Dating in Your 40s: Time to Find the Right Person

Dating in 40s as a woman is not desperate. It’s about approaching the dating scene with confidence and life experience.

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How to Meet Men in Your 40s Who Are Worth Your Time

Dating in your 40s doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying love. With more than 26 million users on Hily, you’ll get a higher chance to find a guy in your desired age range. Even better, we don’t simply connect you with any man available. Instead, we use technology and your input to ensure that you date men who are truly compatible with you. We are proud to say that so many women have found exactly what they’ve been looking for on Hily during their dating journey. You bring rich past experiences, a positive attitude, and knowing what you want. And we provide you with the right tool for online dating.

You may have been told your dating life is meant to slow down, or have your own doubts. Don’t slow down now! There is plenty of room in the dating scene for women in their 40s.

Top Free Features For Dating in Your 40s

Hily makes online dating work for you. Use free features we have for you - and start dating your way.

Nearby Search
Narrow your search to date men locally or in new locations if you travel!
Incognito Mode
Feel comfortable and safe by controlling who is allowed to see your profile.
Advanced Filters
Stop wasting your time and feel at ease about the men you find on our dating app with filters.
Disable Ads
Focus on reaching your dating goals, not disruptive advertisements on Hily.

Falling in Love in Your 40s With Dating Apps

The dating world is complicated and always changing. But an experienced, self-assured woman in her 40s on Hily can navigate it, be that nearby or global search. No worries – if you don’t want to be seen by your relatives, friends, colleagues or past classmates, simply switch on incognito mode and hide your dating profile from anybody around. Hide ads that cramp your lifestyle or block your exes and nosy acquaintances who give you creepy feelings – Hily is the dating place where you can feel comfortable and confident 24/7.

You control who can see your Hily profile or contact you. But if you have any problems, don’t worry – you can contact us through the trust badge. Rest assured – the vast majority of men on Hily are respectful guys in search of great women!

If you need someone truly special, apply advanced filters and take our compatibility! You will have a better chance of finding common ground with men who meet your criteria. Collect profile reacts as you look for your forever match or just a fun fling.

Top Premium Features For Dating in Your 40s

Top Premium Features For Dating in Your 40s

Why These Features Are Worth The Monthly Fee

You can scroll back to a profile if you decide you are interested after all!
Major Crush
Don't wait for a match! Send a message or an enhanced like right now!
We make finding a date easier by promoting your profile for a limited amount of time
Compatibility Quiz
There are many men out there who share your interests. Use the compatibility quiz to find and date them!
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Dating in Your 40s - Making It Work For You!

Whether you want children, get married, or just have some fun, Hily beats the other dating apps! Follow these tips to connect with a new partner quickly.

Download The Hily App
Hily is the best bet for women with self-confidence and experience from a full life. Download it for free!
Create Your Account
Take a few minutes to create an attractive dating profile to showcase your best features
Find People in Your Area
Use our features to find local men with the same dating goals as you
Begin Your Romantic Adventure
Enjoy a full life by dating your way and having fun while you do it

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Online Dating Preferences in Your 40s

There are many dating apps, but Hily is the best for learning to date in your 40s. We are laser-focused on communication and compatibility. We’re flexible in order to meet the needs of women like you. Do you want to meet a new person and start a long-term relationship? Use our app to help with that. Maybe you’d like to add some romantic fun to your busy life? We can help connect you with a partner your age to date who has similar traits and the same desires that you do.

Some mature women are looking for a committed relationship, others want sex with no strings attached or meaningful friendship. As long as you bring the best version of yourself to the table, we help women with more life experience date the way they want. Reach out if you have questions or need some tips to reach your goals of marriage or something casual.

Dating in Your 40s as a Woman

There are some wonderful things about dating as a 40-year-old woman. You come with confidence, self-esteem, and experience. You know a warning sign when you see one, and honest communication is a must for you. At this point, you probably have a clear idea of your goals. For example, you know whether or not marriage or children are for you. You’ve made self-care a priority, and you only hold onto relationships that meet your needs.

That said, the process does have challenges. Too many people have preconceived notions about what a romantic life should look like for an experienced woman. We know that women who are in their forties have varied needs and interests, just like those who are more youthful. At Hily, we never presume anything about you. Instead, we empower you to pursue relationships your way.

Dating a Younger Man in Your 40s

Do you want to date a new partner with the energy required to keep up with your sex drive? More than one relationship expert has said that women hit their peak in their forties while men are at their best much at a young age. It’s natural to develop feelings even with an age gap. If that is your top priority, we are here to work with you. All you have to do is use our advanced filter and make your interest in young men clear in your profile. Hily will connect you to someone who is the perfect age for you.

Don’t worry, this is a judgment-free zone. Our goal is to create an app that can be all it can for you. That means giving you the opportunity to build a relationship with a person who is perfect for you. Besides, we’ve seen how happy women are when they date a man with plenty of energy and vitality. These guys are looking for a person who is confident and experienced. They don’t have sexist hangups and are likely to be on the same page as you regarding commitment and even world views.

Q&A on Dating Relationships in Your 40s

The best advice we can give here is to stop worrying about other people and their expectations. Many women enter or re-enter the singles pool after age forty. This is a good thing. Think of this decade as your moment to shine. Your best potential partner could be waiting to start a relationship with you. Enjoy going on dates and making friends online. Don’t let anyone’s idea of what your life should look like influence you.

We have found that you can be successful at starting a romantic relationship at any stage of your life. There is someone out there for you. Hily truly attracts a mixed bag of guys who are looking for a partner. We will use our technology along with your input to find matches that are compatible with you. It won’t take long for you to find a date.

You’re busy with your career, life, and more. Old-fashioned dating methods just don’t work anymore. It’s time to leave the past behind and embrace internet dating. When you do, Hily is the best app on the market. We’re confident that you will like the interface, and meeting a new partner. Whether you want to make the first move or let guys come to you, this app is exactly what you need.

If you think dating life after 40 ends, you’re wrong. Dating in your 40s unlocks much more wholesome experiences for you. Today, you are bold, wise, confident, and self-sufficient; everyone feels your radiance. Once you dare to unlock these superpowers, you’ll have much more joy and success than when you were dating in your 30s and 20s.

We understand that safety and privacy violations are a deal breaker when it comes to finding love. Your comfort is important to us. Our team has taken precautions to develop an app and terms of use to keep your information safe. We comply with all regulations related to data privacy. Additionally, your feelings matter to us. If you ever encounter a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, we hope you’ll let us know. Responsible people from our support team are happy to talk to you about your experiences and work with you to resolve any issues. Finally, we use identity and age verification to ensure that children aren’t using Hily.

Hily has more than 26 million users. That’s impressive on its own, but there’s more to our story. We’re most proud of the long-lasting relationships that have started on our app. We’ve watched couples get happily married and have children. We’ve also witnessed people use this app to meet new people, form friendships, or enjoy a casual fling. Whatever you expect from internet dating, we have a mix of single guys to connect with you. So, start your adventure today and find love or meet people to befriend.

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