Chase Easter Bunnies, Claim Your Rewards on Hily!

22 Mar 2024

March 28, 2024, USA – As part of an Easter-themed campaign on the app, Hily launched a reward system blending holiday hints with enduring dating results.

Communication campaigns featuring bunnies and eggs on Easter are not news, but Hily managed to combine the seasonal game with long-term benefits for the online dating experience. 

The new reward system is more than chasing bunnies. It makes the most popular Hily features open to every person using the app. Even more, it hints at fields that need closer attention to get more matches on the dating app. 

Add in-app tasks to receive rewards like rewinds, compliments etc. The tasks can be anything – watch videos, spend compliments. Can be anything really. It will provide value to the user without having to pay money they can’t afford.” 

Feature Request a Hily user left

When a Hily user follows the bunny and fills empty fields in their profile, it might look like completing a random action to get a paid Hily feature for free. But under the hood, each bunny placement is backed up with analytical data that spots the behavior of most popular Hily users so that others can reach the same results in the long run.  

So here is how the reward system really works: long after the Premium feature prize is taken and used, the information stays on the profile and keeps attracting more people to look closer, match, and chat, making online dating more enjoyable and meaningful for everyone.  

Where exactly are the bunnies hidden? Most of them are on a dating profile right after the registration is completed. Finding others may require some extra effort from a Hily dater – but nothing more than liking people and starting chats with them. 

The reward system is designed to be simple and easy to follow to let everyone enjoy the activity and improve the dating results, especially for people who are mostly disappointed in dating apps in the long run.

When can you start? The reward system has already been launched – but it will end on Easter Day. So don’t wait too long for no reason, hop into the Hily Egg Hunt, and make dating fun again!

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