How to Make a Girl Fall For You

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07 Dec 2023
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Rules For Romance: How to Make a Girl Fall For You

It’s just like in a sitcom. You see her, fall for her – and yet, she seems to be taking her time to get to that point with you. If you fall for her, of course, you want to further your relationship and understand how to make a girl fall for you – however, it can be hard to find the right approach because:

  • If you’re completely direct, you run the risk of scaring her off and ruining your chances
  • If you’re not direct enough, she could get the wrong message and see you as only a friend

So what to do? Take it easy! Just check out our top tips and working tactics on how to make a girl fall for you.

How to make a girl fall for you: Top tips

17 Top Tips on How to Make a Girl Fall for You

No matter what stage you are in, whether you are just talking and hanging out as friends or if you have been on a date or two, here are some of the ways you can get a girl to fall in love with you.

1. It All Starts From Your Mindset: Be Optimistic!

For me, optimism is two lovers walking into the sunset arm in arm. Or maybe into the sunrise – whatever appeals to you.

Krzysztof Kieslowski, Polish film director and screenwriter

If you are asking how to make a girl fall for you, you may lack this much-needed quality. After all, if you were certain and optimistic that you could get her to fall in love with you, you would not feel the need to ask this.

Being optimistic shows that you are confident in your ability to get closer to her, and it shows an understanding of your own feelings.

2. Show That You Will Treat and Respect Her as an Equal

Dating is a partnership, and a partnership involves two people doing their best for each other. That’s why showing how much you love and respect her is as important in the early stages of falling in love as it is after you have been together for a few years.

It’s ingrained in society that you may have to be chivalrous and have control over everything. But that is not the case at all. Girls love it when you treat them with kindness and respect, no matter who you are to them.

3. Be Her Friend

The best way to learn how to make a girl fall for you is to be her friend first. No, we do not mean entering the friend zonein which your only goal is to pretend to be her friend with the expectation that you can get in her pants. We mean becoming actual friends as people who provide support and care about each other.

Seriously – girls dig sincere, meaningful friendships. So, if you want to make a woman fall in love with you, understand how she clicks to make a meaningful connection with her. Understand that she has her own life, be a good listener, and don’t worry about the need to rush things with her. If it is meant to be, she will eventually start to spend time with you more, and that will potentially lead to the first few dates.

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4. Don’t Worry About Rushing Things

When things are meant to be, they can and will fall into place. It may take a few dates and a little bit of her playing hard to get before things start to get going on the romantic train. If she considers you to be a great guy, then she will probably fall in love with you as time goes on.

5. Make Sure That You Are Well Groomed

How should a man be capable of grooming his own horse, or of furbishing his own spear and helmet, if he allows himself to become unaccustomed to tending even his own person, which is his most treasured belonging?

Alexander the Great

Although your physical appearance is not everything, your hygiene most certainly is. Most girls do not care if your nose is a bit wonky or if you are on the heavier side. But they do care if you:

  • Wear the same outfit 3 days in a row
  • Have terrible body odor by showering only once a week
  • Walk around with so much grease in your hair that you can gel it back without using any product

All it takes is about 30 minutes of your time each day. Take a shower, trim your nails, shave, and wash your face. You’ll be surprised by how much more attractive you will be compared to other guys when you take the time to take care of yourself and make an effort to be the best version of yourself.

6. Keep the Line of Connection Open

When you want to make a girl fall in love with you, keep your communication lines open for her. With open doors of connection, you can get a good sense of what it is like to be with her.

You may also find out things about her and her family members that can make her fall in love with you easier. Or some other interesting stuff that will help you get closer to her and build intimacy.

7. Don’t Be Too Available

Although this may contradict the last suggestion a bit, there is a difference between keeping lines of communication open and being too available. Maintain the balance so she can trust you’ll be there for you, but don’t forget to get yourself busy doing your own thing from time to time.

If she messages you, it’s OK to give her a response within a couple of hours.

When you’re too available and too often answer her immediately, she may start searching for a more challenging guy for romance and leave you in the dust. But if you disappear, she’ll do the same thing!

8. Be Accepting of Her Flaws

Don’t let perfect get in the way of good enough

Common wisdom developed from the Voltaire’s saying

When you want to make a girl fall in love with you, it’s important to understand that you need to be accepting of her flaws. After all, why would you destroy your relationship if she checks every single box of your dreams except for a couple?

Just as you want her to accept your imperfections, a great way to get into a woman’s heart is to show that you accept her imperfections in return, especially if she doesn’t fit your dream woman image. A perfect partner is a highly compatible, real woman, not an illusionary image that doesn’t exist.

9. Make Sure to Befriend Her Friends

When you want to know how to make a girl fall for you, a great way to do this is to gain mutual friends with her. Many women enjoy spending lots of time with their best friends, and it’ll be good for your relationship if you make time for them, too.

It can also give you a look into her social life, which can be a means for you to learn what her love language is. Her relationships with friends may reveal other facts that you may not know right off the bat, such as her favorite food or if she has some other guy that she hopes to make her special someone.

10. Work On Yourself

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.

Aldous Huxley, English writer and philosopher

Making a girl fall for you is not about working on your relationship with her – but about making her sure that you are working hard to be a good person before you even start to pursue that romantic relationship.

Here are the things worth doing:

  • Work on your table manners
  • Maturely handle things
  • Become a genuinely nice guy
  • Make sure you wear clean clothes and smell good

When it comes to making a girl fall in love with you, a deal breaker can be the fact that you don’t make an effort to make yourself into a better person.

11. Take the Time to Create Intimate Moments

When it comes to making a girl fall in love with you the best way to do it is to create intimate moments and memories. These can make a woman fall in love with you so much faster, as it strengthens the bond between the two of you.

Perhaps after a while of making sure you stay connected you take her out to a movie she had been dying to see for the first date and hug her tightly at some point during the film. Or perhaps you could time your outing so that you can walk through her favorite shop during the best time to be alone together.

These are just examples as there are lots of ways to curate fun and precious moments as you enter the world of romance with anyone.

Girl fall for a man when he makes her feel safe and comfortable

12. Make Her Feel Secure

It doesn’t take a relationship expert to tell you that when you want to make a girl fall in love with you, it is important to make her feel secure in that relationship:

  • Learn to read her body language so that you can help her when things are tough
  • Let her feel they can come to you whenever anything good or bad happens
  • Let her know that you want to hear about what she is interested in and that you feel comfortable sharing the little things with her.

You should never force answers out of her or else she’ll feel less inclined to be honest with you as most people will. However, this is a great way to show your affection to a woman without making her feel pressured all the time.

13. Be Attentive Whenever You Are Together

Being attetive means understanding what she’s interested in. Women in general want you to be attentive to them whenever you are out together. And if you aren’t paying attention, they may assume you aren’t having fun or that you are more interested in talking with other women.

Whenever you are with her, make sure she’s the center of your world for that time. Talk with her about her favorite things, put your phone on mute, and don’t worry about the guys or other phone notifications you may get. Those can wait for a little while.

Listen to her talk, laugh at her jokes, keep your conversation with her moving and use your words and actions to make her feel loved. By showing your attentiveness you not only build trust between the two of you but also show off your good side. That’s so easy to ensure that you have a better chance at making her your girlfriend in the future!

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14. Remind Her of How Special She Is to You

When making a girl fall in love with you, let her know how special she is:

  • If you like her because she’s smart, take the time to let her know that
  • If you think she is the most fun person in the world, let her feel that
  • If you want to spend your life with her, let her know exactly why

By paying her sincere compliments and making her feel special, a woman is more likely to develop feelings towards you and is more likely to become interested in you in a romantic sense in the future. Women love it when you take the time to make them feel as if they are special or important.

Girls love when you're on the same page with them

15. Find As Many Ways to Connect as Possible

If you want to make a girl fall in love with you, it’ll be great if you find ways to connect with her in life, meaning her hobbies and interests that match yours somehow.

If you enjoy video games and she enjoys one particular video game, talk with her about that game only. Whenever you introduce other games you like, note that they fit her favorite genre and have multiplayer capabilities. You could even surprise her with a copy of one of those games and keep her interest open by telling her that if she needs any advice she can always call you up and you can play multiplayer with her.

It’s better to find something you both already have in common than to pretend that you like something that she enjoys just to get close to her. Although you may like that thing later, she’ll likely figure out that you are not being honest with her. And as a result, she’ll be more likely to go for guys who share her interests rather than the guy who decided to fake it.

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16. Make a Good Impression on Her Family

To be confident that a girl fell in love with you and is ready to spend your life together with her, make sure that her family likes you. It’ll be hard because to them, you are just a guy who is trying to use their girl: for sex, money, connections, or whatever.

Put your best foot forward:

  • Make sure that they know you love that girl and don’t care about anything else.
  • Appear well-groomed in front of them
  • Pay her family members a genuine compliment to get things started
  • Don’t let your emotions ruin it if they appear to be acting hostile in any way

Whatever happens, remain calm and collected. Eventually, like with many relationships, they will open up to the idea of you going on a date and will be more likely to have a great time with you around.

17. Express Your Feelings

It make her feel something, be open about how you feel first. Just like you, she’s not a mind reader, and while they can certainly make some good guesses, girls tend to second guess that intuition without some sort of affirmation.

I don’t have to use the words “I love you” or “I like you” at this point if you don’t feel it. But you have to express those feelings and emotions you really feel.

When having a conversation with your potential partner, point out aspects of them that match your dream relationships. You can tell her how beautiful and smart she is and how you’ve always been attracted to beautiful and smart women.

Talk with her about how you always liked a girl who is good with her hands while she is working on a craft project. This is just an example of the many ways you can express yourself and give affection to any girl that you want to be your partner.

Final Thought: You Can’t Always Make Her Fall For You

Sometimes, no matter how amazing you are, she just doesn’t feel it. And that’s okay! That doesn’t mean you try, try, and try again.

You’re a good guy no matter how she feels for you, and good guys respect “no” as an answer. Instead, use everything you’ve learned get out there, and find the one who is meant for you. If you do all the things from this list, your future partner will fall in love with you at the first sight!

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