Mar 02, 2021
Blur Out the Negativity: Hily Launches a New Feature That Blurs Inappropriate Pictures

It will take you one step closer to a good conversation

As you might already know, Hily is all about quality conversations and meaningful human connections. That’s why we’ve launched many exciting features such as compatibility checks, icebreakers, video calls, and Duet streams. We believe all of them take you one step closer to a good conversation.

But we also know there are things that don’t belong in a quality conversation. To make sure you don’t experience any explicit content of them on Hily, we are launching a new safety feature. It will detect any inappropriate or explicit content and warn you about it by blurring the image.

“During the pandemic, more than 2 million people have joined Hily. In times of COVID, people need love and support more than ever. So we want their experience with Hily to be as positive as it can get,” says Helen Virt, Hily’s Head Of Business Development.

Here’s how it works

Since Hily lets you send pictures to your matches, it will check all the in-chat images to make sure there are no unsolicited dick pics. Don’t worry, your cute selfies and photos of your dog won’t be affected in any way.


Now, Hily isn’t going to dictate what you should and shouldn’t see. It will just blur potentially offensive content and will give you a warning about it. If you still want to see it, you do you. Just tap the image and unblur it. Besides, if you are fearless and believe that all people are inherently good, you can disable the feature altogether or just for the people you trust.

What’s with the senders?

The senders of the inappropriate pics will be notified and get a warning. In addition, their in-app “risk score” will go up. Once a user’s “risk score” reaches a certain level, we will limit their activity on the app so that they reconsider their communication style.

Here at Hily, we’d much rather be safe than sorry. We care about our users, and we don’t want them to have any unpleasant experiences on the app. Also, we want them to get better at having meaningful conversations and build genuine human connections. Of course, respecting other people and their personal space is a must.

“We know that the quality of your future relationships depends on how you communicate. Some people may not even realize their actions are offensive.
We want our app not to just be a safer space, but also to help people be better. In this case, it’s making them think twice before acting disrespectfully,” explains Hily’s CEO Alex Pasykov.

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