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Hily is one of the best online dating apps for Arab and Muslim singles to find their special someone

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Modern Muslim Dating: Connections Made Easier for Today's Singles

Islamic singles are really diverse. While they are divided into two very large groups, the Sunni and the Shia, they have split into various sects, each with somewhat different views about dating and marriage.

Unfortunately, most non-Muslims still believe that all Muslim marriages are always arranged, and Muslim men and women have little say about their future spouse. Even more, Muslim men totally control Muslim women who must submit without question. For these traditional Islamic values, there is no such thing as Muslim dating because everything is already decided.

Indeed, in countries where traditional Islamic religion and values are practiced, there are no Muslim dating websites. But in the Western world and the U.S. especially, Muslim singles can taste freedom they have not known in traditional societies. These “new” Muslim men and women have lots of goals for their lives other than marriage and can try an online dating site to test the waters.

Among various Muslim dating sites available for Islamic dating, Hily stands out. Our Muslim dating app is here to provide the best online dating platform for single Muslims.

Hily's Free Features for Muslim Dating

Take a look at what you’ll get on Hily for free. These are the things that make Hily one of the best Muslim dating sites

Nearby Search
Meet Muslim dates even closer to home. On our Muslim dating site, you can filter your matches by shorter radius.
Incognito Mode
Ensure your comfort and safety by managing who has access to view your profile.
Advanced Filters
Quit wasting time by using filters to refine your search for muslim people on our dating app.
Disable Ads
Concentrate on achieving your dating objectives without the distraction of disruptive advertisements on Hily.

Why Hily Is One of the Best Muslim Dating Sites

Modern singles engage with Muslim online dating sites for a variety of reasons. By having a personal version of their religion, they are looking for Muslim dating websites that will let them connect with the right love relationship. Some are looking for a free Muslim matrimonial site; others want casual dating until they find “the one.”

There are niche Islamic dating websites out there, but they are small in membership. Hily is not in the business of criticizing other Muslim sites. Hily is here to show why our site is the best Muslim dating site for your dating exploration. Check out these facts:

  • Hily has almost 30 million members, and this includes a huge pool of Muslim daters of all types, ages, national backgrounds and religious diversity.

  • Our compatibility matching system is the very best and continues to learn about you as you use Hily. 

  • You can opt for a free trial of the Premium paid membership and decide which features you may want to buy separately.

Really, it’s impossible to find any other Islamic dating site that can match all that Hily does for free. Meeting Muslim singles is just easier and more accurate at Hily.

Hily’s Premium Features for Muslim Dating

Hily’s Premium Features for Muslim Dating

These dating features are the best for Muslim singles to meet their destiny. Go for them to get more Muslim dating success!

You may miss the person you like among numerous Muslim singles’s profiles. But with rollback, you can come back and take a second look!
Major Crush
Whenever you’re interested in someone specific among Muslim singles (Arab Christians, for example), you can text them even before the match happens with Major Crush!
We simplify the process of finding a date by boosting your profile for a limited duration.
Compatibility Quiz
Engage in a quiz to enhance your matches with other singles and kickstart meaningful conversations!

How Can Hily Help Muslim Singles Find a Marriage

As one of the dating sites for people with Islamic heritage, Hily has several tools that will let you reach single Muslims:

  • Browse our Finder to meet like-minded people among 30+ million of Hily users
  • Use several options to react to the profiles of your preference
  • Send a Major Crush for that special one among single Muslims you see
  • Instantly complain on fake profiles if something highly unlikely happens and you spot them
  • Something really special other Muslim dating sites don’t have: our smart psychology matching algorithm! We connect you with users who are similar or likely to complete you. The suggestions are based on your preferences and profile answers.
  • Our video features make us one of the best Muslim dating sites. Come and see by yourself!

What are you waiting for? Join our Muslim dating site and see our outstanding community right now!

600 000

Conversations per day

318 000

Dates per month

112 000

Happy couples per year

How the Hily App Works

Check out these four easy steps to pass registration and start being active on our dating site.

Download Hily App
Access our Muslim dating site for free from Google Play or Apple App Stores
Create Your Profile
Use a bunch of prompts and helpful hints to meet and start dating compatible single Muslims
Discover Muslim Singles Nearby
Rely on our AI matching algorithm to start getting matches from Islamic countries
Start Your Story
Stay active to collect success stories of love and friendships with other members of Hily!

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Discover the Benefits of Our Islamic Dating App

Among the best sites/apps for those with any and all heritages from Islam, Hily sits at the top, for the following reasons:

  • You will enjoy more features for free than other all-inclusive or niche dating sites
  • You will encounter a huge pool of Muslim daters of all age groups
  • The more you use your Hily app, the more accurate your matches become, because of our great algorithm
  • You will always know when someone has “liked” your profile
  • You control who sees your profile and how much of that profile they see
  • You have lots of opportunities for video communication to learn much more about a match’s personality

Are there more benefits? Of course. But you will need to get on board with Hily to experience them all. Once you have been with Hily for a while, you will understand why it is so popular with other Muslims.

Take the plunge and get started today.

Why Pick Hily as Your Go-To App for Islamic Dating?

Again, we have a huge pool of Arab date seekers who are looking for a wide variety of connections. What’s your pleasure?

  • If you are looking just for friendship with other Muslim friendship seekers, you’ll find that on our site.
  • If you are looking for casual dating, connect with other Muslims who want the same thing.
  • If you are looking for a serious relationship or marriage, you’ll be matched up with plenty of potential partners who want what you want.

Not only can you chat and video with your matches, but you can join in on group chats and make connections with lots of others – sort of like your own social club.

In short, no matter what you are looking for, Hily has it – other sites don’t.

Why Entrust Your Love Choice to Online Islamic Dating at Hily?

We get that people who use online dating apps have concerns about privacy and security. And they worry that there are some “bad actors” out there who are up to no good.

You don’t have to worry about Hily. We have a very strict protocol for the identity verification of anyone who wants to join. We weed out fake profiles quickly.

And we have very strict rules about member behavior. If those rules are violated and reported by other members, we investigate and suspend or expel them when necessary.

We also have safety precautions that you should review to keep yourself safe while on Hily. You also always have the option to blur your photo or any other information you don’t want made known just yet. We do everything we can to protect your privacy.

Why else should you trust your online Muslim matchmaking with us? Because we have a huge and amazing pool of Islamic date and relationship seekers – the perfect match is waiting for you.

Muslim Dating Has Never Been Easier on Hily

Before online dating, think about how Muslim singles went about meeting other singles. Maybe there were clubs, organizations, or events on campus. Then there were weddings and other social events. And of course, there were friends who wanted to fix you up. And you may have met possible matches at your mosque.

Dating has been revolutionized. Men and women can both take the initiative now. And taking that initiative through online dating is fast and efficient – just the way we have come to expect all services to be.

Enter online dating apps with a more “scientific” approach to dating. Using technology, dating apps provide efficiency, speed, and a great deal of accuracy in the matching process. And this is exactly what Hily gives you.

Anyone with a cultural and/or religious heritage of Islam will find exactly what they are looking for at Hily.

It’s time for you to hop on board.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can only speak for ourselves and the thousands upon thousands of Islamic singles who are a part of our community and who find just what they are looking for. And those numbers are growing daily. We may be a bit prejudiced, but Hily is the best source for Muslim matchmaking you will find today. We have all of the features and benefits to make your experience amazing and successful.

You don’t need to look for the best Islamic dating sites. You have already found it.

Well, they are all over the world if you have the time, the energy, and the ability to go find them. And there are some niche sites that have small numbers of them.

Or you can join Hily and skip all the hassle and false starts. Here you will find a huge base of Islamic singles of all ages and cultural/religious sects. Your job is to join, get that profile written, make use of all the features and benefits, and receive matches that are accurately based on what you want in a date or partner.

The short answer is yes, we will. the longer answer is that you have to help us do that. First, you join. Then you craft a good profile so that our algorithm can begin to learn about you. Third, you remain active – the more you use Hily, the more our algorithm learns about you, and the better it can find the best matches for you.

At Hily, we work together with you – it’s a team effort. And we do believe, that, yes, you will find love right here.

These are all explained on our app. For a quick rundown, here are a few that should pique your interest. There are lots of no-fee features that you get with the basic membership including video chatting and live streaming. You can also “blur” parts of your profile, including your photo, and reveal them to matches on your own timeline. And you can participate in group chats with other singles who share your heritage from the Islamic world.

The biggest perk of Hily is its sophisticated algorithm that keeps learning about you as you keep using the app. And as it learns more, it keeps refining the matches it gives you. So, the biggest perk is probably that those matches will be closer and closer to what you are looking for.

We currently have more than 31 million users.

And that number grows daily. But you are probably interested in singles with heritages of Islam on our app. We can tell you that there are thousands upon thousands of singles just like you, forming a pool for great matchmaking. Our Muslim-American members come from all walks of life, from all age groups, and from all cultural and religious affiliations. As our algorithm gets to know you, it will be presenting matches from this large pool that accurately fit your preferences. You are welcome to edit your profile and preferences at any time. They will be noted, and the algorithm will churn out revised matches for you!

You should probably review our policies in regard to these things. In brief, though, we can tell you that nothing is more important to us than the safety of our users.

Anyone who registers on our site must go through an identity verification process, so we know they are legit. The goal is not to ever subject our members to trolls or scammers.

You do need to provide us with personal information and verify your identity. And once that verification process is complete, that personal information is encrypted and held behind the latest firewall technology. To date, we have never had a breach of our system. The same goes for financial information if you should make any purchase.

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