How to Be a Good Girlfriend: Master the Skill

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06 Apr 2023
10 min read
Tips and Tricks on How to Become a Good Girlfriend

Everyone can be a girlfriend, but a lot more effort goes into learning how to be a good girlfriend. If we’re being honest, a clean house and hot meals are the fastest ways to a man’s heart. However, being a good girlfriend means you understand how he thinks and what he expects from the relationship.

While there’s no perfect relationship, learning how to be a good girlfriend and companion can drastically improve your love life.

When you are dating a great guy who cares for you, you’ll want to be the best girlfriend in return. But how can you achieve this? If you want tips to perfect the art of being a good girlfriend, you must be willing to learn and unlearn stuff as your relationship grows.

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26 Qualities That Make a Good Girlfriend

1. Be a Good Companion

A great relationship is more than just sex and cuddles. Make it your responsibility to initiate spiritual and emotional intimacy with your boyfriend. Share your interests, discuss matters that affect you both, and respect each other’s opinions and views.

By being his best friend first, you provide your partner with an awesome 2-in-1 package.

2. Learn to Give Him Space

During the first stage of a relationship, you both can’t get enough of each other. It’s impossible to put a stop to the calls and text messages with your guy. You’re always finding ways to be together.

However, things will naturally cool down, and it is important to maintain this pace, give each other space, and avoid being clingy and demanding. Your boyfriend still loves you, but the feelings evolve from being hot and fiery to a calm attachment.

Respecting his friends is among key characteristics of a good girlfriend

3. Respect His Friends

Naturally, men tend to be very fond of their friends. It is normal for women to feel like men spend too much time with their friends, and they might try to do something about it.

But don’t make him choose between you and his friends. That is a selfish and inconsiderate ultimatum, and you might end up losing. Remember: he just can’t wait to show off his beautiful woman to his friends.

4. Make a Good Impression on His Family

This is especially important if you are in a long-term relationship and are planning a future together. Even though he already loves you, it is a great advantage if you can get along with his parents and siblings.

A good boyfriend will not make you feel like you’re competing with his friends and family. In return, you should be respectful towards them and avoid unnecessary conflict with them.

5. Dress Well and Smell Nice

Of course, your boyfriend loves you as you are, but it will fill his heart with pride and joy if you take the time and put in the effort to look spectacular. He will realize that he’s the lucky one and will always be proud to be seen with you.

6. Trust Him

In a healthy relationship, trust goes both ways. Loving someone should mean that you trust them. Give him the time and space to be his own person and avoid questioning him all the time.

If your feelings have been betrayed or hurt in past relationships and you feel insecure, talk to him about it. Give your guy the benefit of the doubt that he’ll be a better partner – and avoid second-guessing his decisions each time. Trust him, but also set boundaries to ensure you don’t get heartbroken.

7. Grow Your Pleasing Personality

Everyone wants to be around pleasing people, not pessimists who never have a nice thing to say. Take the time and invest in being a pleasant company, and he will never want to leave your side.

A good relationship is based on positivity, not doubt or negative vibes from partners. So a good girlfriend will do everything with joy and in moderation, taking care not to come off as clingy and overbearing.

8. Be Seductive

Wise women know that all the things that truly matter in a relationship are based on intimacy. As a good girlfriend, don’t be afraid to show him your sexy side and don’t shy away from your desires. Putting your needs first is a turn-on for him because he also wants his woman to have fun. A good girlfriend does not reserve her skills for the night only.

9. Master the Art of Nagging

No man likes a nag for a partner, so you better learn how to make your requests irresistible. Even if he takes his time to do something, resist the urge to go off on him.

You don’t have to nag to get him to do your bidding. Instead, a good partner talks softly and caresses his ego, and your sweetness tips him to your side.

10. Learn to Pick Your Battles

This is an important skill for both the girlfriend and the boyfriend, and it applies to all relationships in our lives. A good girlfriend knows when to address a matter and when to compromise, and they also know when to let it slide.

Maintaining a healthy relationship is hard work and involves knowing how to deal with different situations. Practice a deep breath, and it will help you maintain your cool in most situations.

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11. Listening Is the Key

As therapists have adjusted famous Stephen Covey’s quote, most people only listen so they’ll know how to respond. A good girlfriend is an attentive and active listener when her person is talking, and she values their communication channels.

In your current relationship, make a point of knowing when to talk and when to listen.

Master the art of communication to be a better girlfriend

12. Learn How to Communicate with Your Partner

It’s great that you’re a good listener. Still, you should be able to create stable and healthy communication channels in your relationship. If you feel anxious about past insecurities or a particular situation, you should be able to tell your boyfriend.

If the relationship is new, it might take a while for both of you to get comfortable sharing information. Be patient with each other, and don’t get frustrated if he is slow to open up to you. Patience tips the scales of your relationship to make it stable and happy.

How to be a good girlfriend and what does it mean

13. Be Affectionate

A new relationship is always brimming with fun and affection, but that often cools down as the relationship grows. A good girlfriend will openly display their care and affection for their boyfriend, whether publicly or in private, regardless of the day or night.

Practice how to be a good girlfriend by surprising him with obvious acts of affection such as a kiss and a hug. You can opt to hold hands, compliment them, or offer words of affirmation. Be an amazing girlfriend and shower him with affection even when he doesn’t expect it.

14. Stay Up to Speed

One trick on how to be a good girlfriend is to make it your agenda to stay updated on what’s happening around you. You don’t have to be scientist-smart, but it helps to be armed with general knowledge. This will make all your conversations interesting, and he’ll never get bored talking to you.

15.  Go the Extra Mile

When you love someone, go the extra mile to help them feel special and valued. These acts can be as simple as foot massages, random gifts, and surprise getaway weekends.

16.  Be Supporting

As a good girlfriend, it is your duty to support your partner with his dreams and passions – especially when he goes through the tough times. Make him feel valued and loved, and rest assured that he’ll love you more for it.

17. Let Him Be in Control

It’s the innate nature of men to want control. A girl can learn how to be a good girlfriend by letting him stay in charge of stuff, both in and outside the relationship. Allow him to take the lead by asking for his opinions and following up on the suggestions.

You can also allow him control by letting him take care of you, even in the little ways. Let him open doors for you and settle the bill.

A good girlfriend is extremely loyal

18. Don’t Be a Flirt

Being a good girlfriend means respecting your man and being faithful and loyal to him. You don’t try to make him jealous by flirting with other guys. Show him that he’s desirable and that you only have eyes for him. Loyalty is the markup for how to be a good girlfriend.

19. Accept Him

When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are ~ Donald Miller.

Your boyfriend is not perfect, and there are certain things you won’t like about him. Love him as he is, and don’t try to change him into the ‘perfect’ man. Accepting each other’s flaws allows you to build a healthy and stable relationship.

20. Let Bygones Be Bygones

Letting go is one important trick that aids in becoming a good girlfriend. It is very tempting to bring up the wrong-doings of your partner, especially during a disagreement or argument. Even if you feel you’re right, resist the urge to dig up stuff from the past just so you can make a point.

Remain independent to be a good girlfriend

21. Be Independent

It’s true you make a good match, but who are you outside the relationship? A good girlfriend has an active life there. You don’t have to depend on your man for everything; learning how to be a good girlfriend involves independence, so you won’t have the time to be clingy and needy.

22.  Take an Interest

Relationships are not that hard if you love and respect each other. But if you want to be a great girlfriend, you should take an interest in his life.

You don’t have to know everything about his favorite games or sports cars, but showing genuine interest will go a long way. Being interested in his hobbies shows that he’s important to you. It proves that you love to spend time with him, regardless of what you’re doing.

23.  Always Make Time for Him

Dating as an adult is a lot more hectic. Practicing how to be a good girlfriend involves finding a balance between work and your personal life. Make time for your boyfriend, and find ways to slot him into your life as much as you can. Share your hobbies, introduce him to your friends, and plan activities for both of you. Spending time with him and showing him off will make you feel appreciated and wanted by you.

24.  Be Confident

Confidence is a great look on anyone; you automatically become a better girlfriend if you’re confident in your own skin. It becomes easier to feel and experience true love in your relationship if you love yourself. You must learn it before learning how to be a good girlfriend.

If you constantly beat yourself down, you’ll find it hard to feel loved by others. The more secure and happy you are, the stronger your relationship becomes. Being a loving partner is easier if you know what love feels like.

25.  The Downtime Matters Too

A good girlfriend will always say yes to the fun and exciting opportunities that come in the early days of a relationship. This involves constant travel, couple’s activities, and getaways. However, a better girlfriend is careful not to get caught in the thrill and forget why they love their partner.

Naturally, you’ll enjoy the company of a person as long as you’re doing something exciting. But as a good girlfriend, you should ensure your emotions are for the long run, regardless of what you’re doing. A good girlfriend will still put in the effort even when things get slow and boring.

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26.  Get Help

If you’re having trouble learning how to be a good girlfriend, you can always seek the assistance of a relationship coach. They will give you tips and guide you through learning how to be a good girlfriend, and you won’t have to transform into someone you are not.

Becoming a Good Girlfriend Takes Time and Patience

No relationship is the same, but you can always learn more tips on how to be a good girlfriend. Such knowledge helps you love your partner better and grow your relationship into its best version.


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