Olivia and Nathan

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27 Feb 2023
10 min read
Olivia and Nathan

I won’t lie, I never thought anything about any of these dating websites and apps. In fact, I was completely against them. I grew up during the whole, stranger danger, and internet safety era. It kind of was just drilled into my mind that if I even tried using these dating apps and sites I would probably be never seen again. 

Well, one day after hearing me complain about being perpetually single a friend of mine decided to start harassing me about Hily until I finally made an account. Let me tell you I was so mad! She kept pestering me about the guys on the app, and I won’t lie they were all super cute. But I was stubborn and refused to message them. 

So after a few months of annoying me about it, I finally relented and sent a message. I told her that if anything weird happened I wanted her to pick me up immediately. She agreed and I went on the date. Nathan had apparently been on the app for the same reasons I was. He was a guy who hated dating apps and perpetually refused to use them also. 

We had dinner together and the rest was history. It’s been about 8 months since that first date, and we couldn’t be happier. In fact, we are talking about living together. Now it’s a joke amongst our friends that we, the two people who hated dating apps, managed to get together because of a dating app. 


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