Mar 23, 2021
Partner Up With Hily For Your Project or Initiative!

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Over the last few years, Hily has partnered with many amazing organizations. Together with our partners, we have created many campaigns that put a spotlight on great products, services, and issues. Here are some of the partnerships we are most proud of and the ways your brand can collaborate with Hily.


Mental Health America

Around Christmastime 2020, Hily partnered up with Mental Health America (MHA) to raise money for people with mental health conditions. While for some people Christmas is the happiest time of the year, for more vulnerable people, it can be very stressful. That’s why Hily app hosted a livestreaming event where the users could donate to the organization.

For the event, Hily collaborated with a country musician Adam Doleac. While Adam streamed his performance on the Hily app, users could easily make a donation by sending an in-app gift that was later converted into a real donation. To encourage users to make donations, Hily matched every donated dollar, and Instagram influencers such as Ayla Woodruff, Adelia Clark, and Jenn Lee streamed on their Instagram profiles to attract more people to the live stream. Overall, the event reached around 4 million users.

People’s Improv Theater

Twelve months into lockdown, many of us have almost forgotten what it is like to meet new people and go on dates. Hily decided to remind its users just how fun and exciting dating can be by collaborating with stand-up comedians of The People’s Improv Theater.


The comics did a joint live stream on the Hily app on March 17th, a day many people associate with fun events and hangouts with friends. The event featured eight comedians who took turns sharing their most embarrassing dating experiences and their observations about dating in times of a pandemic. To invite users to the event, Hily created in-app and push notifications as well as social media posts and video ads. As a result, the event reached around 3 million users and the live stream had more than a thousand unique viewers.

Hey Saturday

Here at Hily, we love working with brands that share our values and goals. Hey Saturday is an online dating photography studio that partnered up with Hily in 2020 to help Hily users take better pictures for their Hily profiles.

Hey Saturday created a special video on online dating photography that was published on Hily’s social media profiles, where it reached over 50 thousand users. Besides, we published an article in collaboration with Hey Saturday’s founder on Hily Medium blog, and launched an Instagram contest. The contest asked users to tag their friends in a comment to get a chance to win a free photoshoot with Hey Saturday. As a result, more people learned about Hey Saturday, and Hily users got some valuable advice.

Other Options

All-around advertising package

An all-around advertising package on Hily can help a brand reach different users in different places. As an application with 20 million users worldwide, Hily can offer its partners a variety of targeting possibilities based on the users’ gender, age, location, or device type. The partners can post a banner ad that the viewers will see inside the app, many types of promo posts on Hily’s social media accounts, a promo article on Hily’s Medium blog, or a branded live stream in the Hily app.

Whatever your goals are, Hily team will help you create an advertising package that fits your needs and helps your brand connect with its audience. That’s why you can choose one out of Hily’s advertising packages or contact Hily to create a tailor-made package just for you.

TikTok Product Placement

For Hily, TikTok is one of the best ways to reach young people in a place where they feel entertained and understood. Hily can help its partners approach their audiences on TikTok by doing product placement in Hily’s TikTok videos. Hily will find an authentic way to include your brand in our content and will take care of the production, promotion, and results. Usually, a brand can expect at least a 2-million reach.

Recently, Hily has partnered up with Allset. In Hily’s 16-episode TikTok series, the actors use the Allset delivery app to get dinner, and at the end of the series, Hily invites the users to share a screenshot with a mention of Allset to get a discount for one Allset order.

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