Feb 14, 2022
The 33 Best TV Couples of All Time

There are quite a few things that make some of the best TV couples famous, from the chemistry between them to their backstories. Everyone loves a love story that can make you glued to your screen for hours, patiently waiting for the next episode.

This Valentine's Day, you might want to spend some relaxing time on the couch with your loved ones and binge-watch shows all night. If you're looking for the right shows to start watching together, here are some of the ones with the best romantic couples to choose from.

Monica and Chandler - Friends

If you're a fan of the show, you know that the love between Monica and Chandler was one of the strongest and most long-lasting ones. It is also true that they were one of the tv couples with the best chemistry. This is exactly why above all else, they work as a team. No matter what life brought their way, they always found a way to overcome it and look on the bright side of things.

With a love story as strong as this, nothing could break them apart. While it took a few seasons for their romance to start, they eventually managed to defeat the odds and even adopt their two babies. Who doesn't love a happy ending?

Watch Friends on HBO here.

Jim and Pam - The Office

Jim and Pam are one of the main couples presented in The Office. The relationship between them started off as them being great friends with Jim being single and Pam engaged and to be married to her fiancé of 3 years. Even though that was the case, anyone could see that the two had feelings for each other.

Pam doesn't want Jim to date a new girl and Jim can tell her relationship with her fiancé is not ideal. While they go through some rough patches in order to finally end up together, they are an adorable couple with true feelings for one another. When it all finally clicks into place, they go on to get married and live happily ever after.

Watch The Office on Amazon here.

Jamie and Claire - Outlander

“And when my body shall cease, my soul will still be yours. Claire–I swear by my hope of heaven, I will not be parted from you.” - Jamie Frazer

One of the tv couples that will forever stay in our hearts is Jamie and Claire from Outlander. Even if you are not a fan of romance, these two will make you change your mind. The show takes place in two worlds, and somehow Claire found her way back to 1770 through the rocks of Craigh Na Dun. 

These two main characters go through so much in order to be together and their relationship definitely wasn't smooth sailing. They get separated, but life brings them together again under crazy circumstances. They are the epitome of soulmates and despite all the hardships life throws their way, their love always prevails.

Watch Outlander on Netflix here.

Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset - Bridgerton

This love story didn't start as you might have expected. In this first season of the show, Daphne Bridgerton was trying to find a suitable man to marry. She asked the help of famous bachelor Duke Simon Bassett to help her become more sought after, while she helped him avoid other women who wanted to approach him.

This led to them building a strong friendship which then blossomed into a passionate love story. While they had their ups and downs, their romantic relationship led them to finally open up to one another and build their family. In the series finale, Daphne is finally giving birth to their first child.

Watch Bridgerton on Netflix here.

Luke and Lorelai - Gilmore Girls

When it comes to opposite characters finding their perfect match, Luke and Lorelai's romance stuck with every fan of the show. Luke was cynical and kind of like the bad boy whereas Lorelai was happy and energetic and despite their differences, the two were madly in love with one another.

Watch the Gilmore Girls on Netflix here.

Ross and Rachel - Friends 

Another couple everyone loved in Friends, Ross and Rachel had the most entertaining on-again-off-again relationship ever. They truly were one of the most iconic tv duos to exist. Ross's love for Rachel started when they were just high-schoolers, as she was the best friend of his sister, Monica.

While Ross has expressed his feelings to Rachel, she doesn't always share the same love towards him. The sexual tension between them is real though and in the series finale, Ross chases after her to let her know he loves her. When he thought he missed her, she was waiting for him at his apartment. This on-again-off-again relationship was relatable, funny and made the show that much more entertaining.

Stef and Lena - The Fosters

Police officer Stef and school principal Lena were two not only relatable characters but also a couple with a great dynamic that allowed them to overcome every difficulty. In the beginning, Stef was married to a man but she ended up divorcing him in order to be with Lena.

Stef and Lina were simply made for each other and you can see how good they were not only for each other but also as people. Their beautiful blended family consisted of biological, adopted, and foster children and their family values tied them together. They fight through job losses, a cancer diagnosis, and other difficulties which will simply make you believe in love again.

Watch The Fosters on Hulu here.

Sun and Jin - Lost

Sun and Jin had one of the most tragic love stories in tv history. The two came from a very difficult background in Korea, where Sun was rich and Jin was poor. Jin decided to work for Sun's father in order to win her hand and this led to his losing himself through the violent tasks his father-in-law made him complete.

When they got stranded on the island, their married life was in a bad place. From then on, they went to build one of the most loving and strong relationships through the hardships. Their love story had a very tragic end, which is bound to break your heart but the show is an amazing watch despite that.

Watch LOST on Hulu here.

Phillip and Elizabeth - The Americans

While their relationship started off as an arranged marriage, the two Russian spies had to overcome a lot of odds in order to stay together. Their line of work demanded them to live double lives, seduce people and extract information but they both always kept coming back to each other.

The family drama between them was plenty and the two characters had to learn to build trust while still being able to do their difficult job. Despite them separating a few times, they still always find their way back to each other.

Watch The Americans on Amazon here.

Phil and Vivian - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Being another one of the most beloved tv shows of all time, the one relationship no one could forget about from this show was the one between Phil and Vivian.

Having become everyone's tv parents, the couple taught us a lot about racial problems, class, and other important lessons. At the centre of it all was their strong love for one another and their family.

Watch the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Netflix here.

Homer and Marge - The Simpsons

Probably one of the most iconic TV couples of all time, Homer and Marge's relationship has had its fair share of ups and downs through the years. The two truly make a fun family dynamic that shows their love as they support each other through every situation.

Marge is always the strong anchor of their home, where she is able to keep the children in check and always helps Homer overcome all difficulties, no matter the situations he finds himself in. Homer is much more carefree and always manages to come up with some crazy antics. Together, they made the perfect couple.

Watch The Simpsons on Disney+ here.

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo - I Love Lucy

While one of the oldest movies on the list, this 1951 sitcom won the hearts of America with its sweet love story. This multiethnic couple played a part in American culture at the time. It starred real-life couple Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, who at the time of the show were married.

Lucy and Ricky are great for lovers of older movies and shows who want to watch one of the best tv couples from a different era face the difficulties of that time. Many have said that I Love Lucy actually represented a lot of realistic aspects of the real0-life actors so it can be a fun watch if you're interested in older shows.

Watch I Love Lucy on Hulu here.

Sheldon Cooper and Amy Fowler - The Big Bang Theory

When it comes to famous fictional couples, Sheldon Cooper and Amy Fowler are a favorite couple for many fans. Sheldon was considered to be someone who would never be in a relationship while Amy wanted to be with someone very much and experience love and romance.

The two met through an online dating website and it was truly a match made in heaven. The two incredibly similar characters ended up falling in love and despite the different problems they faced during the seasons, they managed to make it all work. 

Watch the Big Band Theory of Netflix here.

Yorkie and Kelly - Black Mirror

While this might not be a show where you expected to find a romantic relationship, the one between Yorkie and Keely truly won everyone's hearts. The "San Junipero" show where they are introduced to us takes place in a simulated reality, where in true Black Mirror style, technology and love intertwine.

Watch Black Mirror on Netflix here.

Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Delena, as known by fans, is another one of the best tv couples that many fans loved to watch through the years. When they first met, Damon and Elena did not get along as everyone was scared of him- everyone except for Elena, who wasn't afraid to call him out on his mistakes. This sparked an unconventional friendship between them which led them to grow closer and finally become a couple.

Damon is always there to save her from danger and Elena is always there to save him from himself. The two are truly soulmates and a tv couple that has amazing chemistry. Whether this was a show you watched in the past or not, you should definitely rewatch it just for the romance between them.

Watch the Vampire Diaries on Netflix here.

Willow and Tara - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So many people love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and while the romance between Buffy with Angel and Buffy and Spike was great, they were not the best couples in the show.  Willow and Tara were one of the first recurring lesbian tv couples in a major series in the United States and were the best couple on the show.

Willow was first introduced as a timid high-school girl who reached her full potential through there college relationship with Tara. After Tara's very tragic death in the season finale of the sixth season, Willow became a villain because of her grief. That truly was an amazing plot twist that summed up all of Willow's pain after losing her partner.

Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Hulu here.

Mindy and Danny - The Mindy Project

Mindy and Danny started out as frenemies who somehow ended up in a relationship. While they were very different people who always loved to argue with one another, they somehow made it work and even had a child together. The Mindy Project is a comedy that you will truly enjoy watching with your loved one.

Watch The Mindy Project on Hulu here.

Mulder and Scully - The X-Files

The two characters had polar opposite personalities, one believing in the existence of extraterrestrials and one remaining firm on her scepticism, explaining everything away with logic. The feelings between the two FBI agents continued to grow as the show progressed but no moves were made between them.

It would be far later into the show until they finally shared a first kiss, which truly solidified the affection between them. Fans have always loved their relationship and they have become one of the best tv love stories that made history through this amazing show.

Watch The X-Files on Hulu here.

“You’ve kept me honest. You’ve made me a whole person. I owe you everything, Scully, and you owe me nothing.” - Mulder

Marshall and Lily - How I Met Your Mother

If there is one thing everyone loved about the relationship between these two is their nicknames for one another. Marshmallow and Lilypad were probably the only solid couple lasting through the length of How I Met Your Mother.

While everyone else might have stayed focused on Ted's main story, these side characters had a romance that started from college and ended in a loving family. While they might have had some rough moments between them, their love for each other was always the sweetest thing in the show.

Watch How I Met Your Mother on Hulu here.

Chuck and Blair - Gossip Girl

The couples you might have shipped through gossip girl are many, but when it comes to romantic sex couples, Chuck and Blair had us all waiting for the next episode at the edge of our seats.

While their relationship might have been rocky at times, they always came back to each other. Even through the crazy amounts of drama and unexpected situations, their love kept them tied together always.

Watch the Gossip Girl on Netflix here.

Corey and Topanga - Boy Meets World

In Boy Meets World, it was obvious from the very beginning that Corey and Topanga would become a couple. Having been friends since they were kids, their relationship blossomed through their middle school and high-school years and they managed to stay together.

This shows a lot about the dynamic of their relationship and the love between them. Their relationship even was a big topic of the Boy Meets World spinoff, Girl Meets World.

Watch Boy Meets World on Disney+ here.

David Rose and Patrick Brewer - Schitt' Creek

Schitt's Creek is one of the shows with the funniest and wittiest characters you will come across. One of the things that stand out is the relationship between David and Patrick, which is truly strong and never gets disturbed no matter what comes their way.

Watch Schitt's Creek on Netflix here.

Callie and Arizona - Grey's Anatomy

Most people watched Grey's Anatomy for the relationship between Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd, which started from a one-night stand, was rocky and made everyone wonder will they, won't they be together on a regular basis. The true romance though lay between Callie and Arizona, or as fans love to call them, Calzona.

The two went through a lot together as a couple, from Arizona becoming an amputee after that terrible plane crash, to them figuring out life and co-parenting after their divorce. They portrayed one of the longest-lasting and most loving LGBTQ couples in TV history and made the show that much more worth watching.

Watch Grey's Anatomy on Hulu here.

Eric and Tami Taylor - Friday Night Lights

Friday Nights Lights takes place in Texas, where Tami is the wife of high school football coach Eric Taylor. She is his rock, who always manages to help him calm down and see things logically, even through the most difficult of days.

The high school football world can be stressful, but there is nothing these two can't tackle together. They are truly a power couple and their love is prevalent throughout the entirety of the show.

Watch Friday Night Lights on Hulu here.

Kevin and Nora - The Leftovers

"Leftovers" is one of the shows that will truly keep you wondering what will happen next. The romance between Nora and Kevin starts at a high school hallway where their first discussion shows that both characters are in a difficult place mentally.

After both having lost people they loved in The Departure, their grief and loneliness tie them together in a relationship that is strong and allows them to overcome everything. In the final season of the show, and after the two had parted ways, they finally found each other again and reunited despite the difficulties.

Watch The Leftovers on HBO here.

Pacey and Joey - Dawson's Creek

Pacey and Joey started out as platonic friends and they never expected anything to happen between them. Life had other plans and wanted to show them that sometimes, your best friend can be your soulmate. Even though they found "the one" in one another, they still had a rocky romance which can easily compare to some of the best romantic valentine's day movies.

Watch Dawson's Creek on Netflix here.

Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones - Riverdale

Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones were the best onscreen couple that should have happened but never did. Commonly referred to as "Bughead", the romance between them started out as a childhood friendship which then blossomed into love.

Things between them escalated after the Riverdale Jubilee where they finally proclaimed their love for one another and proceeded to make out. This was quickly interrupted by the Southside Serpents who were forcing them to stay apart. The two never ended up staying together, and Bettie ended up marrying Archie Andrews.

Watch Riverdale on Netflix here.

Carol and Mike Brady - The Brady Bunch

Carol and Mike Brady are truly considered one of the tv couples that everyone wished were their parents. Any episode you choose to watch will show you exactly why. These two were able to solve a myriad of family issues involving themselves and their many kids in just a few minutes of television every single week!

Watch The Brady Bunch on Amazon here.

Carrie and Mr. Big - Sex and the City

All fans of Sex and the City know the struggles Carrie had in her quest of finding love, which make her a truly relatable character. Even when Mr. Big came into the picture, their relationship wasn't without its tribulations. He wasn't sure of their marriage and how their life together would evolve, and he even left Carrie waiting for him at the altar.

After their beautiful and low-key marriage at the court, the two went on to live their fairytale romance without issues. A big spoiler alert, if you don't want your heart to be broken, make sure you avoid watching the new episodes of "J0ust Like That".

Watch Sex and the City on HBO here.

Seth and Summer - The O.C.

When it comes to teen shows that everyone loves, a plot that never fails is the popular girl falling in love with the geek. Seth and SUmmer fit that exact description and they truly were meant to be together from the start. Their on-again-off-again relationship only makes the show that much more interesting to watch.

Watch the O.C. on Hulu here.

Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky - Full House

Uncle Jesse was certainly not family-man material. He was a playboy and loved to have no bounds. It was only after he met Becky, that he decided to change his ways and settle down with her. His love for her was visible and made the show that much better.

One of the moments that is a true fan favorite in Full House is the one where Uncle Jesse won Aunt Becky's heart by serenading her. This was such a sweet and romantic moment that truly made everyone a sucker for their relationship immediately.

Watch Full House on Netflix here.

Andy and April - Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is a sitcom that follows the story of Andy, who has just broken up with his ex. Soon after that, he meets April, a strange girl who loves to eat chili off of a frisbee for breakfast, and he instantly falls for her. These two quirky characters just seem perfect for each other and while slightly dysfunctional, they make other cute movie couples seem much less loving.

Watch Parks and Recreation on Peacock here.

Mitch and Cam - Modern Family

These two characters could not be more opposite from one another, but they somehow made their relationship work together perfectly. This goes along with the saying of "opposites attract" and truly comes to show that love can work in many different situations as long as those involved want it to.

Cam, an extrovert who loves to bring the drama out of every situation, and Mitch, an introvert who prefers to not break any rules end up becoming the perfect couple. For them, their family always comes first and they go through life as lovers and best friends, always appreciating their love for one another.

Watch Modern Family on Hulu here.

Picking the perfect show to watch this Valentine's Day

Each couple mentioned previously has its own dynamic. Some have tragic stories and others a love straight out of a fairytale. No matter the type of shows you prefer to watch, there is a couple from every genre meant to make you feel the love and enjoy a great plot along with some emotional scenes. Make sure to choose a great show, order some takeaway, and have an amazing night with the one you love.

Which of these shows will you pick for your Valentine's Day date?

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