Have You Met the One? 19 Early Signs That ‘Yes’!

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03 Feb 2024
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19 Early Signs You've Met the One

You’re dating somebody special. All is great, but you are still hesitant to say this is true love. Maybe you’ve been burned too many times, or it is hard for you to accept that this is the real deal – before it’s too late and you lose that special one.

You can revert to this scenario if you know what are the early signs you’ve met the one. And we will show them all to you – right here and right now.

19 Early Signs You’ve Met the One

In this guide, we’ll refer to the “one” as a person who is a reliable partner to build a healthy relationship with. It’s an important disclaimer since some people have an illusionary perception of “the One,” which is taken from romantic movies and books. We want you to experience real love, and that’s why these 19 early signs you’ve met the one are all about real-life experiences and real things in your relationship.

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1. You Feel Like Your Best Self

When you are in a healthy relationship, you’re more likely to feel confident, comfortable, and happier overall. If you feel like you are the best version of yourself when you are with them, that is a sign this relationship is going in the right direction.

2. You Both Show a Willingness to Change

Being in a perfect relationship doesn’t mean you are both perfect, and no improvements can be made. Being willing to change for the better shows that you have mutual respect and are compatible with one another. If you support one another during those changes, that’s even better.

3. You Feel Calm and Trust Unexpectedly

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

Ernest Hemingway, an American novelist and journalist

For some people, the early sign you’ve met the one is an unexpected feeling of calm and trust. It can be tricky to feel if one of your previous relationships has left you uneasy and unwilling to trust others so easily. But this feeling is there, whether you acknowledge it or not.

Trust is built with a consistent pattern of behaviors and commitments. You may find that when you make future plans with the ideal person for you, you can trust them to follow through with those plans.

This pattern of trustworthy behavior likely began with your first date and has continued through your life together. If you find that you have been able to trust them since that early on that is definitely an early sign that you have met the one.

4. Your First Fight Brings You Closer Together

“What if every moment of conflict is a chance to make your relationship even stronger?”

CrisMarie Campbell, an Olympic rower and TEDx Speaker

There’s an old saying that the more a couple loves each other, the more they are going to fight. The statement itself is debatable, but it’s safe to say that people in a good relationship don’t shy away from a disagreement.

You can conflict with the big stuff like family, money, sex, and the past in your relationship. And if each fight brings you to a better understanding of each other’s feelings, the chances are you’ve found the ideal partner.

5. You Allow the Relationship to Unfold Naturally

In less-than-ideal relationships, you feel the need to push things along to make you a real couple. However, when you are in a good relationship and mesh together well, you will find that you have enough fun with the current state of things.

Allowing the relationship to unfold naturally is one of the early signs you’ve met the one. Because no matter what, you will always feel like you are on the right course with them.

Shared values are among the strongest early signs you've met the one

6. You Share the Same Values

If you’re wondering if you’re in a strong relationship with someone, compare your values. Although there may be some differences in the finer details, your values are very similar, if not the same, with the right one.

Sharing the same values is a sign that you will be able to communicate easily as things progress between the two of you. That protects you from fear and anxiety over potential disagreements in the future.

7. The Chemistry Is Real

What is chemistry? Some people say it’s a sexual spark that two people feel right away. This is part of it, but chemistry is also an intellectual, spiritual, and emotional connection that is absolutely undeniable.

No matter what your chemistry definition of chemistry is, you either feel that with someone or not. And that feeling continues, you have a bond that might last forever!

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8. They Feel Like Coming Home

Going out is hard. You have to dress up and ensure that your personality is always on. Even though you love your friends and socializing, you can’t deny that it takes a bit of an emotional toll to be sociable.

Meanwhile, going home feels safe and comfortable. It’s the place where you can just be yourself and find understanding.

So when going to see your partner feels like coming home, this could be the real thing!

9. The Sex Is Magical

You don’t need a relationship coach on this. Sex isn’t the only thing that matters in a relationship – however, enjoying that intimacy is a sure sign that the relationship is heading in the right direction.

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10. You Are on the Same Page About So Many Things

Everybody has hot takes and unpopular opinions, and it’s such a relief to find someone to be on the same page about many things. Also, it’s proof that you could build a life with them.

Part of life is owning the fact that not every thought you have is going to be met with agreement. But it’s always great to feel aligned with another person.

11. You Feel Comfortable With Their Flaws (and Your Own)

You will need to make improvements to your lifestyle together with your partner. But it’s important to be able to accept the flaws that you each have happily.

When you each realize the other person has flaws and that you can really live with those shortcomings, your relationship will be built on a sense of peace and acceptance.

Don't judge your current partner based on your previous relationships

12. You Don’t Compare Notes With Your Previous Relationship

If you are so enamored with this new person that the past is no longer a thought, it’s a nice sign for your future with this partner. It means the sense of attraction and your connection with them is so strong that all you can think about is them only.

Be careful, though. It’s important to see them as they are, not through rose-colored glasses.

13. There’s No Emotional Dependence

When you’ve met the one for life, it’s normal to be happy when you are together. But you shouldn’t experience negative emotions when you’re not in each other’s company. If you are sad and miserable every time the person you are with goes away, that’s not a good sign. If you have met the one, you will feel safe when the two of you are apart.

People often use their emotional dependence on somebody to convince themselves their attraction is strong. But in reality, it means the two of you have an insecure attachment, which is the opposite of a healthy bond.

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14. You Fit Into Each Other’s Lives Well

It can be the universe working in your favor or just good luck, but your world and theirs somehow align perfectly:

  • Your schedules work together
  • Your habits are similar
  • You can’t see any conflicts even when you speak of long-term goals

Yes, you’ll probably have to compromise over some things in the long run. But for now, you couldn’t ask for another person to be more compatible with you.

15. Your Communication Feels Natural

Early signs that you have met the one include being able to talk with each other easily:

  • You can anticipate each other’s needs through simple cues easily
  • You can talk for hours and not feel any pressure
  • You even understand each other’s unspoken communication
  • You don’t need words to communicate with each other effectively.

When you’ve met the one, your communication helps to foster a sense of security to stay calm and happy. This way, your relationship will feel so much more natural and effortless.

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16. Even Boring Stuff Is Enjoyable

You may not enjoy absolutely everything in the same way. But in a relationship with the right one, your partner makes even the most mundane tasks so much more enjoyable when you are doing it with them.

If you find that you enjoy tasks with them that you normally find to be incredibly boring, that is a good sign that you are on a deep level of connection.

17. You Know When You Need Space

“Light attracts light. But sometimes your light attracts moths and your warmth attracts parasites. Protect your space and energy”

Warsan Shire, author

You need your own space, even in the best relationships. And if things are meant to be between the two of you, you won’t hesitate to ask for that and will respect their need to do their own thing.

Many couples will often try and force themselves to spend every moment together in the desperate hope it curates a long-lasting relationship. However, long-term relationships rarely survive that clinginess as it leads to both partners experiencing insecurity.

18. The Little Things Make You Smile

This one of the early signs you’ve met the one is really simple. You’ll need the mirror only for this.

Do you find yourself smiling when thinking about your partner? Do you look forward to their silly jokes? If even their quirky mannerisms cause you to grin, that’s a sign of real love around the corner!

19. It Doesn’t Feel Like Effort

In reality, a partnership isn’t going to be easy all of the time, but that doesn’t mean that it should be difficult at all.

When you are with the right person, you are able to get through even the hardest moments with ease. You won’t feel like you have to walk on eggshells with them, constantly apologize for things, or edit yourself. You may even experience the bliss of realizing that this is the first pairing you’ve had in a long time that isn’t such hard work.

If it feels easy, it’s easy to lose it – so don’t make this mistake. Cherish the person who makes you feel this way.

How do you know if you've met the right person

What If You Aren’t Sure Your Partner Is the Right Person?

If you’ve gone through all these signs only to realize that you don’t recognize your relationship here. this section is for you.

Sometimes, relationships need time to develop as the two of you find your footing and learn to navigate this new partnership. Sure, it’s great if there is an early sign that this is the person of your dreams. But you can have a real and lasting love with your other half without this immediate chemistry – as long as you’re willing to overcome your differences to build something together with your partner, it can work.

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Perspective And Communication Is the Key to a Healthy Relationship

You’re not sure if you’ve met the one? It’s fine. The very idea of “The One” is ambiguous, and not so many daters seek healthy relationships, not sex affairs or romantic illusions. In this article, we’ve left you some traces to check if your partner is capable of becoming a reliable partner and the love of your life.

But the most important idea is this: as long as there is respect, support, and a willingness to talk about things – you have the chance to build a great relationship. Instead of feeling gnawing anxiety or dread, you should simply feel calm. This is your indication that you might be at the start of a long-term relationship!

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