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Meet new people on an exclusive dating app! We use a fresh approach and relationship psychology methods you won’t find anywhere else. See what we have to offer you! Your true love could be a few clicks away.

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Hily Online Dating App that Was Built for You

That’s not lip service. When you download Hily and complete your profile information, you receive an experience that is curated just for you. We use artificial intelligence to learn about you and your preferences and recommend other users with similar values, priorities, and interests. We focus on compatibility. That’s what sets us apart. We fully expect you to use Hily app to find serious relationship you deserve. We want that for you, even if it means you might delete us. You deserve a best dating app that emphasizes respect, honesty, and selectiveness.

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About Hily
Shouldn’t your next online dating app empower you to have amazing experiences and forge meaningful connections? That’s what Hily is all about!

About Hily App

Shouldn’t your next online dating app empower you to have amazing experiences and forge meaningful connections? That’s what Hily is all about!
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Our Core Features Are Free for You

The foundation you need to build something amazing with your potential partner

  • Finder
    Searches out other dating app users who are compatible with you and shows them as a recommended connection
  • Compatibility Сheck
    A fun and insightful quiz you take to tell more about yourself and we use to ensure the best possible job of finding potential matches for you to meet
  • Streaming
    Beyond the quiz, use streaming to show your personality and talents, as well as connect with potential partners
  • Icebreakers
    These are funny, clever, interesting questions and statements you can use to spark a conversation. Use these to avoid the slow, awkward starts that often ruin new connections. Besides, if the line falls flat, you can blame us!
  • Blurs
    There's no need to worry about receiving pictures that you aren't ready to see yet. We automatically blur explicit images. You are free to decide to unblur or block these at your discretion.
  • Profile Answers
    Share your interests or other details that will help generate interest and attract amazing people. Use this feature to increase your response rate.
  • Interests
    Do you have a favorite movie, show, or book? Share this information and more to help you connect with compatible users.

Why Hily is The Best Dating App for Singles?

It’s simple! You deserve to be happy and have a relationship that is exciting and fulfilling. That’s what Hily does for you! The app connects users based on preferences and compatibility factors. So, you get to spend time getting to know amazing people.

Features For Better Experiences

Premium Features For Better Experiences

This is a free dating app, but we offer exciting premium features to make online dating more fun for you. More importantly, they improve your chances of finding the ideal partner.

  • Rollbacks
    You can return to a profile you previously ignored, and change your mind
  • Major Crush
    Send an enhanced like with a message to another user, even if you haven't matched with them
  • Boost
    Use Boost to become a top profile for three hours. You'll show up more in the finder and the messenger tab during that time.
  • Visitors&Incoming Reactions
    Use this to see everyone who visited your profile or reacted to you.
  • Nearby Search
    Ready to connect with nearby users? Set your preferred location within 30 miles, then see who is available and nearby.
  • Recommended Profiles
    Get top-picked profiles each day. Then, connect with them without needing mutuals.
  • Advanced filters
    Filter your recommendations based on advanced criteria. This will help you match with someone who has the precise features you want.

How Hily Dating App Works

Start creating your love story by following the four steps below. We’ve made things easy for you. Check it out below and get started!
Step 1.
Download Hily App
Step 2.
Create a Profile
Step 3.
Discover People Nearby
Step 4.
Start Your Story

Success Stories

  • Ryan and Sarah
    Ryan and Sarah
    I honestly have a pretty boring story compared to a lot of people. I wasn’t some devious prankster, I wasn’t a guy who hated using dating apps. I wasn’t even someone with a dark story, or any sort of weird wants or needs for anyone who wanted to date me.  I was always pretty genuine […]
  • Robert and Lisa
    Robert and Lisa
    I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship, and I was feeling really alone. As a man, being the one who was abused, there’s so much shame in that. I felt like a shell of my former self. One day when I was scrolling online I saw an ad for this dating app, […]
  • Elliot and Amy
    Elliot and Amy
    Once I made the account but I treated it like a joke. I used a real picture of myself but other pics I had included my dog sleeping in weird positions, and a badly photoshopped picture of my face on a baby’s body. I even tried to pretend that I was Mr. Krabs from Spongebob. […]

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