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04 Aug 2023
10 min read
Sex Magic Rituals - It's Not About Sex

Mind over matter. We’ve heard the term a lot. The concept is easy – we can and should use the energy of our minds more if we want to have what we want in our real world – health, wealth, a great career, love, peace, etc. And we’ve all heard stories about how people claim to have used meditation, visualization, and/or mental focus to manifest a desired outcome. Now, it’s time to talk about how sex magic can be used to achieve the same goals.

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Defining Sex Magick

Sex magic (also called sex magick) is basically a solo sex magic practice during which you harness the energy of orgasm, via masturbation or partner sex, to bring about those things you want in your life. 

In essence, the purpose of any sex magic ritual (explained in detail later) is not to enjoy and have fun. It is to harness the positive energy that comes with sexual arousal and orgasm to focus on your life goals. Sex is not an end – it is a means to manifest what you want.

The Mind-Body Connection – Past and Present

Even the most traditional medical practitioners agree that mental conditions impact the physical body and vice versa. Continuous stress, for example, results in high blood pressure, digestive issues, hair loss, etc. And prolonged physical illnesses can result in plenty of mental health issues. But there is still disagreement and discussion about how much further this goes and certainly how mind and body might work together to manifest desired outcomes in our lives. If you want to explore all of the facets of this discussion, check out this article from Positive Psychology.

A Long History

But this whole mind-body connection thing has actually been around for centuries, particularly in Eastern religions and philosophies. It may have originated with the 5,000-year-old East Indian concept of tantra which, in translation, means “woven together.” The basic principles are that the mind and the body are inextricably tied together in a sacred space, and, as we engage in correct meditation, we can manifest this relationship and have lasting peace, joy, energy, and physical health.

From the concept of tantra came tantric yoga and, ultimately, tantric sex. This type of sexual experience can come from solo practice or sex with a partner, involving sending positive energy to someone else and receiving it as well. Again, it’s not about the physical pleasure of sex – it’s about the positive energy that lets us bring things into our lives that we desire. This is the idea behind sex magick.

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Sex Magick Spreads

Sex magic came to the Western world by neo-spiritualists and philosophers, largely in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. One of the most prominent of these was Aleister Crowley, who traveled widely throughout the world – a fascinating man and one who brought the concept of sex magic to the U.S. via his connection with a German occult society. His biography is an interesting read if you have the time. While his “version” was compromised by drug use and his involvement in magic spells, the cleaned-up practice of sex magick and sexual energy survives.

How solo sex magic practice works

6 Ways How Sex Magic Works

“With our thoughts, we make the world,” Buddha once said.
This is the guiding principle of sex magic taken to an individual level.

With our thoughts, we make our own world. The “trick” is to harness life energy from a sexual act, either solo or with a current or new partner. If with a partner, though, both of you need to understand the whole process and have the same goal – manifesting what you truly want in life. That said, let’s get down to the actual practice.

1. Begin with the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Sex magic can only begin when these three things are aligned and working together to produce sexual power. You have to begin by relaxing the whole body so that you can focus on this connection. The goal is not pleasure; the goal is spiritual power. And you are not going to be casting a spell. You are going to take a few moments of pleasure and peace to get to this essential connection.

The key point of this activity is to conjure up a feeling of self-love and releasing all of the negatives of your reality that can invade your space of pleasure, creating a negative manifestation of your desires.

Here’s how this can be done:

  1. Write down at least five key things you love about yourself. This will raise the awareness of your value to yourself and to others.
  2. Take a shower to begin creating your relaxation process.
  3. Fill the tub with water at the most comfortable temperature, and keep your list nearby. This isn’t the time to focus on what you may desire to manifest in reality. It is a time to focus only on what you love about yourself.
  4. Take some honey. Rub it on your lips as you proclaim that you are love in the flesh.
  5. Rub some on your heart proclaiming that you are intense love as a spiritual being.
  6. Rub honey on your forehead and proclaim your intense feeling of love for yourself.
  7. Continue to use this moment of soaking to orally repeat those things you wrote down about loving yourself. It’s a time to connect your love for self with the universe of love for all things, not your sexuality, not your orgasms, nor your desires. And it’s not about spells that you may be contemplating through sex magic.

This is a time to heal the disconnect among the three parts of yourself so that the unified you can then proceed to be involved in any desire you may have.

2. Choose Your Own Telos

What is a telos? In simple terms, it is an objective. It’s a single thing that you want to manifest during your sex magic process. And if you intend to engage in this magic with a partner, then both of you must agree on the same objective. But there must be only one objective at a time during your episodes.

There are a few ways to place your focus on your intention:

  1. Put it as an affirmation: An affirmation is a positive statement of intentions. You can repeat this affirmation as you practice your magic sex.
  2. Make the affirmation into a creative piece: You can draw a picture or other symbol of what you want to manifest. Look at it as you engage in magic sex and concentrate your energies on that picture/symbol
  3. Use a tarot card directly related to your intention: Suppose your telos is for more money to manifest. Or suppose you want a career change. Find the right tarot card directly related to what you want and concentrate on it during your episode.

3. Use Visualization as a Part of the Process

You can use visualization if you don’t want to use an object. this may take some practice if you are not used to doing this.

Get a picture in your mind of what you want. Imagine yourself having or doing it. Create a scenario. Run it several times in your head until you have it “memorized” and are able to bring it up at will.

Now it is time to engage in sex while you run that “movie” in your head the entire time. All of your physical energies during the sex will be focused on this scenario. And while you do this, imagine yourself having achieved this objective and seeing yourself as so happy with the outcome.

Visualization is a part of the sex magick process

4. Incorporate Color into Your Sex Magic

There is a color associated with each intention. And color has energy and power of its own in the universe. Using color can help raise energy and is often used when occultists cast a spell. So, add that color to whatever it is you want, and whatever you use to symbolize or envision.

Green is for money; pink is for love; healing is for white; purple is for professional objectives; and red is for enhanced passion. Many people use scented candles in those colors to burn during their sex magic activities. Women might wear that color of lingerie or paint their nails in that color. And if you visualize, be sure to add lots of your objective’s color.

5. Consider a Sigil Carving

What is a sigil? It’s a symbol of your intention – what you want in some type of art form. Sigils can be either words or drawings, so long as when you see it during your sex magic your sexual energy is enhanced.

So, what is your intention this time around? Write it down, and then think about how you would symbolize it. Let’s say your intention word is money. Take the letters and rearrange them into some type of symbol. Big-name brands do this all the time with letters and/or logos.

Now here’s a twist. You have a green-scented candle for your money intention. Draw your symbol on a piece of paper. Secure that paper to your candle and carve your sigil onto it. Light the candle and focus on your sigil as you practice your sex magic, especially as you reach orgasm. Many claim this is a sexual ritual that super-boosts their feelings of sexual energy.

Here’s another twist. Draw your sigil on your partner’s body and have them draw it on yours – do this on places you will both see during your sex magic episode. Watch that sexual energy shift into high gear as you focus on your sigil during orgasm.

You see? Sex magic can be both an art and an act. Do a little research online for examples of sigils – you’ll get some good ideas for how to create your own. If you have a partner, and you agree on intentions, then create a sigil together for each of them.

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The role of sex in a relationship

6. Charge Your Sex Toys Differently

Consider your toys. If you have the most current ones, they won’t have batteries – they are chargeable. So, you plug them into a charging device in an outlet or your computer.

Think of your toys as amulets. While the common definition of an amulet is a good luck charm, why not think of your sex toys similarly? After all, isn’t a great orgasm a type of great luck? Of course, it is.

Now about that charging. Many who practice sex magic say they have increased sexual energy when they charge sex magic amulets (toys to you) under the moon’s light. The forces of nature are strong. So, take your charged laptop outside at night, plug in your toys, and let them charge away.

And by the way. You might also consider the color of the toys you use. You can have them in all the colors for all of the intentions you may have over time. Using toys that have been charged this way will increase your orgasmic energy and excitement. Sex magic orgasms emit power into the universe, which feeds your intention.

Make charging your toys a ritual. Sit outside while they are charging and soak up the environment of nature. You might even relax and meditate on your desires in this wonderful space the universe has created.

The Point of All of This

It should come as no surprise that the ritual of sex magic is complex. While this article explains the relationship between a desire for what you want and the use of sex magic and orgasms to achieve these goals, other important points must be made.

Applying the power of sex and orgasm ritual practices is not new to many societies; your use of orgasms to have life goals manifested is and requires learning and practice.

The other important point? Sex magic is not a “magic bullet.” If you want money, a new job, or anything else, it’s not going to land in your lap. Sex magic opens up opportunities – you have to do the work from there.

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