Remember how you were afraid of Pennywise when you were a child? Now, some people are afraid of you. Inside every one of us, there’s a monster who can crawl out and scare people we talk to, sometimes even our dates. Answer these 4 questions and find out why people might need to see a psychologist after talking to you.
Don't take this too seriously. This quiz is just for fun, okay?
Alright, pals, let's uncover your sins. Have you hung out with at least 3 people from dating apps?
Sure, I have Nope
And your friends? What are you like around them?
I'm the life of the party, baby I'm good as long as they don't make me talk
Okay, I think we recognize your monster. Lately, have you been more into...
Collecting as much info about your date as possible Talking about yourself 95% of the date
Let's check if the monster poisoned your self-esteem. Do you like looking at yourself in the mirror? Be honest!
OMG No Hell yes
Have you ever sent the same text to different people on a dating app?
Nah, I'm too creative for that Yep, guilty as charged
Do you think your profile is pretty popular? Have you been getting nice matches lately?
Ugh, I wish Always have, always will
We're almost there. And how do you prefer to get that info?
I talk to them, duh You'd be impressed by my research skills
Alright, your monster is nearly detected. Which one of these symptoms have you experienced lately?
Getting bored very fast Being too lazy to initiate
Well, it's worse than we expected. Do you like your profile pics?
Meh, it is what it is Of course, I put so much effort into them
That's awesome, self-love is so important. And how do you communicate with new people?
Just chat and test the waters Ask random Qs
Okay, and what do you do if you genuinely like someone?
I read their birth chart I dream about our relationship and google baby names
I'll ask you like they do on "The Bachelor": did you come here to find love?
What else would I be doing here? I have my needs and I'm here to fulfill them
Gotcha! And what kind of text back do you get more often?
"Wow, I thought you died!" A text back? Did you have to hit it where it hurts?

Hily Halloween Quiz

Let’s get real. All of us have been through dating nightmares not just on the night of Halloween. Can some of us admit to not only being the life of a Halloween party, but also quite the party poopers that trick or treaters dread? Does it sound like you've missed out on a few dates because of a monster keeping close watch?

In honor of Halloween, the Hily app with the help of its Halloween expert has created a very fun quiz for daters to discover and perhaps even put to rest their monsters. Oh yes, you can even fill the questions and answers out at a Halloween party for group enjoyment!

Trick or Treat

If you have ever gone on a bad Halloween date in costumes or not, we feel your pain. It is no kids' game when it comes to dating. Have there been dates where you failed to feel content? If so, you are definitely on the right page here. Trick or treat, take our quiz, and meet the monster making things pretty bad.

Let's play a Halloween party game where you don't get the candy, but certainly, get the information that you and potential future partners can learn things from. With the help of this quiz, you will learn about all the things needed to improve your dating activity based on the answers provided on the page.

Now, there are always ways to improve your dating skill set, even if you are quite content with the dating monster in the background. We can help think of an activity that can focus on changing your dating monster. Perhaps, reading articles about relationships, books, attending events where people watch videos about love. Group therapy, anyone?

So Many Questions on Halloween

A quiz on dating is not based on scientific articles, we have those too, but this one is not it. This page can easily go from really good to bad to quite honestly ugly. So, how to make sure the two people click on the first date and are content in the relationship down the road? What are the best ways to fill the void of loneliness? Is trick or treating really just for kids?

Okay, way too many questions for a simple Halloween quiz based on questions and answers. Think about it as a game for trick or treaters. You fill out the Answering a few simple questions that can reveal the hideous dating monster children are terrified of! Perhaps not terrified of as in scary holiday movies, but this is no kids play if talking about things that force relationships to fail.

Yes, the quiz is just for laughs but it can also reveal really insightful things and information on the dating monster that loves to visit on dates or arrive at a party with you. All daters would love to know the correct answers to their burning questions about the dating world. So, this quiz is exactly what you have been looking for!

Find Your Dating Monster

Halloween is a mysterious time of goblins, ghosts, spooky stories, and of course monsters! Think of any Halloween party full of kids and adults in costume. This quiz is a joyful way to improve dating skills.

We are talking about the dating monsters here who love to come out and play. No videos will be posted on youtube post their appearance at a party, but perhaps a few people will think twice about their online activity.

So, how do you know which one is you and what you need to do to tame it? Easy! Answer four simple questions and be on your merry way. Oh yeah, if you want to start trick or treating while you’re at it - by all means please whip out a few costumes and enjoy while you are answering these simple questions.

Remember there are no wrong or correct answers when it comes to uncovering the dating monster. It is easier than you think to find out the true beast that lives in you.

Halloween Ghouls

Now, the monsters though - there are quite a few lurking in the Halloween quiz. Think who you relate to the most. The quiz will give you hints on the monsters you use daily. Are you The Daily Horoscope Guru, The Spammer, The Detective, or The Ghoster? Do you know how to get them to stop sabotaging your dates?

Well, play along and fill out the information necessary for the Halloween Quiz from Hily to fight the monster. Perhaps it will be an activity that gives you more information than articles on social media. There are also ways to learn how you can click with other dating monsters and stop bad dates from happening altogether.

Think back to the days where you went on more than just one date with more than just one person. The best content to use here is to learn about the scary ghouls lurking in your personal life. Once this information and the quiz click - you will know which dating monster has been sitting on your shoulder the whole time.

How about the dates that just seemed to go a tad bit odd because you did not do your research ahead of time, as per usual. Is the Detective monster sneaking up on you?

Perhaps you like to message more than one person at a time, but are too lazy to write something new. Is The Spammer in your head at all times?

The quiz consists of four easy to answer questions that are based on the history of your dating life. So, it is quite an exciting way to finally confirm the monstrosity of a dater you have been in the past. There is still time to fix it in the future though!

Ready for Halloween Quiz?

Approaching a quiz like this just in time for Halloween has to be fun and lighthearted, to say the least. The information we provide is not to be taken super seriously. Surely, you can use it as you please. Put all the serious thoughts aside, and prepare yourself for a moment filled with laughter and even sarcasm. Now, be ready to take this information with a grain of salt.

Not everyone can use their dating monster to their benefit. Heck, not every person can be a perfect dater. Even those that seem like they are likely to have a dating monster living inside of them. If only we had the solutions to everyone’s problems, the world would be a better place to date!

The Holiday History

A bit of history content for you all. Halloween is not only a traditionally celebrated North American holiday as per popular misconception. It is a cultural mashup that dates back centuries. Hily created the dating monster quiz with that history in mind.

The holiday that is a globally celebrated tradition full of creepy and eerie elements dates all the way back to the ancient traditions celebrating the end of the harvest season by Celtic people. After the Roman Empire conquered the Celtic people, many of their holidays and traditions were blended to keep the pagan gods content.

November 1 is also All Saint’s Day in Catholicism which contributes to the celebration of Halloween on the night prior. And, dare we forget about the Day of the Dead which is celebrated in Mexico and across Latin American countries. To sum it up, there is a very popular belief that spirits come to visit the living reigns true to many cultures around the world.

Did you know that exploring the mysterious and dressing up in costumes are all the same? The tradition that has its roots deeply embedded in cultures actually makes sense when you think of it. Dressing up was used to hide among the spirits when they returned.

How about that candy, huh? That also has origins in old times. People put bowls filled with food to make the ghosts happy and keep them out of their homes.

Halloween history also has quite a bit of romance associated with it. In the old days, girls would throw nuts named after their suitors into the fire. If a nut burned instead of exploded it meant their future husband would be named that name. In colonial America, young people would peel off an apple in one strip and throw it over their shoulder. After the strip landed in a shape that resembled a letter - it was a sure sign their future partner’s name will start with that letter.

So, it is only fitting to find out the dating monster that is always beside you right in time for the spookiest and possibly quite romantic holiday of them all. A word of advice from us - do not forget to leave a bit of candy for it to keep the monster at bay.

Are The Results True?

The best part of this Halloween game is that it is just a quiz singles can use ahead of the holiday. Adults tend to forget the magic that kids believe in, and sometimes turning off the seriousness is the best way to relax and find the partner of your dreams. Even if you already know all the mistakes you’ve made, a great way to enjoy yourself right in time for Halloween is actually to take the Hily App’s quiz.

If you love all things scary and terrifying, these dating monsters may seem like cute and cuddly pets to you. But, think of it the excitement this way, the ultimate discovery is getting to celebrate the holiday in a way where most people enjoy themselves as much as possible.

Hily wants to make your Halloween easy with this easy-to-follow quiz. Don’t be scared, go ahead, do it and discover the dating monster you are.

You may be shocked to find the answer. The spookier the better we say. If you have fun with this quiz, who knows if the monster you get can truly be put to rest? What if the fun quiz can turn out to be a very beneficial opportunity for your future relationship.

Enjoy the Hily Halloween quiz and do not forget to share your results with us and your friends everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube - whatever you like best!

Have fun while you’re at it! Oh, and say hello to your monster friend!