Jul 19, 2021
What is chemistry in dating?

When you feel it, you know it!

There are so many words we can use to describe chemistry. It's a spark that ignites many sleepless nights, or a knowing look that doesn’t mean anything to others but a lot for the two involved. But can we put a definition on these feelings? Can we say decisively what chemistry in a relationship is? Let’s try!

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How do we define chemistry in dating?

Chemistry in dating is the connection two people share based on their characteristics like their mutual interests and feeling of intimacy. The intensity of the characteristics two people share increases the intensity of their chemistry. However, chemistry can reach its full potential only when both parties are open to the experience.

Factors that influence chemistry in dating.

There are some things that lead to chemistry, increasing the chances of it happening. 

  • Mutual interest. The connection between two people grows when they laugh at the same jokes, spend time talking about their favorite books, or the TV show they just watched. This mutual interest creates a desire to spend more time together, and it makes a couple think about each other even when they’re not together.

  • Similarity. We are more likely to share a connection with someone we feel similar to. This means we share the same values, beliefs, and life goals. 
  • Physical attraction. Our parents used to tell us not to judge a book by its cover. However, we cannot deny the role physical attraction has in creating chemistry in dating. Without it, we can only be friends with the people we’re dating.

What are the signs of chemistry in dating?

Here are some signs whether you share a chemistry with your date or not.

  • Making eye contact isn't awkward. Some studies indicate that sharing eye contact can stimulate sexual arousal. Generally, people don’t like gazing into each other's eyes for too long. When that happens without feeling uncomfortable, it’s a sign of a true connection.

  • You’re aware of their touch. We don’t usually get a rush from our friend’s touch. But we do with the person we share chemistry with. People who like each other will find ways to share a touch, and get closer.

  • You cannot stop smiling when you’re with them. When we’re next to someone we like and share a connection with, we cannot stop smiling. If a smile is the first reaction when you think about the person you’re seeing, the chances are high you’re sharing a connection.

  • You feel like being with them is as easy as breathing. The best relationships are the ones where you don’t feel strain. If you feel like you can share anything with your date without judgement and be understood, it’s a sign of clear chemistry.

  • Time flies when you’re with them. Scientists say that time is relative. And indeed, while with some people an hour might seem like an eternity, with others, it seems like a minute. If you feel like there’s never enough time with your date, chances are you share a strong connection.

How many signs of chemistry do you share with your partner? Do you feel closer to finding your soulmate? If the answer is “yes”, then what are you doing reading this? Invite them on a date!

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