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Hily stands out among all Jewish dating apps. Why? Because we offer just what you’re looking for - perfect dating solutions and the most compatible matches

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Discover Genuine Connections in Jewish Dating

Whether you have orthodox, reformed, conservative, or reconstructionist (or anything in between), Jewish faith and are single, you need some Jewish online dating sites that cater to Jewish singles. And you’re not alone here – 68% of US Jews, among 2.5 million Jewish singles of all ages in the country, need this.

After all, dating apps are the modern-day “matchmakers,” so they should cover the whole ratio of male to female in all age groups. Jewish singles are no different from others looking for anything from casual dating to a serious relationship. But many want to stay within the Jewish community as they seek out potential matches.

If you want to find a Jewish partner, you may believe that a specific Jewish dating site is the best way to go. The challenge, though, is that uniquely Jewish dating sites and apps are pretty small in numbers, like a couple of thousand registered users.

You need a much larger Jewish dating pool. You need almost 30 million users on Hily to choose among.

Hily is the perfect Jewish dating site. We are a dating app that honors any cultural, personal, or religious affiliation. Check out what you will find on Hily!

Hily’s Free Features for Jewish Dating

Hily is a very popular dating app, and there is no surprise. Just check out these top features of the free membership on our Jewish dating site!

Nearby Search
Narrowing the search area is the basic feature that presents matches from 31 miles away and beyond. Many Jewish daters want to stay exclusively local, and they can specify a geographic range much closer. This Hily feature is perfect for this scenario!
Incognito Mode
If you want to connect with Jewish males to find a special Jewish partner but don’t want your parents and friends to interrupt the process, set Incognito Mode! It's free for women to keep their dating life private while searching for a perfect match!
Advanced Filters
Specify the qualities you desire in an ideal date, and our algorithm will identify individuals who align with your preferences, making it easier to find a compatible match for your life.
Disable Ads
Eliminate disruptions to restore enjoyment to online dating and simplify the process of connecting with new people.

Why Hily Is the Best Jewish Dating App for You

Lots of others claim to be the best Jewish dating sites, but we back our promise of being the best mainstream dating site for Jewish women and men with facts and features:

  • We have over 31 million registered users, and a huge number of those are of Jewish background and faith.
  • Older, middle-aged, and younger Jewish singles are all part of our membership, so your age is never a factor.
  • We have free Jewish dating features that are part of a premium subscription (fee-based) on most other popular dating sites, including the niche dating apps of Spark Networks.
  • Our algorithmic matching process is like having personal dating experts who analyze your information and your personal preferences to present other members to you.
  • Hily Premium subscription is very reasonable, and you can choose a weekly, monthly, or lifetime premium version.
  • You can pass the Compatibility Quiz to find suitable people for you. It’s kind of a fun personality test that will provide even more information as the algorithm better matches you with others of similar interests and personalities.
  • Even if you don’t opt for the Premium version, you can purchase many features a la carte, something not offered by other dating sites and apps.

It’s hard to beat all that Hily offers in your search to make the perfect Jewish match. So join now and give it a try! You’ll find everything you are looking for and more.

Hily's Premium Features for Even More Jewish Dating Success

Hily's Premium Features for Even More Jewish Dating Success

These Premium Hily features are the best for Jewish singles looking at online dating for Jewish matchmaking.

It's common to overlook potential matches initially and later regret it. With unlimited rollbacks, revisit profiles to see if you missed anything interesting about these Jewish daters.
Major Crush
Suppose you like a user you haven't been matched with - at least not yet. But you want to start talking to them so much! Hily’s Major Crush solves this problem: just send a "like" and a message to convince them you’re worth a match with this dating site feature!
Premium users can boost their profiles, putting them at the top of Finder for three hours. This increases the chances of being found and "liked" by a larger pool of compatible matches.
Compatibility Quiz
Discover someone who truly connects with you. Respond to questions about love and romance to assist you in reaching your objective of finding precisely the partner you desire.

Hily Stands Out Above All Other Jewish Dating Sites

Hily stands out in the world of Jewish dating life. It is so much better than most free Jewish dating sites, offering more options for people of this religious orientation. Among fee-based Jewish dating sites, Hily also shines, providing advanced search filters and better matches that lead to Jewish marriages and long-term relationships.

So many Jewish singles of all ages are looking for compatible partners on Hily! Register now, and get ready for the first date.

Unlike many online dating sites, Hily has a strong verification protocol, guaranteeing that our free users are legit. If you want to double-check the realness behind the profile, feel free to use video-based features – they make it easier to get a much better “feel” for a potential match’s personality.

Hily has perhaps the most sophisticated algorithm that will match users based on so many factors. That algorithm tracks the user history of positive swipes and their religious preferences to refine those potential partners. In short, the more you use Hily, the more accurate those matches become.

It’s time to dive into our ocean of amazing Jewish dating – the water’s more than just fine. Make Hily your go-to dating site and get results! You get all of the same benefits of other Jewish dating sites and much, much more.

600 000

Conversations per day

318 000

Dates per month

112 000

Happy couples per year

How the Hily Dating App Works

How to register and be active on our Jewish dating app. Set up and start meeting Jewish members with us!

Access the Hily dating app
Download our Jewish dating app for free from the Google Play or App Store
Craft Your Profile
Unlike other dating site options, Hily has a bunch of prompts you can use
Meet Jewish Singles Nearby
Our Jewish dating site presents you with compatible Jewish singles based on your profile
Start Your Story
Stay active to collect success stories of love and friendships with other members of Hily!

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Discover the Benefits of Our Jewish Dating App

Among the best Jewish dating sites/apps, Hily sits at the top, for the following reasons:

  • You will enjoy more free features than other all-inclusive or niche dating sites
  • You will encounter a huge pool of Jewish daters of all age groups
  • The more you use your Hily app, the more accurate your matches become, because of our great algorithm
  • You will always know when someone has “liked” your profile
  • You control who sees your profile and how much of that profile they see
  • You have lots of opportunities for video communication to learn much more about a match’s personality

Are there more benefits? Of course, there are, but you will need to get on board with Hily to experience them all. Once you have been with Hily for a while, you will understand why it is so popular with Jewish singles.

Find Just What You are Looking For at Hily

The biggest reason we can give you is that you can find any type of relationship you may be looking for. Here are some of your options:

  • If you are seeking casual dating relationships and have that as your stated preferences, those are the suggested matches you will get.
  • If you want a serious  relationship or marriage, our matching system will provide recommendations of those seeking the same.
  • If you seek friendships among our other Jewish members, we will present those who seek the same thing.

You can connect with those matches via chat and video and even become a part of group chats – rather like a small social media hug.

To sum up, you’ll find just what you are looking for when you join Hily.


Here’s Why You Can Trust Online Jewish Dating at Hily

It’s normal for singles who use online dating apps to be wary about what they may be getting into. After all, they do have to give up some personal information, and they may also be fearful that there will be some fake people on the app who have bad intentions.

This is not an issue at Hily. And here’s why:

  • You do have to submit personal information so that we can verify your identity. But we hold that data behind the strongest firewall tech and never share it with another. 
  • Every registrant’s identity is verified, so we can eliminate any fakers.
  • We have published rules regarding member behaviors and have zero tolerance when they are broken. Violators face consequences ranging from warnings to suspension and full expulsions.
  • We also have published safety protocols and tips so you can keep yourself safe while on the app and afterward, if you choose to have an in-person date.
  • You have options for your own privacy. You can control the amount of information from your profile and even blur your photos until you are comfortable revealing them. 

Jewish dating at Hily is safe, secure, and in your control.

Easy Jewish Dating in America is at Your Fingertips

And your computer or mobile device, of course. Before digital dating, meeting other Jewish singles was an in-person thing. You had friends who introduced you to possible dates; you attended Jewish religious and social events.

Jewish daters today are like all other consumers. They want speed, efficiency, and technology that can make their lives easier. And that includes their dating world. When they seek relationships, they are no longer thrilled by “kissing a lot of toads” and wasting time (and sometimes money) looking for the right relationship.

Enter online dating apps with a more “scientific” approach to dating. Using technology, dating apps provide efficiency, speed, and a great deal of accuracy in the matching process. And this is exactly what Hily gives you.


We can only speak for ourselves and the thousands upon thousands of Jewish singles who are a part of our community and who find just what they are looking for. And those numbers are growing daily. We may be a bit prejudiced, but Hily is the best source for Jewish dating you will find today. We have all of the features and benefits to make your experience amazing.

Well, they are all over the world if you have the time, the energy, and the ability to go find them. And there are some niche sites like Lox Club that have small numbers of them.

Or you can join Hily and skip all the hassle and false starts. Here you will find a huge base of Jewish singles of all ages and cultural/religious affiliations. Your job is to join, get that profile written, make use of all the features and benefits, and receive matches that are accurately based on what you want in a date or partner.

Well, “guarantee” is not a word we use lightly. What we can guarantee is that we have a huge pool of potential matches for your preferences and that we have a state-of-the-art algorithm that will continue to learn more about you and what you like as you continue using our app. Our suggested matches will continue to be refined. The  chances of you finding exactly what you want are great.

We consider our relationship to be like a team. Your job is to keep your profile engaging and updated and let us know what you like and not. Our job is to keep working to find the perfect matches.

As you become more familiar with our app, you’ll get to understand all that we offer our members. But here is a brief summary of those we believe are most important:

  • Our free membership gives many features that other apps charge for. These include such things as live streaming and video chatting, blurring parts of your profile and photos as you wish. You control what anyone else sees.
  • You have the ability to edit your profile and preferences at any time
  • You can join and be a part of social groups with other Jewish singles
  • We have the highest level of security in place to protect your privacy

You will also want to check out the premium features. They offer additional perks you may want to use.

Hily has a membership of about 31 million users worldwide.

In terms of Jewish singles on our app, we have many thousands, and that number continues to grow. Right now, there is a huge pool within the demographic you seek and who are looking for the same type of  relationship you are. 

Hily is definitely large enough to meet all of your relationship goals.

There is no higher priority than the safety and privacy of our members. We secure your private information with the latest technology and don’t share it – not ever. There has never been a breach of our system.

Anyone who registers with us must verify their identity. If we are not satisfied that someone is totally legit, they don’t get in.

We have rules of behavior that apply to everyone, so that you are protected from being trolled, harassed, bullied, or subjected to inappropriate language or visuals. Violators receive harsh consequences.

Remember, you also have control over how much any of your matches read or see about you.

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