Funny Relationship Memes to Help You Get Through

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19 Nov 2023
9 min read
13 Hilarious Relationship Memes to Keep Your Convos Going

Feeling down? No need to get stuck in a bad mood! Just grab your phone and send one of these funny relationship memes. Our selection manages to be both inappropriate and spot-on hilarious at the same time.

If you don’t “get” memes, you may not understand why this was the best response ever. If you do, keep reading. Here’s the low-down on funny relationship memes and some of the best examples of funny memes we could find online.

Why We Love Relationship Memes

“What are words worth if you write like Wordsworth? Not as much as a man named Wordsandpicturesworth. That’s so long, so I just call him Memesworth.”

Jarod Kintz, 94,000 Wasps in a Trench Coat

Why do we love funny relationship memes? Because humor is cheaper than therapy! Also, because they are hilarious.

Seriously, relationship memes have a way of communicating universal feelings and experiences so succinctly. Sure, they use dark humor to do that, but that’s also part of the appeal.

Sometimes, well-intentioned seriousness and sentimentality only make a situation seem worse. Meanwhile, a funny meme post brings both distraction and perspective. They also spark conversation. And the best part of a meme comes in the form of a witty comment.

Have you ever had a date hit a lull in conversation? That’s a great place to insert a hilarious meme. Want to say something sweet without being too vulnerable? A meme can combine romance with just the right tinge of attitude.

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Where to Find Relationship Memes

How do some people always seem to have a collection of funny relationship memes they can fire off to make a person laugh about their relationship status or other romantic issues?

The answers can be different. Some people make their own funny relationship memes – you can also find a good meme-builder if you want to try your hand at funny memes. But most are just always on the lookout for (in)appropriate memes. They are active on meme-heavy websites like Tumblr and are part of social media groups that are all about sharing memes. Think of them as funny relationship meme connoisseurs who can help your search.

A funny relationship memes enthusiast is like a collector. They are constantly screen-capping or saving the funniest memes on relationships, family, work, life, politics, etc., on these sites. Also, they have an uncanny ability to remember the funny memes about relationships that they have and bring out the best ones for any occasion.

We’ve sourced some of the funniest relationship memes from this list of sites:

  • The Cheezburger Network
  • 9Gag
  • Tumblr
  • Imgur
  • Funny or Die
  • Know Your Meme
  • ImgFlip
  • Giphy
  • GfyCat
  • The Chive
  • Memedroid
  • Simple Meme Generator

This is just a small sampling of websites from which you can source funny relationship memes. Yes, a few of these sites focus more on GIFs than memes. However, most people use both for the same communication purposes. Check any of these sites out to start your collection of funny relationship memes.

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What Makes a Good Relationship Meme

The best funny relationship memes are relatable. They reflect common experiences in love and romance. They are funny. Relationship memes should make you laugh. Most of the best memes are intelligent. That’s why they tend to be most popular among people who understand literary and pop-culture references. This also explains why intellectually lazy relationship memes are often mocked in the comments section.

Funny relationship memes can be low-brow. They may appeal to the raunchiest and darkest sides of our sense of humor. However, they should never punch down. Funny memes never support hateful ideologies or stereotypes.

13 Funny Relationship Memes to Brighten Your Day

Do you need to add a few funny relationship memes to your arsenal? Of course, you do. Get ready to screenshot these examples. Then, send them to anyone you know who is dealing with relationship nonsense, or keep them around to enjoy when you are the person in need of some darkly funny content. Feel free to add your own comments before you pass them along.

1. When They Just Don’t Live Up to Your Expectations

The funniest of funny relationship memes (our taste)

Funny relationship memes are popular because they’re so relatable. All of us have made the effort to help our special someone shine in the romance department only to have them blow the moment. The kid in the meme certainly has had enough of somebody’s comments. It’s frustrating when it happens, but makes for a great meme to share later. It’s also a good reminder to take things like this in stride.

2. Is There Anything More Comfy Than a Boyfriend Hoody?

Proud girlfriend next to her bae meme

Yeah, she’s adorable. She’s also an absolute klepto when it comes to your clothes. Sure, it’s adorable now, but you know you’re not getting any of that stuff back when you break up! Don’t most of us have at least one article of clothing from a past relationship?

We can’t blame her though. We’re pretty sure access to a new wardrobe is one of the reasons single people seek out new relationships. That’s okay. For now, you have a proud girlfriend or boyfriend, and inspiration for some more funny relationship memes.

3. Wherever You Want to Eat Is Fine…

Relationship memes about food never get old

If you’ve ever spent 45 minutes trying to convince your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are fine with whatever they want to eat, then you know memes like this are 100% spot on. Then again, if you’ve ever had your significant other practically beg you to choose a place to eat only to reject your choice with a “No, not that”, you also relate to memes like this.

4. Rude! But He Does Have a Point

One of funny relationship memes about a true gentleman

The best funny relationship memes point out frustrating truths. Sometimes those are cutesy, gendered tropes. For example, the girl orders a salad so she appears demure and health-conscious only to spend the evening eating her date’s food. In this case, it’s the “helpless” woman complaining about being cold and expecting him to give up his comfort for her. It’s really surprising that these comments aren’t made more often to be honest.

We love the message this sends. Ladies! Stop playing helpless or underdressing because you were taught that your appearance is more important than your comfort. Act like you have some adult capabilities and wear a jacket! Guys, be aware of how you play into these tropes too. Let’s all be warm together.

5. Always a Bridesmaid… Okay, Maybe Not Even a Bridesmaid

Your bestie getting a relationship is not that cute at times

Most of us have been on both sides of this. Our friends get into relationships and suddenly we take a backseat. We get into a relationship and tend to blow off our friends in our everyday lives. Fortunately, this is usually just a fleeting thing. Relationships end or settle into a steady pattern. Then communication is back on with the girls and boys in your friend’s group. Until then, just leave a comment so they don’t forget you exist entirely.

6. But Why Are You Yelling at Me???

memes about relationships ending | memes about relationships | dololo memes about relationships

Maybe you’re wrong, but do they have to be so mean about it? That exasperated comment seems so unnecessary. The moment something clicks in your head and you realize you are totally wrong in an argument really sucks. This meme about saving face is so relatable.

7. Find a Man Who Looks at You Like Chip Gaines Looks at Joanna

dololo memes about relationships | memes about relationships | funny memes about relationships

Sure, he looks a bit unhinged, but he clearly thinks she’s absolutely amazing. We bet they look at memes together. Doesn’t everybody deserve someone who thinks they’re cute and smart no matter what they do?

8. Find a Woman Who Talks About You Like This Guy

Proud looking man standing at a podium. Me when I get an opportunity to talk about my boyfriend.

The best partners will always talk you up around other people. Isn’t that what is supposed to happen when your person thinks you’re the most amazing person in the world? Now, when was the last time you left adoring comments on your love’s social media page? Any women reading this? You absolutely deserve the same.

9. Better Than Anything in The World – Including Coffee!

I love you more than coffee, but please don't make me prove it. on a pink background

Your person would die for you, but you’d never ask them to do that for real. We’re pretty sure that asking them to ditch their caffeine fix is even worse. Sometimes, ya just gotta believe your partner instead of asking them to prove it. Also, no snarky comments until they’ve had their first cup.

Side note: If they always have a cup waiting for you, they are definitely husband or wife material.

10. But What About My Google Pixel?

Man and woman hugging on a yellow background. I love you enough to make our iPhone-Samsung relationship work.

Okay, phone wars are kind of weird and funny. Why would you be angry or pressed about what another person carries in their pocket? Why are you caping for any multi-billion dollar company? Still, the idea of a couple coming together despite their smartphone differences is pretty wholesome. Today it’s iPhone and Android users. Tomorrow it’s a journey towards world peace!

One question. Does marriage nullify this? Can you really make someone your husband or wife if you can’t agree on compatible devices?

11. Basically Yes

kenyan memes about relationships | hilarious memes about relationships | bad relationship memes for him

Eventually your boyfriend or hubby realizes they can restore your smile by taking this one simple step. They feed you! Preferably tacos, followed by something sweet. Don’t forget to thank him! It takes an amazing partner and great patience to see their person through a hunger-related mood swing.

Besides, once the hunger crisis is averted you can go back to enjoying funny memes with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Hopefully, they can forgive you for the hostile comments you made in the grips of hunger. It’s probably a good thing they can’t read your thoughts in moments like this.

12. What? It’s a Valid Question!

Relationship meme about blue button girl asking about would you still love her without arms and legs

Is it really love if your wife or girlfriend doesn’t interrupt you to ask if you would still love her if she was turned into a fish or what you would do with her photos if she died? All she wants you to do is express your undying affection.

Don’t get angry, just reassure your honey that you will indeed love her even if she was somehow transformed into a bag of dates. It really is the fastest way to watch your movie in peace without the weird, albeit hilarious comments.

13. Near! Far! Wherever You Aaaaarrrreeeee!!!!

60 relationship memes

A long-distance relationship isn’t for the faint of heart. You spend a lot of time waiting for them to be nearby, but maybe not as long as the woman in the image says. Oh well. If you can’t have what you want right now, there are always funny relationship memes to help you cope.

Funny Relationship Memes That Aren’t That Funny

“Words are memes that can be pronounced.”

Daniel C. Dennett, American philosopher and writer

Some memes aren’t funny or smart. They’re really just ways to use images to say things that are gross and offensive. Unfortunately, when people call them out the tired excuse of “it was supposed to be funny” is trotted out. Sorry, but negative stereotypes aren’t cute or funny. If you find that kind of thing relatable, it’s time to look inward.

Sometimes, what you intend to be funny will just miss the mark. There may be some historical or cultural context that you don’t know about. When in doubt, do a bit of research. When you learn about memes and why they are created, you gain a better understanding of what made them funny. Be wary of attempts to use memes to push certain agendas.

You can also check the discussion that’s happening in the comments section. If there are a lot of loud, obnoxious voices praising the meme, it’s something you don’t want to associate with. In that case, scroll on by.

Also, funny relationship memes should be relatable and uplifting. Yes, a dark or sardonic sense of humor is fine, but don’t use memes to send your boyfriend or girlfriend passive-aggressive comments. If you have an issue with your partner, speak with them directly.

Enjoy Memes Together

Are you and your guy bored to tears watching unfunny, unoriginal shows on Netflix? Why do that when life is full of funny relationship memes? It’s truly an infinite resource. So, hang out with your babe and have fun enjoying memes together. Then, make some of your own or thank the creator in the comments section. Both of you deserve to enjoy funny things together. That includes memes.

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