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11 Aug 2023
10 min read
102 Couples Quiz Questions to Check Your Bond

Years ago, there was a TV series called “The Dating Game.” The contestant asked questions of three contenders and chose one for a date night, sight unseen. The series ended, but the concept didn’t. Since that time, we have been subjected to a slew of dating shows, the most recent being “Bachelor,” “Bachelorette,” and “90-Day Fiancée,” to name a few. And now, we have those cute TikTok videos with celebrities answering couples quiz questions about one another!

In many dating shows, the relationship between these couples is pretty superficial. Yes, they spend time some time together, and yes, they may get some intimate questions answered. But how much do they really get to know one another? Not much, you are probably saying.

And what about you? How much do you know really know your partner? If you’ve been together for a long while, you probably think you know just about everything. If you’ve been living together, probably even more. After all, a healthy relationship is built on knowing each other pretty intimately.

But do you really know each other? Why not take this couples quiz and find out? Let’s do it!

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The Couple’s Quiz – Just a Few Rules

So, you might think that a ‘quiz simply means asking your SO random questions you don’t know the answer to. Actually, this process will not show you how much you know about one another before you ask. Instead, here are the “rules” of this game.

  1. Each of you will have a list of questions to answer about your partner. Answer them as you believe your partner would.
  2. Once you have each answered the questions for your partner, you share them to see how much you really know each other.
  3. If a partner does not want to reveal the true answer to a question, then they do not have to. After all, we all have that one inner layer of ourselves that we share with no one, and that’s our right. Review this interesting article on what is called the social penetration theory (sometimes the “onion theory”).

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Couples quiz questions: from serious to fun

On with the Couples Quiz Questions

For those who prefer structure, the quiz questions are divided into categories. Some will be trivia questions and more fun questions than others. Others will be deep questions that relate to such things as self-improvement and life purpose.

But all are designed to show how much you really know about this person you are in a relationship with!

Fun and Trivia Questions – The Warm-Up Questions

You can probably find some more creative questions to put into this category. And there may be some of these trivia questions you’ll eliminate. The point is this: these are fun questions just to get you sorta warmed up to the process. You may not know some of the answers because they are trivia questions that neither of you has considered all that important and important to your relationship. That’s okay. There are plenty of non-trivia questions to come.

  1. Where and when did they have their first kiss?
  2. What is their favorite restaurant?
  3. Where did they go on their first date ever?
  4. Who was their first boyfriend/girlfriend?
  5. Who did your partner vote for in the last election?
  6. What is your love’s favorite movie and/or TV show?
  7. What is your partner’s favorite book?
  8. What is your partner’s favorite color?
  9. Who is your love’s best friend? Name three other close friends.
  10. What does your partner love to do all by themselves?
  11. What does your partner find irritating about you?
  12. What is your love’s spirit animal?
  13. What is the first movie that scared them?
  14. What do you think was their first impression of you?
  15. What was their first job?
  16. What is their biggest pet peeve?
  17. What is your love’s favorite date night?
  18. What’s their all-time favorite food?
  19. Does your partner budget well?
  20. What part-time jobs has your SO had?
  21. What is your love’s guilty pleasure?
  22. What’s their favorite music? Their least?
  23. What was their most embarrassing moment?
  24. What is the biggest risk they have ever taken?
  25. What’s the biggest lie they ever told?
  26. What was their biggest fear as a kid?
  27. Do they believe in ghosts?
  28. What’s their favorite amusement park ride? Their least?
  29. What is their horoscope sign?
  30. Name two things on your partner’s bucket list.
  31. What is your partner’s dream job?

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Questions About Their Past

Now, some of these may seem like funny questions. But if you know your partner’s answer to some of these more trivial ones, you can consider yourself a bit of an expert on your partner’s past experiences.

  1. What was their favorite TV show or favorite movie as a kid?
  2. What was their best vacation or trip?
  3. Who first broke their heart?
  4. What was their first intimate relationship?
  5. What is their most embarrassing memory?
  6. What is their biggest regret when growing up?
  7. Who was their best friend growing up?
  8. What was their biggest mistake in a past relationship?
  9. How many serious relationships have they had before you?
  10. Are they still in contact with any of their exes?
  11. How old were they when they had their first date?
  12. What was their favorite subject/coursework in school?
  13. What sports or clubs were they involved in in school?
  14. What pets did they have?
  15. Did they have a positive high school experience?
  16. Were their parents supportive of their activities?
  17. What is their favorite spare time activity?

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Questions About Your Relationship

“One thing healthy relationships largely share is adaptability. Partners adapt to circumstances and the fact we’re always changing and going through different phases in life.”

Lindsey Antin, therapist

The list of healthy relationship rules should surely include honesty, loyalty, trust, communication, independence, successful conflict management, compromise, and romantic/sexual satisfaction. You probably have it all!

So, how does your partner feel and act regarding these things? Do you know? Here is a pretty comprehensive list of couple’s quiz questions about your relationship. See if you are both on the same page!

  1. What is your partner’s definition of quality time with you?
  2. What is their self-growth plan?
  3. What do you support the most in their self-growth?
  4. How does your partner feel about each of you having independent space and activities?
  5. Why and how did their last relationship end?
  6. How does your partner want you to show affection?
  7. How does your partner feel about socializing with your friends and family?
  8. Does your partner accept you for who you are at this stage in your life?
  9. What would your partner change about you if they could?
  10. Does your partner verbalize the things that irritate them?
  11. Is your partner willing to compromise when you have disagreements?
  12. What are their biggest dreams and goals?
  13. Is your love an introvert or an extrovert?
  14. Is your partner aware of and do they practice men’s and or women’s health, especially when sex is involved?
  15. Does your partner trust you or is your partner jealous at times?
  16. Is your partner willing to make small changes to please you?
  17. What is your partner’s favorite position during sex?
  18. What is your partner’s idea of good foreplay?
  19. Does your partner enjoy romantic afterglow activities?
  20. Does your love enjoy watching porn with you?
  21. How often does your lover want sex?
  22. What turns your partner on the most?
  23. What makes your love angry?
  24. What is your partner’s idea of both of you being your authentic selves?
  25. What is your partner’s idea of a fun way to initiate sex?
  26. Does your partner feel free to tell you whatever is on their mind?

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Questions for Couples About the Future

Both of you have visions and goals for your future, as individuals and as a couple. How well do you know your partner’s picture of the future? Here are some questions for couples to “test” this.

  1. Does your partner prefer to settle down in one place eventually or do they like being mobile and moving around?
  2. If one of you should be transferred for work, does your partner believe a long-distance relationship can work?
  3. If they intend to settle down permanently at some point, do they want an urban, suburban, or rural environment?
  4. Where does your partner see themselves career-wise in five years?
  5. How does your partner feel about marriage?
  6. Does your partner want children? If so, how many children do they want?
  7. Would your partner be willing to relocate if your career took you somewhere else?
  8. Are they planning for their retirement?
  9. Do they want or like to travel? Do they have a bucket list that includes this?
  10. What do they see as the future of your relationship?
  11. Does your partner like to talk about the future?

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On to the Deep Questions

Here is where the “rubber meets the road” for any couple. Knowing a partner’s favorite color or favorite animal is fun, but they don’t relate to the things that make relationships strong and lasting. So here is a list of questions that relate to values and principles.

  1. Has your partner had mental health issues and how have they dealt with them?
  2. What are their religious beliefs? Is religion important to them?
  3. What are your partner’s political beliefs?
  4. Does your partner have causes that they support and feel strongly about?
  5. Would your partner accept your values as important?
  6. Do they have a moral compass that you agree with?
  7. Who are the most important people in your lover’s life?
  8. Who are your SO’s heroes?
  9. How does your partner feel about monogamy?
  10. How important is family to them?
  11. How do they define cheating?
  12. Does your partner prefer quiet times to themselves or with you or would they prefer social activities with lots of others included?
  13. How much do they value physical activity for health and/or pleasure?
  14. Does your partner like learning new things?
  15. What in your partner’s life is most meaningful to them?
  16. What does your partner like best about their life?
  17. What does your partner like to do to de-stress?
Time for results: Do you really know how does your partner like things most?

The Results

Well now. It’s time to share the results. And to find out how well you really know one another.

If your relationship is fairly new, it isn’t surprising that you will not be able to answer all of these questions. you will need to spend a lot of time together to get a high score.

And here’s a word of caution. Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist and author, says to look at these types of quizzes as a bit of a game rather than a definitive way to decide whether you are meant for each other. “Definitely do not make it something you do at a time of conflict or as a way of fixing a problem…” and “If someone says they are not comfortable talking about or answering something, allow for that…”

You can give yourselves a percentage score by dividing the total number you got right by the total number of questions, and that may give you some insight. But you must also consider that these questions are “weighted,” that is, some are far more important than others.

Give deeper questions more value if it is far more important to know how your partner sees themselves five years from now than what their favorite fast-food meal is.

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Divide the Questions By Weight

It would be a good idea to sit down and divide all of these questions into three categories – A, B, and C. The A’s are the more important and valuable things to know about each other, especially before you make a major relationship commitment. The B’s are those things that are important but not deal breakers and things that you can certainly work on to be more compatible. The C’s are those questions that are rather trivial but fun to know about each other.

In the End…

If you and your partner use this couple’s quiz as something to really learn more about each other, it can serve as a guide for discussion about what you share together, what is important to each of you, and how you can mutually respect and honor each other’s priorities.


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