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Shelly Standford

Lives inSyracuse NY
EducationManhattanville College
ExpertiseDating Tips, Self-Confidence

After a devastating relationship breakup, I threw myself into the dating scene by registering on Hily. I had over 100 dates - some absolute disasters, some pretty average, and some that were actually great. So many stories to tell and insights to share with you guys!


Shelly shares her dating stories - hilarious, serious, and fun - with Hily readers. Her writing is filled with tips and suggestions for surviving and thriving after a bad breakup, restoring your self-confidence and esteem, and how to ultimately find the right one for you like she did. She is a constant learner and keeps boosting her confidence and self-esteem. Just recently, she took a great Udemy course and a 60-minute crash course in self-esteem from Skillshare.


BA - Communications - Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY - 2015

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