Aug 02, 2021
HILY unites forces with “Austin Pets Alive!” to find new families for homeless pets

Las Vegas, August 2, 2021. US TOP-10 dating app HILY has partnered with the “Austin Pets Alive!” animal shelter to find homes for more than 15 homeless cats and dogs in Austin, TX. The “It’s a petch!” campaign starts on August 2, 2021, and will last till the end of month. 

Summer is a busy season for animal shelters. Relative to other times of the year, the number of homeless pets increases dramatically. As always, Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) has come to the rescue, working day and night to take in as many animals as possible. Sadly, the facility faces capacity challenges and desperately needs assistance. If the number of abandoned animals keeps growing, the shelter will have to make some heartbreaking decisions. 

The Hily dating app couldn’t stand aside while tragedy unfolds, so they decided to give the shelter a hand. Together, they came up with a creative campaign, “It’s a petch!” (where “petch” is a portmanteau of the words “pet” and “match”).

“Hily’s always been dedicated to helping people find their significant other and beat loneliness once and for all. However, we do realize that sometimes it takes time and effort to find “the one”. We hope that the “It’s a petch!” initiative will help our users find loving and trustworthy pet friends that will make their dating journey more enjoyable. We are honoured to be a trusted partner of Austin Pets Alive! in their important and noble mission,” says HILY team.
The campaign is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to find homes for pets that have languished in shelters while connecting our users with their prospective pet companions. The process is seamlessly integrated into the platform, and allows users to see information and pictures of pets in APA!

Representatives of APA! prepared 15 pet profiles of their resident dogs and cats, complete with cute photos and a short introduction. The profiles will appear on the app as regular dating profiles with a special frame and feature a special badge with the name of the shelter that lets users know that this profile is a part of “It’s a petch!” campaign. Users who swipe right on an animal profile will be connected to APA! staff members to get more information about the animal, ask questions, and even set a date. 

“We hope this collaboration will result in APA! pets finding a loving home and singles finding a friend for life. Although adoption is the main goal, we recognize that not every interaction will necessarily lead to that. Success in this partnership is also measured on generating awareness around shelter pets, and how they provide meaningful companionship and unconditional love,” comments APA! representative.

The campaign starts on August 2 and will last till the end of summer. The “It’s a petch!” initiative will be available for Hily users located in Austin, TX. Other cities might join the initiative in the future. 

About HILY 

HILY (abbr. for "Hey, I like you") was created by a Las Vegas-based group of developers in 2017.  After three years on the market, Hily has 20M users spread across more than 25 countries in South and North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Hily regularly features on SensorTower's top-grossing dating apps ratings.

In September 2020, the mainstream dating service, previously known as a "smart dating app", decided to focus on making conversation happen. Hily's mission is to make it easier for singles to initiate conversations -- and help them communicate better in general.  Hence their slogan: 'We start a conversation, you start the story'. Hily is equipped with numerous features to make communication safer and more personal, such as personalized icebreakers, compatibility checks, video calls, video messages, and live streaming.

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