The Making of a Sexual Goddess

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24 Feb 2023
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Awakening the sexual goddess

Self-awareness is a magical concept that allows us to know exactly what we want, how we want it, and when we want it. This type of attitude applies a great deal in our sex life and helps grow into a sex goddess. Why is it worth becoming one? Because the act of intimacy and making love is an art we can only perfect by accepting and appreciating our sexuality.

What Makes a Sexual Goddess?

Stereotypically, sex goddesses are women in total control of their sexual desire and can evoke sexual feelings in those around them. Well, practically, this is not far off from the truth.

Contrary to what we think, sex goddesses are not mythical women we only read about in magazines. Instead, a goddess is a woman who goes through life confidently and takes it to the bedroom with her. She is a queen who has no shame when getting what she wants.

In this regard, it’s important not to view sex goddess as a woman within the Madonna Whore Complex dichotomy. The latter means the patriarchic attempt to put on women two labels, either “pure and virtuous” Madonna or “overly sexual and promiscuous” Whore. As Rudman and Phelan show, feministic approach to female sexuality that doesn’t put women in these two boxes leads to healthier and more satisfying relationships.

“We want a man to desire us, and to show us that he likes us through actions. If we make all the effort, the likelihood is, he won’t at all. The question we need to ask ourselves is, do we want to set that as a norm? Do we want to lean into the relationship from now till forever?”

Karina Calver, Relationship Expert and Founder of Hukam Healing

With the right attitude, every woman can be a divine feminine figure that people adore, respect, and love. The beauty of self-awareness is that you can make logical decisions that are not biased by your feelings or sexual desires.

Becoming a Sex Goddess

No woman is born a sex goddess. Instead, it is a journey that involves taking in new knowledge and exploring your body, both inside and out. A positive and open mindset is essential in this process of empowerment, as it is an endless journey of learning and unlearning.

Qualities of a Sexual Goddess

While there are limitless ways we could explain divine femininity, several characteristics are common in such women. Look through the qualities described below and see what you need to add to your list, or learn how to be a sex goddess.

Ultimate sex goddess knows her body

1. They Know Their Bodies

You can only enjoy sex and experience maximum sexual pleasure if you understand your body. Since sex is an endurance activity, it is advisable to stay active and fit, even in marriage.

Working out frequently and intentionally will help you keep your health in check, and you can stay on top of things. Other physical activities such as yoga allow you to be mindful of your body, how you feel about it, and how much you know it. Such exercises help you master and appreciate your beauty and scars at the same time. As such, you never overstretch your limits, and you don’t limit your potential as well.

2. Letting Go

In most cases, women don’t seem to care about love and romance if they are sexually satisfied. That’s why a person finds it hard to let go of a partner who delivers sexual magic. Contrary, a woman should know that her sexual pleasure doesn’t depend on anyone. In addition, any partner with a basic knowledge of anatomy should be able to get you there.

Sexual freedom is an art that allows us to let go of emotional anchors such as toxic partners and relationships. Sexual release is healing by itself and opens up other aspects of your life, such as your creativity and social mojo.

3. Let Go of Your Shame

Women from abusive backgrounds tend to be angry and ashamed of their stories. They may encounter people who perceive them as damaged and hard to love. However, it is crucial that you learn to act on your emotions instead of repressing them. You should not be ashamed of the effects of childbirth leaves on your body. Your body will heal itself, and your children will be a reminder of how magical your body and vagina are.

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Being free of negative emotions allows you to live through different experiences without any mental or emotional inhibitions. If anything, such negativity causes the death of intimacy in our lives.

4. Pleasure Is Not a Destination

The concept of sex is significantly dominated by male sexuality, which can be very limiting to both partners. On the other hand, femininity is borderline a mystery, and only a sex goddess can unleash its true power.

Sex and its pleasures should not be limited to penetrations and ejaculations only. Rather, it is an accumulation of acts and desires that help us experience the glory of intercourse and intimacy. There are limitless possibilities as to what sex is and can be, and your imagination is the limitation.

Sex goddess vibes don't lie

5. Vibes Never Lie

Nothing vibrates your energies more than a trip to the sex toy shop. The shopping experience is nice, but it helps to be in an environment with pleasure-positive individuals.

As a sex goddess, toys are a great way to explore your body. They will help you find your pleasure points, not to mention a great mood stabilizer. As you continue to shop, you’ll discover more toys and their variations, all created with the purpose of serving you endless sexual pleasure.

6. Go for Multi-Orgasms

The simple truth is one orgasm is never enough. There is no shame in wanting multiple orgasms, so don’t shy away from them. In fact, try and make up for fake orgasms and mediocre sexual experiences.

7. Pay Attention to Your Vagina

The vagina is an entire pleasure-giving planet that demands your love and Attention. Take the time to know it fully. You can take photos, taste it, and feel around for nerve bundles. If you don’t know your vagina, then you shouldn’t expect other people to m. To be a true sex goddess, you must familiarize yourself with your vagina and its personality. For instance, does it have a deceptive turn-on? What are sexual desires you didn’t know you had?

In addition, be respectful to your vagina at all times, and be mindful of its health. Keep it clean and tidy, eat healthy foods, and stay hydrated. As you have probably learned, the vagina can tell what goes on in your life based on how it looks, smells, and tastes.

8. Don’t Settle for Mediocre Sex

Life is too short to be having bad or average sex. In fact, it is time you find a partner who will worship your body and make it to you, body and mind. Our hearts are easily deceived, so ensure they fall in love with someone who can’t take their hands off you. Be a big girl and find yourself such a partner.

Selfless and conscious lovemaking is a practical way of improving your overall well-being in all sectors of life. Find yourself a sex god or goddess who offers great, selfless sex, and you’ll see how drastically your sex improves.

9. Be Enthusiastic

Sex is not a dirty action that you should be ashamed of or guilty of. Rather, it is a safe haven where lovers can physically express themselves and fulfill their desires.

Sex goddesses are ever-curious about sex, and they are enthusiastic about it. They enjoy sex, and they tend to stay in the moment. In addition, they are always up for sexual exploration. They are open about what they like, what they don’t, stuff they might like, and what they are still unsure of. The confidence and free mind of a sex goddess make sex more exhilarating.

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10. Talk Dirty

Dirty talk is a very effective tool, and when used right, it can open an erotic, magic door in your body and mind. It is a great way to set the mood while explaining exactly what you want. Express the raging desire for your partner, and don’t shy from complimenting their techniques. Also, describe how your partner makes you feel as explicitly as possible.

Try something new to multiply sexual pleasure

11. Get Out of the Carnal Safe Zone

When pleasure is the only goal during sex, then you’ll most likely fall into position ruts. After all, it is easier to go for the tested moves that will get you there. However, a goddess will push their partner to try new and exciting positions. Getting more physical during sex will only make it worth the while.

12. Hit the Brakes and Cool Off

The difficulty of attaining something tends to make it more desirable. This is the secret of the ultimate sex goddess. Delaying the gratification of your lover tends to build emotional excitement and physical tension. Taking a breather when things get too hot delays his ejaculation, but the reward is an out-of-this-world orgasm. Delayed orgasms result in a better quality of sex, and it helps to boost your intimacy.

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13. The Risk Taker

A fearless woman is a major turn-on, and a sex goddess is always ready to amp up the risk factor. Knowing that anything might happen around you will score a major buzz within you. This makes sense since your body increases the production of testosterone in your body, which in turn increases your arousal. For instance, tease him in a semi-public area or try to hook up with the shades open.

14. Live Sensually

Tap into your femininity each day, and take time to appreciate your surroundings. While this does not have to be sexually charged, other people will be drawn to you regardless. A sex goddess will apply her senses in everything she does, even when dealing with problematic issues. Leading such lives allows us to be more present and expressive, even sexually.

Unlock the Sex Goddess Inside You

Life is a learning curve where we discover ourselves, find love, and get intimate and sexual. While no one is born into sexual perfection, a sex goddess stays confident in herself and her body. In addition, she does not shy away from her vulnerabilities. A true sex goddess has an open mind and spirit and is always willing to learn.

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