Top 17 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

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13 Jul 2023
11 min read
17 Cute Couple Tattos Ideas: From Diamonds to Ghibli Characters

Couple tattoos are a well-established way for two people in love to show the world how they feel. Done correctly, matching tattoos are quite sweet too. Some are even clever! But once poorly done, a tattoo on two people can lead to double the regret.

The key to making a gorgeous scripted tattoo is choosing a meaningful tattoo and finding the right tattoo artist. If you think you’re ready to commemorate your relationship with your better half, keep reading. These 17 tattoo ideas help you decide on your new ink.

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Should We Get Matching Tattoos? 5 Tips to Consider

For couples, tattoos may seem a pretty good idea, but life doesn’t always work how we want it. Even if you wear a wedding ring on your ring finger, it doesn’t automatically mean that your infinity tattoos will really stay with you forever.

Did you know that Johnny Depp has a tattoo that says “Wino Forever“? In the eighties, he was in a serious relationship with actress Winona Ryder.

At the time, it was serious enough for him to get that unique tattoo. Then, the relationship ended. That’s why he had to change the tattoos from Winona Forever to Wino Forever. That’s the risk you take with couple tattoos. Things might not work out, so prepare in advance and choose your tattoos for couples carefully.

Before you decide on a couples tattoo, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Stick with a tattoo design that will continue to have meaning for you if the relationship turns sour.
  • Get tattoos that match your current feeling about your relationship. If you feel like king and queen right now, there’s no problem with getting king and queen tattoos for yourself.
  • Name tattoos are associated with bad luck. Some artists won’t even give them. The only exception might be the names of your children or your mom.
  • Never get a matching couple tattoo to save a bad relationship or prove your commitment.
  • Remember that getting couple tattoos is a big step in your relationship.
  • For some, tattoos commemorate moments in life. If you think that way, you’re less likely to have regrets (unless, of course, it’s the date of your wedding and you get divorced).

17 Inspirational Couple Tattoo Ideas

Matching couple tattoos are widely popular for many reasons, but the main one is that they symbolize that the two partners are a perfect match for each other. At the same time, if there is a breakup, you can still wear your matching tattoo without anyone noticing that there should be another “half” somewhere.

Pretty important if you hook up with a new squeeze – saves a lot of explanation. But, overall, a matching couple tattoo mirrors how you both feel about each other.

Do you still feel confident about matching couple tattoos? Great! Now, you just need a fantastic idea. We’ve found some amazing body art. You’re sure to find inspiration here.

Diamond matching couple tattoos

1. Diamond Couple Tattoos That Match

You are diamonds to each other – precious gems – and your relationship sparkles just like this gem. Matching diamond tattoos scream “precious value” about your love! Think about it: is there any idea more perfect than this?

There are so many diamond options here – placement and size being the biggies. Arms, shoulders, wrists, and even fingers. And adding color is also a popular option. So, this is our #1 idea for matching couple tattoos.

Couple tattoos with hearts

2. Matching Hearts

Hearts are also popular matching couple tattoos. Why? Because they shout love for each other. And getting these symbols speaks volumes beyond just Valentine’s Day.

Again, these matching tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, get pretty elaborate, and can be placed anywhere. But if you have a heart somewhere visible, how do you explain it to someone new? Maybe you just love yourself? That’s certainly an option. You can get gregarious or simple with such tattoos.

Matching tattoos with feathers

3. Matching Feathers Couple Tattoos

Feathers have a host of symbolic meanings:

  • Couple tattoos with feathers can symbolize the liberation a partnership brings
  • They can symbolize strength in a relationship (think eagle or hawk feathers)
  • Feathers represent the wisdom of choosing one another (think owl feathers)

All in all, feathers make such wonderful statements. What statement do you want to make wit your feather tattoo design? Is it freedom, trust, honor, or strength? It’s up to you to choose.

Matching finger tattoos

4. Couple Tattoos with a Special Meaning

Sometimes matching tattoos say something meaningful about a couple. Flower children from the 60s, for example, might have matching peace signs. A power couple might have a matching martini couple tattoo. A moon couple tattoo won’t be an exact match but very close. For example, a moon tattoo might be one-half of a moon facing each other. And which symbol is the perfect description of your power couple?

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Pacman tattoos for a couple

5. Pacman

This classic video game where Pacman runs around eating dots and gobbling up the challengers is something that everyone knows, has played, and certainly remembers. Here’s a funny couple tattoo with one of you gobbling up the other, based on that game.

Use it as an inspiration to make cute couple tattoos based on your favorite video game!

Pokemon tattoo idea

6. Favorite Pokemons

Pokemon is another widely popular franchise that has amassed billions of fans worldwide of different ages and backgrounds. As it brings so many people together, it is unsurprising that Pokemon-based tattoo designs are often picked as tattoos for couples.

Referred to as one of the symbols of Yin and Yang in Pokemon, these two halves make a whole as they often represent opposite results of the same event.

IE: Developing one’s relationship and growing close either during the day or at night. With this development in the relationship, these two are a perfect example of the work you both have put in, in order to make the relationship you have work.

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The love ball couple tattoo

7. The Love Ball

Along with tons of different Pokemon creatures, this franchise offers a wide range of meaningful items that can be used in creating meaningful couple tattoos. The love ball is a perfect example of an item that can be used to create matching tattoos for you and your partner.

<p”>Sometimes the best couple tattoos are those that work fine on their own – but still can be pinpointed as something that goes together when they are seen together. You can even take it further by getting your favorite Pokemon tattooed and having your partner get yours on their skin.

Disney characters tattooed on your skin

8. Mickie and Minnie

The original Disney duo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, have been together for years and shared trials and tribulations over time. While it may scream basic for many, there is a reason why these two work so well for matching couple tattoos.

Star Wars couple tattoos

9. Star Wars

Star Wars offer so many tattoo options: matching light sabers, the two original robots, the ships, and such. Most of these will not be small couple tattoos, nor are they likely to be minimal.

Disney quote matching tattoos

10. Two Halves of One Quote

Disney has inspired many over the years and has always been something most people feel connected to, thanks to remarkable characters and catchy words. Use some of its thought-provoking ideas for your couple tattoo!

With many expressions tied into relationships such as friendship or romance, these quotes tend to fuel the drive many have for each other.

<p”>Studio Ghibli matching tattoos

11. Jiji and Lily (Studio Ghibli)

Studio Ghibli is a film studio based in Japan that has amassed a following worldwide. These films often romanticize the beauty and adventure of everyday life while also throwing in supernatural themes, friendships, romance, and more. With these themes, many couples feel a solid connection to certain films in the franchise and notable character pairings.

Jiji and Lily, an adorable black and white cat duo in the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service, are a great example of how opposites attract. A snarky boy who grew up in the country and a refined city girl. They are even shown to go and have 4 kittens together at the film’s end. While Lily seems to be rather forgotten by people, these two halves make a perfect whole.

King and Queen crown tattoos

12. Classic Crown Tattoos

Some things never go out of style, like bacon and eggs or peanut butter and jelly. Partner and married couple tattoos and be cute and funny, of course, but when couples want to memorialize their big commitment, they may go for tattoos that symbolize their eternal love – ink that will forever remind them that they are truly in it for the duration.

Two of the most common tattoos for heterosexual, gay, or lesbian couples are crowns. Obviously, a king and queen tattoo is common and popular and are often small couple finger tattoos. Also, you can put these tattoo designs on your wrists and even ankles.

Other classic couple tattoo ideas can be small and sleek – simple tattoos on ring fingers, small tattoos with thin lines on other fingers, or a wrist tattoo that may be more elaborate:

  • This can be a soulmate couple tattoo with hearts and an infinity sign beautifully intertwined, just as your lives and souls are.
  • You can go for an infinity sign as a classic symbol of love – they make perfect finger tattoos.

They can be placed on a ring finger for unmarried partners, or on other fingers if married.

Colorful niche couple tattoo

13. Colourful Niche Couple Tattoos Idea

Now, if you want to go really all in and with lots of detail and color, skull couple tattoos might be appealing.

Generally, when it comes to connecting with others online, one of the best ways to do so is through niche interests and hobbies. Fandoms tend to inspire things in many ways, such as the friends people make, the stories they create, and of course, romantic relationships people may find themselves in. From Star Wars to Hello Kitty, let your fandom inspire you.

Unique couple tattoos

14. Unique Couple Tattoos

You can even go for something more unique. Such ideas might be found via Internet tattoo images or catalogs. These can be beautiful animals, love birds (a term used for at least a couple of centuries to refer to couples in love), or “you complete me” signs.

Just go for the idea that feels special to you as a person and inspires you as a couple.

Established in tattoo

15. “Established in” Tattoo

A pinky promise tattoo is also common, symbolizing the joining of two people in partnership or marriage. The year of this union might be added for a deeper meaning.

You're my anchor and compass tattoo

16. Couple Sailor Tattoo

Other “you complete me” tattoos might include nautical symbols -anchors, wheels, lighthouses, etc. Two anchor tattoos that are similar except for color are pretty popular too.

How about a charm necklace? These have been common for females for a long time, but men are not getting into the act. A great idea is for both to get the same design around the neck and then to have different charms that are a “fit.”

Cute couple tattoo idea

17. Mismatching Matching Tattoo

A couple tattoo does not always have to be matching. Sometimes tattoos for couples can be two different symbols or objects that just fit together, symbolizing the couple’s fit. It could be a minimal tattoo like a tiny sun and moon; they could be delicate finger stamps of the yin and yan symbols. A couple’s tattoo that says, “You complete me” or “Only you complete me.”

Or something random, like a raw potato and a box of French fries.

Remember These Symbols Are Forever (Or Not?)

Here’s the rub. You must consider a tattoo as a permanent fixture on your body. And if you get a couple tattoo, you must consider it permanent. Getting these make you and your partner smile right now. But what if you do break up? What happens when your new partner’s eyes gaze deeply at it and you must then explain it all?

Of course, there’s always laser removal – time-consuming, pricey, and painful. You’ll be making some sound waves. Not fun.

The other consideration is about the content of your ink. If it’s in a visible spot, you won’t want an employer gazing at something that could be off-color or even a bit obscene.

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Is It Time for a Matching Tattoo?

It just might be, if you have been in a long-term partnership or planning a wedding. It could even be a great wedding gift to each other – to have a permanent reminder of your amazing relationship.

Know where else you might find an amazing relationship that could merit a couple’s tattoo in your future? Well, if you are single and looking for that special someone, get into some online dating with an app that provides a compatibility checker feature to match you up with the perfect person.

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