry in the bedroom, though.

To make an Aries and Scorpio relationship work over the long haul, there will need to be communication and compromise.


Aries and Sagittarius

Here is one sign of the zodiac that may have an electric relationship with an Aries. They are fellow fire signs; both crave excitement and adventure. But Aries and Sagittarius have their differences too. Aries prefer connections based on loyalty and trust. Sagittarius values their freedom and an unrestricted environment.

When it comes Aries compatibility with Sagittarius, this can obviously cause friction between them in all types of relationships – in the workplace, in friendships, and in romance. Still, if both are willing to put in the work, an Aries and Sagittarius match can be an exciting lifetime adventure for both. – a dynamic duo for sure.


Aries and Capricorn

Here’s a combination that can be really tough. Consider this: both are cardinal signs, Aries of fire and Capricorn of earth. Probably the only thing that Aries and Capricorn share is that they are both ambitious. But there, the similarities stop. The ram forges ahead without much logical thought and consideration. Capricorn (the goat) is slow, steady, and practical, almost to a fault.

But, if they can each temper the other’s basic approaches to life, to work, to friendship, and to love and romance, they can actually strike a balance of success. Aries and Capricorn relationships will take work.


Aries and Aquarius

At first glance, you may wonder how an Aquarius-Aries relationship can ever work, no matter what the environment. Aries is fiery and passionate; Aquarius comes off as cool and almost aloof.

But they do share some things in common Aries and Aquarius are both into honesty; both are social beings; and both have an adventurous bent. Friends from these two signs will always be up for trying new things.

The rub for romantic relationships comes from their mutual need for freedom and independence. Aries need their space from time to time, but Aquarius sees freedom as a continual lifelong pursuit. Given that Aries like to be in control, they will be frustrated when Aquarius will not bow to that.

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Aries and Pisces

Aries and Pisces

Both Aries jump into relationships, with friends and with lovers. But there, the similarities kinda diverge. It’s hard for the two to find mutual interests because Aries prefers to jump into exciting and risk-taking activities while Pisces will seem more controlled and prefer less explosive activities.

Pisces and Aries compatibility is iffy because their vantage points are so very different. As a mutable water sign, Pisces just has personality traits that may not make it a good match at all for the fiery initiator Aries.

Aries tend to be self-centered while Pisces tend to reach out and, almost to a fault, do whatever they can to help and please others. They are thoughtful people, while Aries tend not to be. It’s not that they truly don’t care. They can be very generous with friends and partners – they just don’t think of other’s needs a lot.

As relationships between an Aries and Pisces move forward, Aries may tire of Pisces unwillingness to be as spontaneous and adventurous as they are and Pisces may tire of the Aires pushiness. They’ll be in a push-pull relationship consistently unless they can find successful compromises.

Making Sense of All of This

One word. Astrology is not an exact science. In fact, many insist there is nothing scientific about it. Still, a study of astrology does seem to point out that there are personality traits that seem to match what astrology says about each sun sign.

Beyond this rather superficial summary of Aries compatibility with other signs, anyone who wants to dig deeper into astrology and what signs are compatible, either needs to find resources for further study or find an astrologer who can give a full reading. And you can check out these two videos – one on the Aries woman and one on the Aries male. This should give you a bit more information on Aries compatibility with earth, air, and water signs.


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