Aug 13, 2021
How To Write a Dating Profile (If You Want To Go On A Real Date)

When it comes to getting the right partner, you would definitely spend some time checking out the dating profile of several prospects. You will want to know their likes, dislikes, and generally form an opinion about their personality. It goes beyond the compelling photos and a pretty face. So, how do you write a dating profile that will be your ticket to an IRL date? You have to be convincing enough from the get-go, and this starts with your dating profile. Here are some tips to help you write a dating profile that will attract the right people.

Photo by Djamal Akhmad Fahmi on Unsplash

Let people know who you are

No one will be looking for your deep secrets, of course. However, you need to start your profile with at least three adjectives that describe your positive character traits. Are you intellectually curious? Are you artistic? Funny? Be direct about this. If you don’t know the exact adjectives that describe you, ask a few friends for their opinions. If they were to describe you to someone else, what words would they use? Your dating profile should also include a few things you care about. Don’t describe it like you would on a resume but be as personable as possible. Here is an example:

A funny, loyal, and creative artist who is addicted to watching “Everybody Loves Chris.” 

Your dating profile should also answer the question, “what are you passionate about?”. Whatever it is you care about, whether it’s rescuing stray animals, helping others, or making music, let people know. The right ones will think you’re awesome. Also, you should never lie on your dating profile about the kind of relationship you want. If you’re in for a committed relationship, you should be clear about this. You don’t have to downplay this desire or act like you don’t want this. Your dating profile has to attract the right people, those that would be on the same page with you. If it’s filled with lies, then you’re only setting yourself up for disaster. 

  1. Write about who you’ll like to meet

On your dating profile, be specific about who you would want to meet without focusing on physical characteristics. Don’t list specific features like body type, height, or hobbies. Instead, talk about looking for someone who values fitness rather than saying “someone who has a fit body.” In this example, you would be talking about a way of life rather than a specific outcome. Some people have a fit body but don’t like others who are overly concerned with appearances. At this point, you have gotten the reader's attention by saying who you are and what you love. The next step is to talk about the kind of person you would love to meet, and you can rope this in with your passion. 

  1. Show, don’t tell.

This is the classic dating profile addition that will get you on a real date. Instead of saying, “I love to travel,” replace this with “I love to travel to countries with amazing beaches.” Let people know what your idea of traveling really is, instead of generalizing without saying anything truly meaningful. Don’t assume that the reader will automatically know what you’re talking about. Give graphic details as much as possible, enough for your reader to picture you surfing or carrying out that activity. If you started your profile with words that include loyalty, show your reader what loyalty means to you. Does loyalty mean having a best friend who has been with you for more than 2 decades? Get actual examples from your life and include this so that people will have a specific message they can start conversations with. 

  1. No negativity 

Never ever use your dating profile to project pessimism or bitterness. That is not a good look. How would you feel if you met someone for the first time, and all they talk about is everything they believe is wrong with their lives? It would be an instant turn-off. So, look at your dating profile like it’s an introduction, and negativity is not sexy. It could also give the impression that you are that thing you say you don’t want. For example, saying “I’m not looking for drama queens” could give the impression that you are the problem in the relationship because you’re associated with a lot of drama. You will definitely be contacted by some people you’re not interested in dating; it comes with the territory. However, you should focus more on those people you want to date. Pay more attention to attracting the right people rather than warning away the wrong ones. Also, try to tone down the sarcasm in your dating profile as not many people would be able to piece it together when it’s on an online profile.

  1. Tell a story with your profile

Use your dating profile to tell a short story that captures your personality. You need to know as what you’re showing yourself to the world. Are you telling the story of a geeky world traveler or a bitter perfectionist? When you tell the right story, it will guide the perfect person to you. It’s essential to grab the attention of those who resonate with your likes and dislikes. Remember, highlight your best qualities without bragging about them. Express what is unique to you and what would be attractive to the kind of person you would love to go on a real date with. When you can successfully do this, then you’re on the right track. 

  1. No spelling errors

Another major turn-off in dating profiles is spelling errors. A lot of people ignore this and fill their dating profiles with bad grammar. If you want to go on a real date, your dating profile needs to be free from spelling mistakes. Not everyone can forgive unnecessary typos. Although some people don’t pay attention to this, would you want to risk losing the right person because you spelled “your” as “you’re”? I don’t think so either. 

Putting a lot of thought into your dating profile shows how much you’re making the right efforts to stand out. It will definitely be appreciated when the right person sends a message, and you’re on a real date.

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