Mar 08, 2021
Hily Becomes 2-in-1 Dating and Streaming App

Hily made the development of live video features one of the company’s top priorities

In 2020, many areas of our lives have gone online. That includes maintaining our current relationships and starting new ones. To help our users stay connected, Hily has already introduced video-call and live-streaming features. Video communication provides people with maximum safety and realness at the same time, so it’s definitely here to stay. That’s why Hily is ready to make another big step and announce that it’s becoming the 2-in-1 dating and streaming app.


Considering how important video communication has become, Hily has decided to make the development of live video features one of the company’s top priorities. In the last few months, we have welcomed on board several streaming experts that will help every user get the best out of live streaming on Hily.

Our streaming team analyzes the connection between dating and streaming, works on features that would make streaming even more enjoyable, and makes sure the users’ feedback is taken into consideration. Besides, we have expanded our moderation team to make sure we can address all of the users’ questions and concerns about streaming.

Hily Streaming Events

To celebrate this important milestone for our company, Hily will be hosting a live-streaming stand-up event on March 17. We have teamed up with amazing New York City comedians for an Undateable in-app live stand-up show where the artists will share their funniest and most ridiculous dating experience with Hily users. Our guests will be some of the best comics of The People’s Improv Theater, comedy writers, and actors.

Streaming on Hily

Hily rolled out its streaming feature in November 2020. We introduced live streams as a safe and authentic way to create meaningful connections with other people during a pandemic. For every Hily user, a live stream is a stage where they can express themselves in any way they want and thus connect with people who are on the same wavelength.

“Dating online is not just about meeting each other online anymore. In 2020, people actually had to ‘go on dates’ via video chat. And we’ve realized that video dates have tons of benefits for our users — they help people really see and get to know each other while staying safe in the comfort of their own homes”, shares Helen Virt, Hily’s Head Of Business.

On Hily, the streaming world is your oyster. You can do a stream on your own, a Live Duet, or even a Versus Battle. A regular stream is perfect for people who want to show off their talents or tell their stories. Live Duet lets users meet many people very fast — if you turn on the Live Duet mode, other users can join your stream and talk to you.

In January, we also launched Versus Battles for our most competitive streamers. In a Versus Battle, two people stream alongside each other, chat, show their talents, and compete for the viewers’ votes (gifts) in 3 rounds.

Dating + Streaming = ❤

Dating is all about being your authentic self, opening up to another person, and creating a new story together. And so is streaming. By focusing on streaming, Hily aims to help its users start meaningful conversations and find people who will appreciate them.

While real-life hangouts are not safe yet, streaming is a great way to up your dating game and become a better communicator. Moreover, live video is a much better alternative to real-life conversations than texting — no more ghosting, ignoring, and bland texts.

“Live video is the future. Photos can be edited or distorted, but live video cannot. It carries a level of realness and authenticity that is very important to our users. Basically, it closes the gap between online and offline communication “, says Hily’s CEO Alex Pasykov.

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