18 Top Flirty Emojis on a Dating App

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26 Oct 2023
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18 Top Flirty Emojis That Make Dating Fun

You love to send your partner flirty and sexy text messages. It’s a fun way to show affection, start a raunchy conversation, and get them in the mood. Part of this flirtatious banter includes sharing flirty emojis. These cute little emojis can help you communicate what you are feeling, or even add a bit of intensity to what you are getting at.

So, which flirty emojis are the best? We have a list of the best flirty emojis to use when you are texting. Try a few to spice things up!

Try These When You Want to Send a Cute Emoji

“Emojis are by no means taking away from our written language but rather accentuating it by providing a tone that words on their own often cannot. They are, in a sense, the most evolved form of punctuation we have at our disposal.”

Emmy J. Favilla, a New York-based editor and writer

Used correctly, these flirty emojis are sure to spice up your online conversations. Let’s check the top emojis people use on the Hily dating app.

Winking face: The top of flirty emojis

1. Winking Face

The winky face is a classic emoji. It just fits in well into so many contexts. You can use it to show your sexual side, start a friendly conversation, or let the other person know you are being a bit tongue-in-cheek. This one is pretty tame, so it is ideal for when you first express interest in someone. It won’t be interpreted as overtly sexual or creepy. If you are going to start texting a new love, this is a great flirty emoji to use.

Smirking face flirty emoji

2. Smirking Face Emoji

If you want a flirty emoji that’s a bit cocky, try the smirking face. It communicates that you are in the mood to be a little bad. Use this one when you and your partner are engaging in some friendly banter or feeling competitive. This is also one of the best emojis to use when one of you is making or accepting a dare.


Smiling face cute emoji

3. Smiling Face Emoji

This probably isn’t among the first flirty emojis you use when you are flirting. Admittedly, it doesn’t convey lust or romance the way that other images do. But, you don’t always have to show your wild side when you flirt. It’s okay to be open and friendly. Sometimes, the person you are texting appreciates knowing you are happy to be talking to them. This cute, sincere emoji isn’t very exciting, but it can convey the right message sometimes.

Hot dating app emoji

4. Hot Emoji

The “hawt” or hot face emoji works as a great compliment to let someone know they are quite desirable. Remember that part of flirting is boosting your partner’s self-esteem. You want your crush to feel great about themselves, especially after they share a sweet or sexy picture with you. This flirty emoji lets them know how much you appreciate their message, and how fabulous you think they look.

Emojis to send a hot girl

5. Flame or Heart on Fire Emoji

Some flirty emojis are really open to interpretation. The flame and heart on fire emojis both fall into this category. Depending on the context, these communicate lust, appreciation for beauty, or falling in love. Whatever the case is, your texting partner is clearly making you hot and bothered. These are two emojis that are useful for flirting in almost any situation.

Blushing emoji

6. Blushing Emoji

You’re flirting with someone and they pay you a flattering compliment. You want to flirt back but be a bit demure about it. Try the blushing emoji! It adds a sweet and playful note to your conversations. Here are some examples of its use:

  • Oh my gosh! Nobody has ever complimented my artwork before!
  • You make me feel so good about myself!
  • Thank you for that generous gift. I love that you thought of me
  • That was a very naughty remark, but I am definitely flattered!
Kiss emoji used on Hily

7. Kiss Emoji

This flirty emoji is a classic. You really can’t get more straightforward, yet still platonic, than with the kiss emoji. It’s a greeting, a goodbye, or a response to a compliment. Any time you’d use this kiss someone in real life, you could use this emoji over text. It’s fun and flirty. Just remember that it isn’t super sexy or very serious. So, use it at the playful flirty stage of your conversation, but avoid it when the tone turns sensual.

Upside down smiley emoji

8. Upside Down Smiley Face

You’re having a great time chatting with your crush. Both of you are cracking jokes and teasine each other. Some of your remarks are a tiny bit naughty, but relatively tame. You want to say something funny with a bit of an edge to it, but want your girl to know you are joking. What can you do? Add the upside-down smiley face. This emphasizes that you are just being funny.

Blushing kissing face emoji

9. Blushing Kissing Face

This version of the kissing face has rosy cheeks and closed eyes. If the woman you are texting sends you this, it means good things. Depending on the context, she may be quite pleased with whatever you’ve just said. She may even be hinting that things could get a little more intense. This could be your sign to engage in more serious flirting.

Drooling face emoji

10. Drooling Face

The drooling face emoji is quite flirty and a little dirty too! You are telling your crush you want them. Use this when they have sent you a racy photo or a raunchy suggestion. But, be careful. There is a definite sex association with this one. It’s right up there with the water droplets emoji. You may want to avoid this one if you aren’t totally sure you are at the right stage of your relationship. There are plenty of other flirting emojis that aren’t quite so intense.

Pleading face emoji

11. Pleading Face Emoji

Emoji users love to add the pleading face emoji to flirtatious, sexy banter. This one also works well if your texting includes roleplay. When your partner is “denying you pleasure”, a pleading face can show just how much you want them.

Use this emoji with restraint. It should be flirting and fun. The last thing you want to do is use it in the wrong context. You risk coming off as whiny or needy. Also, no means no applies to flirting online. Don’t use this emoji in an attempt to pressure or cajole someone into doing something when they have already said no.

Boys and gils emojis used on a dating app

12. Emojis Guys And Girls

Many cute emojis can level up your dating game. But don’t sleep on some of the lesser-used emojis. If you can’t find the right emoji for the situation, start by heading over to the “People” section of your emojis page. This is where you will find men and women in various forms gesturing, taking part in various actions, and in a range of situations.

These are ideal when a simple emoji like a smiley face, winky face, or a face blowing kisses just won’t do. Here are some situations where one of these emojis is a great fit:

  • Sharing inside jokes
  • Roleplaying
  • Guessing games
  • Using shorthand to describe activities

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but sometimes you need something a bit more descriptive. This is where these semi-realistic illustrations come in handy.

Devil face emoji

13. Devil Face

You can use a wink to show you are joking or teasing. But, what if you want to send your crush something a bit more “wicked”. This is when you pull out the devil face emoji. This sly little fellow is cute but just a bit edgier than the other flirting emojis. Guys tend to like this one because it’s fun without being too cutesy.

Tongue emoji

14. Tongue Emoji

The tongue emoji is quite popular on dating apps and when sending flirty text messages on social media. This suggestive emoji goes far beyond the standard flirty text like a winky face. It implies something that is actually quite raunchy. If you use this one, be sure that is just what you want to imply.

Peach emoji

15. Peach Emoji

Send this to a hot girl on the best dating app and there is no turning back. She will know that you absolutely are not talking about fresh fruit. If you get heart eyes back, you know you are on the right track. Be aware though, she just might stop you right in your tracks if she isn’t ready for anything involving sex.

Eggplant emoji

16. Eggplant Emoji

Yeah, this is like the peach emoji, but for guys. It’s raunchy, and probably a bit corny. You might send this if you want to make a subtle reference. Just know that people tend to use this one in a more humorous style.

Heart eyes emoji

17. Heart Eyes

This one may have overtaken the smiley face as the most popular, romantic emoji. This sweet little image can be used to send a compliment or just say I love you. When your partner sends you this, it’s because you did or said something that has them enthralled with you. This is definitely the kind of message you want to see.

Creative ways of sending flirty emojis

18. Get Creative With Flirty Emojis

The wonderful thing about emojis is that you and the person you are dating can practically make up your own language. Sure, you can stick to the traditional uses for each emoji, or come up with meanings that are a better match for your relationship.

The longer you date, the more unique words, phrases, and expressions you might create. For example, if the two of you attended a disastrous birthday party, you might find some emojis to turn that into an inside joke. The idea is to have fun in addition to making your love life a bit more interesting.

When Should You Send a Flirty Emoji?

“Voices are stupid. They influence how people perceive words, coloring them with unclear emotions, instead of letting the words stand on their own. Text messaging is much better. It allows people to be the idea they’re expressing. If you want to express emotions, you should use emojis. It’s what they’re there for.”

A.D. Aliwat, author

Send a flirty emoji to make conversations with your crush better. When you take the time to find and use the right emoji, it just adds something extra to your messages.

A text message just saying “hey” is pretty generic. But, with a wink or laugh emoji, you project a playful mood. It has the same effect as a smile or affectionate shoulder nudge in real life.

4 Mistakes When Sending Flirty Emojis

Take a moment to think before hitting send. You don’t want to inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings, especially not when you are dating them. Also, good relationships are built on good communication. Emojis should be used to add to that, not take away from it. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Being mean with a flirty emoji: Don’t expect a wink emoji to turn a mean remark into a joke
  2. Using emojis to sound deep: Use words, not emojis, to show deep or intense feelings
  3. Talking to an image, not a person: Match the energy of the person you are dating
  4. Taking the context wrong: Know when to go for a laugh and when to be a little erotic

Boost your flirt game with emojis! You’re dating an attractive person and want to take things to the next level. So whenever those awkward conversations are tough to navigate, add some fun and lighten the mood by using flirty emojis to show how you truly feel.

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