What Are the Symptoms of Soul Ties?

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05 Apr 2023
10 min read
Understanding How Soul Ties Affect Our Lives

In simple terms, soul ties mean a deep soul connection established between two people. This intense connection transcends your physical body, and you feel deeply connected in your soul. A soul tie commonly forms once you have sex with a person, according to sex therapist De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson.

A soul tie can also be described as joining two souls after an intense emotional bond is established between them. This process is often described as spiritual and tends to be stronger, overwhelming, and more intense than other soul connections.

A soul tie allows other people to manipulate and influence your life, even if they are unaware of it. They are also responsible for sabotaging future relationships.

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Why Does a Soul Tie Form?

Sexual intercourse: It is the most popular reason for a soul tie, and it is believed to have originated from Christianity. Scientifically, hormones released during carnal intimacy play a big role in establishing emotional attachment between lovers. Nevertheless, a soul tie is not dependent on orgasm, and having sex increases the chances of having one with a particular partner.

“You might experience a soul tie with a former romantic partner and sense a strong connection even years after the relationship has ended.”

Dr. Carla Marie Manly, clinical psychologist

Close relationships: A soul tie can be created after you’ve spent a long time in an intense emotional and spiritual connection with someone. In this way, a former romantic partner can always remain emotionally significant and cherished.

Is There a Difference Between a Soul Mate and a Soul Tie?

These terms have been used interchangeably for the longest time, and some believe soul mates must share a soul tie. However, this is not particularly accurate.

In the case of soulmates, the bond happens almost instantly. On the other hand, soul ties take a while before they form, and they have no particular timeline. For instance, a sex soul tie can set after sexual intercourse, or it might take a few years to form. Until the soul tie forms, you might not have any significant feelings for the individual.

The Symptoms of a Soul Tie

These symptoms are very similar to what a person experiences after the end of an intense relationship. However, the symptoms of a soul tie can stay on much longer after the relationship has ended.

These symptoms can be so intense that they influence your current and future relationships. In such cases, the person you’re tied to will randomly pop into your mind, even at awkward moments. This means that in order to move on, you must break your soul tie.

Deep connection is one of the symptoms of soul ties

1. You Feel a Deep Connection with Said Individual

A soul tie is a very profound and intense experience, and sharing one with someone makes you connected on a spiritual level.

2. You Are Obsessed with Them

This is not a positive connection. The said person is always on your mind, regardless of the time of day or night. You want to know how they are, what they are doing, and how you feel toward them. It is impossible to control your thoughts about them; instead, the thoughts might overwhelm and control you.

3. You Yearn for Their Approval

All your decisions and actions are driven by what someone might think about them. With a soul tie, you’ll always place yourself under the pressure of their standards. You would do anything to get their approval.

4. They Elicit a Strong Reaction from You

When you have a soul tie with someone, they can get the most exaggerated reaction from you, regardless of whether it is in a negative or positive light.

5. They Are a Benchmark

When you have a soul tie with someone, you tend to use them as the yardstick for all future relationships. You judge all your partners based on your soul tie’s performance. This can grow into a toxic soul tie that ruins all your relationships if left unchecked.

6. You Never Move On, Even If You Try

This type of attachment is why soul ties might be considered toxic and dangerous.

Given that you feel insanely connected to someone, it might be impossible to completely let go of them, no matter how much you try. It doesn’t matter that they are wrong for you and that you’re in a potentially toxic relationship. Even if you hate them, moving on from them is impossible.

7. You Can’t Stand to Lose them

Although you might want to move on, you freak out at the thought of losing them. You may even have an extreme nervous breakdown when you think they might not be in your life at any given moment.

8. Déjà Vu

This is a more common sign of a soul tie where you feel like you’ve met the person from before. They look and feel familiar, and their actions vaguely remind you of things you can’t place your finger on. This way, you strengthen your belief that that person was one of a kind.

9. You Believe a Person Completes You

Such romantic soul tie relationships can be highly toxic. Still, a soul tie doesn’t allow you to be objective in such matters. You might be in an unhappy and unhealthy relationship, but your soul tie makes you believe that you two complete each other.

10.  You Lose Yourself in the Relationship

This is a classic sign of unhealthy soul ties where the individual loses their identity, freedom, happiness, and peace of mind in the relationship. Such an unhealthy soul tie with someone denies you a chance to stand up for yourself.

11.  You Fantasize a Lot

Having a soul tie makes you fantasize about them a lot, despite the fact that they might not sexually be your preference. These fantasies may also involve missing spending time with that person, reliving past memories, and constantly searching for their presence. Despite the intensity of these emotions, it’s important to recognize the signs of a soul tie and take steps to break free from it, such as seeking therapy or practicing self-care. The best thing you can do for yourself is to find the courage to let go and return to reality.

12.  The Relationship Feels Unique

Not all soul ties are negative and evil. Some form an enriching and loving relationship that fulfills both partners. Such types of relationships offer newness, both in feelings and experiences. For instance, it could be a profound sexual experience or doing something risky or exciting together as a couple.

13.  Perfect Timing

A soul tie will usually appear in your life at a pivotal moment. They are incredibly life-changing, and they may have come into your life during a transition phase or at a challenging period. Here, they usually are a great source of help and comfort.

Types of soul ties: protective, bonding, sexual, permanent, and spiritual

Types of Soul Ties

Now that you can identify a soul tie, it is important to know their types and how they manifest in our lives.

I.     Protective Soul Ties

A protective soul tie forms when an individual comes into your life during a very challenging time. They save you from your pain and comfort you, providing their energy to you going through a rough time. As a result, you might feel your attraction towards them increase to a point where a soul tie happens.

This is a healthy soul tie relationship with an empathic connection that cannot be undone by distance – but can transform if hurt into a bonding soul tie, characterized by strong feelings of physical pain, hatred, anger, and lust.

II.    Sexual Soul Ties

These physical soul ties are a result of getting physically intimate with a person. They create emotions and a physical and spiritual link, which might be harder to control. In addition, you will feel the energies of your sexual partners, and they can be troubling to let go of.

In order to safeguard future romantic relationships, sexual soul ties must be broken.

III.   Permanent Soul Ties

In most cases, a permanent soul tie happens when a person’s soul merges with another, often without the knowledge of the partners involved. Married people commonly experience such soul ties and can enjoy an enriching and loving relationship and unconditional love.

IV.    Spiritual Soul Ties

A spiritual soul tie is a result of profound connections that transcend beyond the body, feelings, and emotions of those involved. This is the strongest soul tie. Breaking spiritual soul ties might not be impossible, but it is a herculean task.

Breaking Soul Ties

Once you’re dealing with ungodly soul ties, destroying a connection made in your soul is not an easy feat. It is recommended you seek guidance from an appropriate professional. If you have minimal knowledge of how soul ties form and how they can be broken, do not hesitate to seek professional help. This process will help you achieve emotional and spiritual wholeness.

I.     Acknowledge Its Presence

To break a ungodly soul tie, you must be willing to admit that it’s there and that you have a problem. This step is similar to treating addiction. There are numerous options to consider next, but they are significantly dependent on what you’re dealing with. Some people choose to talk about it to a trusted friend, therapist, or psychologist to understand what exactly is wrong with their soul tie connection.

II.    Create an Action Plan

Once you understand your problem fully and clearly, you can proceed to building a solution. In some cases, constant support from friend is everything that is needed; others who face problems on the spiritual and emotional level need a stronger course of action to break a soul tie that is rather deep and troublesome and a negative connection.

You can do therapy or heal yourself with spiritual and emotional rituals, like an ayahuasca ceremony. Note that the letter option has strong psychoactive properties, so consult a medical doctor before you decide to break a soul tie this way.

III.   Forgive

This is the third step in the process of breaking emotional soul ties. This might be the most difficult step for many, especially for those stuck in toxic relationships and have an unhealthy attachment to their soul ties. The forgiveness process involves trying to identify any mental debts you might have that may be keeping the soul tie alive. Releasing these debts is a spiritual journey that might be full of intense feelings.

IV.    Break the Soul Tie

Finally, it’s time to get rid of all physical objects that might link her to the other person. This involves pictures, trinkets or gifts, letters, and other stuff you might be holding onto, along with practicing meditation to understand emotions and mood shifts. Breaking these soul ties will give you a profound sense of relief, more especially if they were ungodly soul ties, and help you channel out negative energy.

Physical soul ties: pros and cons

Are There Any Advantages of Having a Soul Tie Relationship?

Anything with an advantage has its fair share of shortcomings, which also applies to soul ties. Below, we look at the pros and cons of having a soul tie relationship.


Soul ties allow you to enjoy a deep emotional connection with your partner. This way, you can experience a healthy soul tie companionship.

Soul ties give not only emotions but also are a great way to build stronger bonds with other people. Sharing a strong emotional bond with an individual makes it easier to sustain your friendship.


One of the most common disadvantages of soul ties is their ability to inhibit your future happiness. You might find it hard to move on from a soul tie relationship, and it can even be impossible to enjoy any new romantic venture.

Soul ties can be exhausting and draining, stagnating your emotional relationship and spiritual growth. You might be tempted to keep a toxic soul tie simply because you share a special connection.

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Beware Your Soul Ties and Stay True to Yourself

Understanding soul ties is the first step toward attaining emotional closure. It’s also a great way to initiate spiritual intimacy with the people we care about. There are many types of soul tie relationships, either healthy and stable or ungodly and toxic. But if you think you’re in an ungodly soul tie relationship, breaking them before they ruin your love life and stagnate your emotional well-being is essential.

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