13 Valuable Traits of a High-Value Woman

14 Oct 2023
10 min read
Embracing the High-Value Woman Within: 13 Traits to Cherish

High-value women are considered some of the most sought-after types of women many men look for. But what exactly does it mean to be a woman of high value? Women of this type possess many traits that make them a higher value than other women. Let’s look at just some of the traits of a high-value woman.

What Does It Mean to Be a High-Value Woman?

The definition of a high-value woman varies from person to person. However, many of the high-value woman traits correspond with a certain standard. These standards mostly include a highly regarded personal and professional life in which she is viewed as a kind, upstanding, and respectful individual to everyone around her.

A woman of high value may also have higher standards than others. She knows exactly how she is to be treated and will not allow those who lower the qualities of her livelihood to stay around for long. She places value in the way people treat themselves and wants everyone to hold themselves to their best standards.

In short, a high-value woman is a person who has a high level of self-confidence and has the inspirational power to change others for the better.

A Low-Value Woman: Who Is She?

As the opposite of high-value women, low-value women are those who don’t have a strong sense of confidence. Of course, this does not mean they are bad or undeserving of love. Rather, a low-value woman doesn’t have some key traits that many high-value women tend to have.

These women are constantly awaiting their ‘prince charming’, thus constantly acting as if they are delicate and helpless. They may even attempt to alter themselves in terms of looks and personality to try and make themselves more attractive to others. Essentially, they are those what many in the younger generations may refer to as ‘pick me’s’. For you to understand the difference here better, a high-value woman carries the energy people are competing to pick – she does nothing to encourage that; it just happens around her all the time.

Of course, some people adore this low-value type of woman, and some may even find it alluring or cute. However, there is a point in time in which this type of woman becomes a pain to deal with, and that allure eventually transforms into annoyance.

13 high-value woman traits

13 Traits That Will Help You Become a High-Value Woman

Now that we have looked at the difference between high-value and low-value women, let’s see how you can become that woman of high self-confidence who carries herself high and refuses to let anyone else drag her down. In this overview, we will show specific traits of a high-quality woman that will help you become a more dignified member of society.

1. Know What Your Worth Is

A woman of high value does not need help with determining her worth. She is strong, independent, and knows that she is deserving of the absolute best.

By knowing your worth, you are able to establish healthy boundaries, gain high self-esteem, and a much more established point of self-respect than many women are able to develop. When you become a high-value woman, you refuse to accept anything less than the best, while simultaneously making the best out of what you are given.

2. Demand the Respect That You Deserve

“A woman of value does not go around looking for things and people to validate her existence. She understands what she is worth.”

Gift Gugu Mona, Woman of Virtue: Power-Filled Quotes for a Powerful Woman

A high-value woman ensures she is always treated in the best way possible. She knows that in any relationship, whether it is an intimate relationship or not, she is deserving of respect.

Just like other high-value people, she expects others to listen, offer sound advice when prompted, and treat her with dignity. She will not bother to give anyone the time of day if they do any behavior that is considered to be lacking respect.

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3. Always Show Respect

A woman of high value does not simply take but gives as well. She understands that where she can build up her real value, is through the way she treats others. In the same way, she expects respect from others in her social life. Also, she prioritizes showing her best version of herself by giving the same respect back.

She shows respect by listening, asking proper questions, and of course, treating others with dignity and grace.

4. Don’t Just be Confident. Be Confidence

When it comes to being a high-value woman, she not only possesses a lot of self-confidence, she is considered to be the epitome of it as well. Knowing her own value and being confident in her own skin, she refuses the fear of showing that off to the world.

Being a well-rounded person means not letting their personal power go to waste.

She will constantly spend time exporting her positive energy and never lowers her self-worth, knowing that her feminine energy gives her a deep sense of meaning.

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5. Set Your Standards, and Don’t Settle for Less

A high-value woman understands that she is deserving of the best version she can possibly get out of life. This means that she sets her standards for what she deserves and refuses to settle. Of course, this does not mean that a woman of high value will always set her standards to unachievable heights.

A high-value woman possesses the ability to go after her genuine desire. Her standards may seem high to some. However, it is just a sign that the high-value woman embraces the idea of a happy and healthy relationship.

By setting her standards and refusing to settle, a high-value feminine woman will have a balanced life, achieve personal growth, and enter a romantic relationship with the high-value man that she deserves.

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6. Have Your Own Life

A woman of high value is never afraid to live her own life. She refuses to let others be the center of her life, as it means she is not living for herself but for others.

She practices self-care, sees her friends, has her spiritual stability, and has her career and dating life the way she wants.

Essentially, she is self-aware of the way she wants things to go for herself. She constantly moves forward in life, spending valuable time with close friends, and refuses to lower her high standards for toxic people.

7. Allow Yourself to Be Passionate

A high-value woman does not step away from her passionate side, and fully embraces it instead. She loves being showered and showering her partner with gifts and affection.

She refuses to play games of being coy and unreachable in any sort of social relationship that she has in her life, and will find a way to show her passionate energy and emotions in all of her relationships.

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8. Be Strong and Feminine (or Not…)

You do not have to be traditionally feminine to be a woman of value. It’s okay to embrace yourself and express your gender in any way that suits you.

A high-value woman always takes care of herself. She is strong mentally and physically and always prioritizes her well-being, self-care and self-love.

By nourishing her feminine characteristics, a high-value woman makes herself healthy and beautiful inside and out. She is a wonderful woman who lives her life in dating, and personal relationships, at her most attractive.

9. Learn to Say NO

Many women spend so much precious time in their relationship with most men, lowering their value and refusing to stand up for themselves. That’s why learning to say no is one of the best ways to make your life easier.

A woman who can confidently say no without needing to feel bad is a woman who has her life together in some of the best possible ways. She is unafraid and unyielding and knows that her words are some of her most important things.

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10. Don’t Be Afraid of Your Own Opinion

“A man told me that for a woman, I was very opinionated. I said, ‘For a man you’re kind of ignorant”

Anne Hathaway, an American actress

A woman of high value will never be afraid to voice her opinions in any sort of relationship. She knows that her opinion is strong and valuable when it comes to her relationships.

She fully understands that her mind is something that she controls and that she is in full control of the opinions that she gains over time. It takes time and experience to reach this level of self-confidence – but once you reach it, nobody can convince you’re a woman of a lower value.

11. Don’t Let Yourself Feel Needy

If you ever feel like you have to be needy to get the attention or respect you deserve, the relationship won’t work out. That’s why a high-value woman and a high-value man know their worth and will never feel the need to beg for the attention they so rightfully deserve.

If they have to beg or be needy, this can result in sexual dysfunction in the dynamic of their relationship. When one has to beg, the other gains a higher standing instead of remaining equal.

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12. Keep the Dramatics on Television

A high-value woman refuses to partake in drama unless she watches it unfold on a fictional televised program.

She is a compassionate person with a lot of self-awareness and will often be able to predict many of the signs of potential dysfunction before it even comes to light. Because of this, she refuses to participate in dramatics and will only offer her opinions and advice during situations that actually call for it.

13. Love Yourself

“Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves.”

Princess Diana

A high-value woman is many things. She is beautiful, strong, determined, smart, and so much more. All women are this way, but the biggest thing that separates a woman of high value from the rest is that she recognizes this as fact.

A high-quality woman will never lower her head in shame, talk about hating herself, or attempt to lower her value through her words and actions. She treats herself like a goddess and will always keep her head high.

The traits of a high-value woman are many, and making yourself a high-value woman can be a bit daunting for some. However, as you go through your dating period, feeling the need to settle for less than what you deserve, consider how much better things would be if you didn’t have to settle.

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Wrong high-value woman traits

Who a High-Value Woman Is Not

Unfortunately, when you read the phrase ‘high-value woman’, the perspective you are about to see is usually that of a man. When the male gaze is the focus of defining a woman’s value, the definition of “value” is degraded. Be wary of any source that tells you to judge your worth on:

  • Whether your body looks a certain way
  • Your choice to have children
  • If you please men or not
  • Your willingness to have sex or not
  • Your lowering of your expectations in your relationships
  • Your quickness to denigrate other women

In fact, nothing about your value as a woman has to do with external opinions. It’s all about what you say or do to make yourself a formidable human being.

Do High-Value Women Get More Dates?

Not necessarily. You may even get fewer dates. Not everybody is prepared to date a high-value woman. Not everybody even knows what makes a woman a person of value. You’ve taken yourself on a journey of self-improvement. Not all guys appreciate that.

Don’t be disheartened if you find you’re asked on fewer dates. Remember that you are more likely to be asked out by guys who appreciate your efforts. The quality of your relationships is sure to improve over time.

Know Your Value Now!

Self-improvement is a wonderful thing, but self-love is even better. That’s loving yourself right now, exactly where you are. You are a person of value simply because you exist and are unique in navigating this world. If you can embrace yourself as you are, you are going to be much more successful in your efforts to become an even better person.

Love&Sex Expert
Cherie Hamilton
I’ve always been inspired by women who are outgoing, very sure of themselves, and not afraid to be who they were, including their sex lives. Under their tutelage, I gradually shed my old self, hung out and socialized with them, and, over time, became the empowered, self-confident, and sexual woman I am today. Happy to share my insights with other women today!

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