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25 Dec 2023
10 min read
Your Clever Headline to Attract Attention on Dating Site

For over a decade now, online dating sites have become places for guys and gals to hook up, make smart connections, and get to know each other from afar. And, if all goes well, they will meet up in person on a real date. From there, who knows? It could be the start of an amazing relationship.

But what if you’ve registered on an online dating site, but nobody seems to notice you? Well, maybe the reason is that your dating profile lacks a clever headline that attracts attention. Want to fix this problem? Here are our tips and best recommendations for you!

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What Is a Profile Dating Headline?

A headline is one of the fields on an online dating profile that is among the determining factors on whether or not to like you. Usually, it’s a catchy phrase that states who you are and why you’re interesting to people. If on dating apps, headlines are one phrase or sentence that says something about yourself in a few words, but those few words are just critical.

When you join an online dating site, the first thing you do is get registered. You’ll probably have to provide some personal info and verify your identity (make sure that info is secure and protected). Once that step is over, you will need to create a user profile. Here is where you highlight the key things about yourself and speak to what you are looking for in a relationship – both the type of person and the type of relationship.

Profiles are meant to be a bit brief, so don’t spend a lot of time writing a resume. That’s boring and is the stuff about which you can talk later after you have been matched and are chatting with one or more of those matches and getting to know them.

Why You Need a Stunning Dating Profile Headline?

Crafting dating profile headlines is important and challenging because they serve just like a news article headline. A headline motivates someone to read your full profile.

Let’s say you set up a date with someone. You agree to meet at a certain place and time. When you first see and greet your date, you form an immediate impression before the date actually begins.

This is what a profile dating headline is. It gives your online “date” a first impression before they go any further in reading your profile or begin to chat with you. Remember, this is not the time to try to reveal your entire personality.

7 Tips to Create Great Dating Profile Headlines

The best headlines will say at least one thing about yourself and also the type of relationship you are looking for. Although there is no step-by-step process for crafting that eye-catching headline, there are some best practices and examples. We will share them with you here.

1. State Your Most Important Traits

What do your family members and friends say about you? Ask them these questions to identify your best qualities:

  • Are you funny?
  • Are you outgoing or an introvert?
  • Are you a news junkie or deeply committed to a cause?
  • What’s your favorite pastime?
  • What do you consider your strengths that might attract potential dates?

Once you have this list, pick one or two things and use them in your dating site profile headline.

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2. Make Your Preferences Clear

In dating profile headlines, people often state the most important things not about themselves but about their relationship goals. That’s a good strategy if you don’t like to talk about yourself much:

  • If a romantic long-term relationship is what you want, your profile headline should indicate this. If you don’t state this, you may attract guys and gals just looking for a good time.
  • If you are that “bad boy” or “bad girl” just looking for fun, just say so. If you don’t say so, you may be disappointed with the matches you get from your dating site.

3. Speak to Something Funny that Happened to You

Funny headlines are unique. Try to memorize some cool stories about yourself and state their funny essence in one sentence. This could be the beginning of a great conversation and an ultimate first date.

Maybe you once fell asleep during a speech and started to snore – very loudly. Ask those reading your headline to message you back with something that happened to them.

4. Read Lots of Other Profile Headlines

If you’re already on a dating site or two, read other members’ headlines. And there are plenty of examples on a bunch of website articles that will give you some ideas.

One word of caution: Don’t just copy a headline suggestion from articles and posts you read. Plenty of others do this already, and some are becoming known and pretty trite. Use these examples as starting points to create your own attractive headline.

5. Relate to Something Trendy

“They say a million dollars is not that much to live on today, but I’d sure like to try – how about you?”

Here’s an example of pulling in a current concept and relating to it. You can also use quotes from other famous people. “Aristotle said ‘All things in moderation.’ I’m here to prove him wrong. How about you?”. Take the time to come up with a trendy and funny headline that also tells something about yourself.

6. Show and Tell

“Swipe right and get my 30-day free trial. It includes free entry to my Netflix subscription and my gourmet cooking.”

People say that they are a lot of things in their headlines for dating sites. But as the old saying goes, “Saying it doesn’t make it so.” If you genuinely have a great sense of humor and you just say that, no one will take you seriously. You have to show that you have that sense of humor in your headline.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Direct

“I am an accountant who loves numbers, details, and great food. Hit me up if you like the same.”

If you are not really witty or funny in real life, there’s no need to “play hide” the real me. The truth will come out eventually. You can be serious and direct about what you want, and the perfect match for your personality will be out there.

Types of dating profile headlines

Dating Profile Headlines Types You Can Use

There are many ways to say a few words about yourself other than a clever headline. Let’s see these categories of dating profile headlines that can also be funny, witty, and flirty.

1. Clever and Catchy Headlines

“I am the best partner in an escape room.”
“I am an exotic pet owner – if you count the stuffed animals in my closet from my childhood.” 
“If you’re looking for a co-conspirator, I’m it. Let’s break some rules together.”

A catchy headline can reveal just a bit about yourself in a cool way. You can indicate that you have critical thinking skills. This way, your catchy headline might immediately appeal to someone who has an interest in an intellectually interesting and creative thinker. It takes some time to create a really cool, catchy dating headline – but once you do, it will do the hard work of attracting attention instead of you. Funny dating headlines and witty headlines cross over a lot, too.

2. Funny Headlines for Dating Sites

“I’m not just a pretty face. Ask my mom – she says I’m brilliant.”
“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a giraffe. Ask me why.”

You may struggle with crafting a truly funny headline, but you don’t have to go it alone. Do a bit of research on the web and find a website with lots of examples. You’ll get some great funny headlines that you can re-write to fit you.

3. Flirty and Dirty Profile Headlines

Yes, you can get a bit racy – but not too much, unless you are only looking for a one-night stand. Our examples of some of the best dating profile headlines for every type of relationship may help you feel the balance.

“I’m an innocent girl until I find beer-pong partners.”
“I turn into a bad girl after a Long Island iced tea. Wanna go get one?”
“My next fishing trip won’t be for fish – Can I hook you instead?”
“You could be my future ex, but you could be my co-star. Let’s figure it out.”
“I’m a bit wild and ready to get wild with you. Can you handle me?”

Tread dirty headlines carefully. Some sites have rules about what you can and cannot say. You don’t want to violate those rules and face consequences.

4. Serious Headlines for Dating Sites

Maybe you don’t want to be funny or “cute.” Maybe you want to be straightforward about who you are and what you want. If so, you can write a great headline and attract someone who appreciates you getting to the point.

“I’m a hopeless romantic who loves long walks and is looking for a perfect match.”
“A sports fanatic who grooves on basketball games and watching them with popcorn and a cuddly mate.”
“I’m a terrific Italian cook looking for someone to share my most delicious paella (and more).”
“I’m a pet lover looking for someone who thinks pets are part of the family.”
“I’m a tech nerd. If you are too, we can make a meaningful connection over 0’s and 1’s.”

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Don't try to pretend somebody you're not on a dating site

3 Don’ts for Headlines and the Dating Profiles

Online dating is an art and a science. You supply the “art” of your online dating experience, and the dating site will supply the “science” of matching you up so that you will achieve that first date and more. But here are some things you shouldn’t do.

1. Don’t Lie

Not in your headlines for dating sites or in the profile stand that follows. You have good traits, strengths, interests, hobbies, a career, and more. You have to be authentic and genuine. Now, this does not mean that you cannot seek someone who is the opposite of you in some respects:

  • If you are an introvert, say so.
  • If you want to hook up with an extrovert who will complement you and bring you out a bit more, say so. There are many extroverts out there who prefer someone more introverted to balance them too.
  • If you pretend to have a better position or more wealth than you really do, it will come out. Just don’t do it.

2. Don’t Disparage Others

Disparaging others includes everyone from an ex to an entire population, as well as religions, political groups, and even countries:

  1. You never know who may read your headline and profile and take offense.
  2. You never look good when you belittle others. Many will see you as rude.

If you have had a significant weird or bad experience with any group of people, you may mention the experience but no details that reveal who you are belittling.

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3. Don’t Compromise Yours or Another’s Personal Info

You must not ever call out another person by name. You might get away with that on social media, but almost every dating site will have rules of community standards that will forbid this – so you’ll face consequences:

  • Don’t miss out on potential matches who will think you are not just rude, but insecure
  • Don’t put others down to make yourself look better

Likewise, it would be foolish to compromise your own personal information by revealing it in either a dating profile headline or your online dating profile.

Summing Up

Online dating is popular and common and a great way to “test the waters” when considering potential dates. But when you choose to use an online dating site, you know you will have to create a profile. And your profile will include a headline. That headline is the first impression potential dates will have of you, and you have lots of choices for the types of headlines you create. Based on what you want in a relationship and what about you will attract that relationship, craft a headline that will work, and use these examples and tips to do that.

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