Oct 22, 2021
Which Dating Monster Are You? Hily Launches a Halloween Dating Quiz

Las Vegas, October 22, 2021 — Hily dating app launches a quiz that calls daters out on the biggest mistakes they make in online dating. In the run-up to Halloween, people can take a quick online quiz that will determine which one of the 16 most common dating monsters is hiding inside them.

We have done a lot of research to find out what bothers people the most in online dating. Some reply too fast, others too slow. Some are too straightforward, others are too timid. We get triggered by those things and don’t even realize that our actions may irritate other people as well. Since it’s Halloween season, we decided to pack those sins into 16 dating monsters and invite everyone to laugh at ourselves or even become more forgiving towards people around them”, says Hily team. 

Some of the most common dating monsters turned out to be The Spammer and The Invisible Man. The former describes a person who sends the same generic messages to everyone and ends up with short and meaningless conversations, while the latter is someone whose profile pictures don’t show what they look like. The Detective — a person who stalks their matches and knows everything about them before the first date — is quite popular too. 

On the quiz website, anyone can take the quiz for free in less than a minute by answering four simple questions about their dating lives. After you answer the questions, you will see what monster is most likely to be hiding inside you. The users will also have an option to share their results on social media and invite their friends to take the quiz as well. 

The quiz, which is a part of Hily’s 2021 Halloween campaign, is already available at https://hily.com/halloween-quiz. It is a free quiz meant for entertainment purposes only, but it might still give you some tips on how to be better at dating — or inspire your next Halloween costume.

About HILY 

HILY (abbr. for "Hey, I like you") was created by a Las Vegas-based group of developers in 2017.  After three years on the market, Hily has 22M users spread across more than 25 countries in South and North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Hily regularly features on SensorTower's top-grossing dating apps ratings.

In September 2020, the mainstream dating service, previously known as a "smart dating app", decided to focus on making conversation happen. Hily's mission is to make it easier for singles to initiate conversations -- and help them communicate better in general.  Hence their slogan: 'We start a conversation, you start the story". Hily is equipped with numerous features to make communication safer and more personal, such as personalized icebreakers, compatibility checks, video calls, video messages.

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