Hily Dating App “Exposes” Nudity

12 Oct 2023

No, Hily will not be showing nudes to its users. But it is reporting the results of a 2022 survey of 7,000 of its users, specifically their feelings about sending and receiving nude photos to those they may be talking to on Hily and other dating apps. The results are quite revealing.

Hily (Hey I Like You) is a dating platform that is now listed as one of the top 10 dating apps in the U.S. It serves over 25M users around the globe and is always interested in what those users think about the current dating app culture.

The Hily survey was timed to coincide with the summer dating season which tends to be hotter than other times of the year (can we say bikinis, thongs, and nude beaches). Nudity in online flirtation cannot be far behind, as sexual tension builds. Here are some of the most telling survey findings:

  •       The majority of women and men (75% and 60% respectively) do not consider nude photos to be an important part of their dating lives
  •       Men (about half) overwhelmingly feel more positive about getting nudes than women (2%)
  •       Both men and women (26-32%) seem to be okay with getting nudes from those they believe they might develop a serious relationship  
  •       The majority of females do not like getting unsolicited nudes from people they do not know well and are not getting serious with. About half of the men surveyed like getting nudes – probably no surprise there
  •       70% of females surveyed state they have never asked for a nude. Not so for men. 41% of them ask for nudes when they are getting serious, and 20% ask from people they find attractive.

Cornell Barrett, Hily dating app coach and author of Dating Sucks but You Don’t has this to say about sending/exchanging nudes:

 “Asking a partner for a nude can be a good move if you’re already flirting or sexting. It’s a turbo-charged form of flirting, that can be a fund, sexy form of romantic escalation. For the right two people, sharing nudes can be an adrenaline rush, making you both feel desired and sexy. It can amplify the connection and attraction that you’re both already feeling.”

And as for women getting unsolicited nudes, Barrett has this to say:

“The vast majority of women hate receiving unsolicited nudes from men. It comes across as aggressive and can make women feel objectified…Make sure the other person has consented to receiving your pics…first ask your crush a simple question: ‘How do you feel about nudes?’ And then listen.”

Hily was the creation of a group of Las Vegas developers in 2017. Within three years, it grew to 25M users. Hily is regularly featured on Sensor Tower’s top-grossing dating apps.

The app’s mission is to make conversations among singles easier, thus its slogan, “We start a conversation, you start the story.” To that end, Hily has lots of features to make conversations safe and personalized – icebreakers, compatibility checks, video calls and messaging among them.

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