Robert and Lisa

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27 Feb 2023
10 min read
Robert and Lisa

I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship, and I was feeling really alone. As a man, being the one who was abused, there’s so much shame in that. I felt like a shell of my former self. One day when I was scrolling online I saw an ad for this dating app, so on a whim, I decided to make an account.

Honestly, I didn’t expect a relationship out of this app, and I honestly planned to use it in a similar way to how I use Facebook. But I still found myself wanting to find someone. I wanted to feel like I could be loved and so I would message others on the app. Men, women, it didn’t really matter. All I cared about was finding someone with whom I could really connect. I didn’t even care if we never saw each other in real life. 

Well, Hily gave me some of what I wanted. I actually made some really good friends on the app. But I still found myself wanting more and more. One day I got a random message and let me tell you it shocked me because I never got a message first. The one who sent me the message was probably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I was awestruck, I thought that it had to be a joke. Well, that joke turned into the best relationship I ever had. We treat each other like royalty, and I love that we met.


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