How Your Foreign Accent Can Get You a Date

12 Mar 2024
How Singing a British Romantic Song With a Spanish Accent Can Get You a Date

Mar 12, 2024, USA – Hily survey on foreign accents shows which languages are considered the hottest on the dating app and how they help attract and match with people 

Have you ever melted at the sound of someone’s special voice? Accents can indeed be charming and sexy. And if you go for the Hily dating app, your foreign accent can really help you get you a date!

Sounds too straight-forward? Yet, 81% among 2000 Hily dating app users find foreign accents sexy, with Spanish, British, and Australian named as the “hottest” in the list.

81% of Hily users find foreign accents sexy

Interesting fact: French and Italian, generally considered the hottest foreign languages ever, are in the middle of the list for both females and males. They are still hot enough, though.

The hottest foreign accents based on Hily survey

Why Accents Are So Good to Build Chemistry

If the voice is a powerful source of attraction, the foreign accent is the charming spice in its mix. Generally, 37% of Hily users believe accents can significantly influence the level of chemistry between two people, and 49% think they have just a slight influence: not too determining, but just enough to ignite the spark at the early dating stage. 

49% of Hily users think foreign accents have slight influence on chemistry

The simple take-away here: if you have a foreign accent, let it shine! As the survey shows, 55% of people have been attracted to someone because of their accent at least once or twice, with 19% feeling like falling for the same accent over and over. That’s something to show off, not hide – especially when you’re out there on the romantic front.

55% of Hily users have been attracted to someone because of their accent at least once or twice

When and How to Show Off Your Foreign Accent

Your foreign accent has the power to evoke the sense of passion and desire, so the best time to switch to it is the moment of intimacy. According to the survey, over 50% of respondents enjoy how foreign language spices things up in romantic moments, so consider it as your secret weapon to explore new sensations and experiences together!

Only 16% of males and 12% of females on Hily have faked or exaggerated their accents to appear more attractive

But do daters find it acceptable to use an accent as a facade or disguise? As it turns out, not so many people try this approach on the dating app. According to the survey, only 16% of males and 12% of females have faked or exaggerated their accents to appear more attractive. 

But given the results, maybe… Maybe it’s worth trying to fake Spanish or Australian accents in some romantic moments. Adding some spice is always a good idea too.

Hily users mostly listen to love songs in English and Spanish

Foreign Accents as the Unique Language of Love

Certainly, the foreign language is one of the love languages for many people on Hily. When the dating app asked about the languages in the romantic playlist songs of its users, 73% responded English, followed by Spanish (46%), French (18%), and Italian (12.21%). Thus, if you don’t know what accent your potential date may prefer, look for the answers in their Spotify playlists. Chances are you’ll find some British and Spanish songs there.

58% of male and 52% of female respondents on Hily would definitely consider learning their partner’s native language

Even more, the survey shows that Hily people are open to new language discoveries beyond music: 58% of male and 52% of female respondents would definitely consider learning their partner’s native language. But don’t take this information as the reason to push the language question too hard, like sending songs in your native language or forcing them to install the language learning app. Their foreign language is the language of free love, not the reason for pressure or manipulation.

Does Multilingual Dating Work?

Generally, the foreign accent is the unique combination of social, cultural, and personal factors. Also, it’s a signal for the future partner of the willingness to speak your language and be on the same page about things that matter to your culture. But can there be a mutual compromise? 

62% of Hily users believe being multilingual is attractive

In general, the Hily survey respondents seem to be open to dating overseas and learning about new cultures, with over 62% stating that being multilingual makes someone more attractive.

Modern daters are open-minded and tolerant. While 54% of respondents recognize that certain accents are stereotypically associated with specific personality traits, 81% make no assumptions about a person’s intelligence or education level based on their accent. 

Modern daters are open-minded and tolerant

In the end, it’s not only the accent, it’s the things you tell in this language  – and your actions afterwards. But when things are fresh and new, let your foreign accent be your aphrodisiac. You’ll have time to strengthen your attraction with actions later on in your relationship.

And if you don’t have any foreign accent, just learn to sing Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” with a Spanish accent. It can work.

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