Mär 10, 2021
Hily Partners Up With People’s Improv Theater For The In-App Streaming Show

Hily Partners Up With People’s Improv Theater For An In-App Streaming Show

Watch the Undateable show with New York's best comedians on St. Patrick’s Day

We bet you have your own database of romantic misfortunes. Maybe, your date turned out to be “too much”, or you tried to impress someone with your charms and overdid it a bit; or you felt so nervous that you had to leave and stood up a person with whom you were supposed to have a blind date.


Regardless of what the circumstances may have been, you are not the only one who had a somewhat disappointing dating experience. There is no need to dwell on it; in fact, we at Hily think you should laugh it off!

Some of the best comedians of The People’s Improv Theater, comedy writers, and actors will help you with that. They are ready to share their most relatable stories about the two most fun things in the world — dating and gaming — during Hily’s in-app live stand-up show Undateable on St. Patrick’s Day!

Stephanie Holmes, Wes Hazard, Sam Ike, Chris Griggs, Nicole Korkolis, Ronny Pascale, Srilatha Rajamani, and Kathe Farris will upgrade your celebration in times when bars are not working and parades are canceled.

Join the stream on the 17th of March at 7 pm EST and share it with your friends! Each of the comedians will have 10 minutes to impress the audience with hilarious romantic mishaps, exciting dating stories, and great comedy bits about video games.

Stay on the watch for Hily’s push notifications on the 17th!

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