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We Help Asian Singles Approach Each Other in a Fun Way

Being the fastest-growing population group in the U.S., Asian Americans make up more than 22 million people. They are widely diverse, coming from Korean, Japanese, Chinese, from the Far East, Indian, and Pakistani cultural backgrounds.

What do they have in common? We know the answer – they want love!

Now adopting the ways of Western countries, Asian Americans have fewer arranged marriages, don’t comply with the traditional ways of dating, and have no more restrictions on dating and romantic partnerships. Simply put, Asian singles are free to look for an ideal partner anywhere – at work, at school, at parties, and, yes, on online dating apps. Among these options, dating apps are especially efficient for Asian singles to meet like-minded people for dating and relationships.

Enter Hily! Our Asian dating app has over 31 million members of all ages and cultural backgrounds. We have a huge contingent of Asian singles, male and female, all looking for anything – making new friends, casual dating relationships, and long-term partnerships and marriage. Hily is the perfect Asian dating site, no matter what you are seeking. Take a look at all that you will find here!

Hily’s Free Features for Asian Dating

Unlike other Asian dating sites, Hily offers these free features that are popular among all singles, including those of Asian descent.

Nearby Search
This Premium feature lets you meet Asian dates even closer to home. And, in contrast to other Asian dating sites, you can filter your matches by as short a radius as you want.
Incognito Mode
Feel secure and in charge of your profile's visibility by choosing who gets to see it.
Advanced Filters
Streamline your dating experience and feel confident in your choices with our app's effective filters.
Disable Ads
Achieve your dating goals seamlessly with Hily, where disruptive ads won't distract you.

Why Hily Is the Best Among Asian Dating Apps?

Many Asian dating sites and apps claim to be the best for Asian singles. Hily doesn’t spend time criticizing them – we focus on offering better service than other Asian dating apps.

And here’s what distinguishes us from other best Asian dating sites:

  • More than 28 million members, with a huge pool of Asian singles, all looking for a variety of connections – friendship, casual dates, or long-term relationships.

  • Our Asian-American membership spans all age groups with cultural and ethnic backgrounds from all Asian countries.

  • Free Asian dating features on Hily are fee-based on other dating sites

  • Our AI matching algorithm quickly learns and constantly refines information about you to work more accurately. It’s like your personal dating expert.

  • Our premium subscription comes at a very reasonable price, and Asian members can opt for weekly, monthly, or long-term plans.

  • We offer an a la carte menu for our members to choose which premium features they may want. This is particularly attractive to our Asian Americans, who see just some of the premium features as right for them.

  • Our Asian dating members can opt for a three-day trial premium membership. Trying out these advanced features lets them choose which ones they may want to purchase separately.

It’s impossible for any other Asian dating sites to match all that Hily offers. And it’s why our members from all Asian countries and Asian backgrounds stick with us.

Hily’s Premium Features for Asian Dating

Hily’s Premium Features for Asian Dating

These dating features are the best for Asian women and men to meet their destiny. Go for them to get Asian dating success!

When you’ve been through many Asian singles’ profiles, you may suddenly miss the person you like. With this Premium feature, you can quickly roll back to all those Asian girls or guys you passed up and take a second look.
Major Crush
As you search, you come across someone you haven't been matched with but are interested in. With Major Crush, it’s not a problem: you can text them even before the match happens.
Increase your visibility among asian singles on our dating platform with a brief enhancement.
Compatibility Quiz
Engage in a quiz to enhance your matches with more asians and kickstart fantastic conversations!

Asian American Dating vs. Asian Dating: What’s the Difference?

Even though both Asian American dating and Asian dating involve people of Asian heritage, their dating practices – and thus, the choice of dating sites – slightly differ. Asian American dating can be considered as a “more Westernized” option of Asian dating, being under the significant influence of American context and having much greater openness to interracial dating. In its turn, Asian dating involves people of various Asian countries who refer to the best Asian dating sites to find a compatible partner. For these people, it is very important to stay within the Asian context and preserve the traditions and cultural uniqueness of Asian heritage.

In this dating landscape, Hily stands for openness to different Asian dating styles. On our dating app, you can meet an Asian partner who will share your values and cultural background. No matter which dating version you prefer – Asian American or plain Asian – we will connect you with a compatible partner among over 28 million of Hily users. All you need is to install the app, fill in your dating profile, and let our smart psychology algorithm to its magic!

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Conversations per day

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112 000

Happy couples per year

How Hily Dating App Works?

Among all Asian dating sites, Hily gives you more free features and options. Check out these four easy steps to pass registration and start being active on our Asian dating site.

Download Hily App
Access our Asian dating site for free from Google Play or App Stores
Create Your Profile
Use a bunch of prompts and helpful hints to meet and start dating compatible Asian singles
Discover Asian Singles Nearby
Rely on our AI matching algorithm to start getting and choosing among Asian matches
Start Love Story
Stay active to collect success stories of love and friendships with other members of Hily!

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Some Tips For Successful Asian Dating

You want to meet and date members of the Asian community. What’s the best way to go about that? You could try going out to local clubs and other hangouts. The only problem is that this is pretty inefficient. There’s no guarantee that you’ll meet people you’re interested in.

Instead, try online dating. You can create a profile that is customized to attract the people you are compatible with. Even better, the Hily algorithm will recommend profiles based on your preferences, interests, and behaviors. 

In addition to these features, you are empowered to create a successful dating journey on Hily. Here are some steps you can take to have a great experience and meet Asian single women or men.

  • Get Hily and create a profile

  • Upload plenty of pics to get more attention

  • Answer Icebreaker questions to show your Asian Pride

  • Try live streaming to reach a wider Asian audience

  • Share your location to meet Asian singles right where you live!

Don’t forget to try the compatibility quiz. Finally, the best thing you can do to meet single Asians is to be active. Come to the app every day. Answer your messages. Send likes! Get into deep conversations about the things that interest you.

Hily is The Best Place to Meet Asian Singles - It’s True!

We know that Hily isn’t the only dating app for meeting single Asian men or women online. But, we will proudly and boldly state that we are the best Asian dating site there is! Here are just a few reasons why.

A Welcoming Platform!

Hily values diversity. We welcome our Asian members and work hard to apply cultural competence to our policies and customer support training. 

Features to Support Your Asian Dating Goals

Some “Asian dating apps” will give you plenty of matches to single Asians in your community. That’s because they simply show you any and all profiles that happen to check that one box. At Hily, we don’t think people belong in boxes. There’s so much more to you and more to the people you’re going to meet. That’s why we recommend profiles based on several compatibility factors. Then, we give you the tools you need to connect and have amazing conversations.

A User-Friendly Interface

To help you have the best possible Asian dating experience, we’ve made Hily easy to use. You simply download the app, make your bio, and start meeting amazing people.

What Sets Hily Apart From Other Free Asian Dating Sites?

There are many Asian dating sites with free and paid memberships. Some of these are specifically geared towards the Asian community. Others have a broader user base. However, none of them compare to Hily.

First, if other dating sites were cars they would be economy cars with the basic trim. On the other hand, Hily would be something special. Under its hood would be a high-performance engine that gets you just where you want to be. For Hily, that engine is a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes several factors to find better connections. This includes word choice, conversation depth, and your mutual likes.

While other apps are recommending Asian singles to you based on geolocation and one bit of profile data, we’re leaving them in the dust. Hily brings you truly relevant recommendations and a rich set of features that you can use all for free.

Remember, it isn’t about connecting with as many Asian singles as possible. It’s about connecting with people who share your culture, interests, and values. Hily does that for you while also encouraging meaningful connections and conversations.

Asian Dating - It’s Never Been Easier

Not long ago, dating within the Asian culture wasn’t easy to do. It involved one of the following:

  • Going to local spots and hoping to meet local Asian women or men

  • Relying on friends and family to hook you up – and usually being disappointed

  • Using Asian dating services that often make you feel gross and fetishized

Maybe you’ve experienced these things and feel hopeless about finding and dating an Asian American who you truly connect with.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Asian dating doesn’t have to be stressful or objectifying. You can make healthy, compatible connections simply by downloading Hily. We offer a supportive, diverse platform in an environment of safety and respect. We have the technology to help you meet Asian singles who also have plenty in common with you. 

All of this makes online dating fun again. Isn’t it time to try something new?


You can meet Asian singles by downloading the Hily app and creating a profile. We allow you to develop an online bio to truly express yourself and your interests. Share your pride in your Asian heritage, engage with other users, and take advantage of Hily’s many helpful features. Before long you will connect with singles in the Asian community.

There may be a dating app for Asian singles. However, we are confident that you will be even happier with Hily. It allows you to set your preferences, build an online profile, live stream, and answer Icebreaker questions all to show your interest in connecting with Asian Americans. The more you show your preferences, the better our algorithm will be able to help you meet Asian singles in your neighborhood.

Women highly regard Hily as a safe and welcoming space. This includes the thousands of Asian women on our platform. This includes those who are interested in dating men from similar cultures and backgrounds. These are women who are interested in dating caring, intelligent guys. So, give Hily a chance. Download the app and see who is waiting to get to know you.

Hily is an ideal dating platform for Asian men and women who are interested in dating people from similar cultural backgrounds. We provide you with the tools and features you need to narrow your search for singles who are compatible with you. Additionally, we have worked hard to create a dating site that values diversity.

There are more than 31 million users on Hily! That number is growing constantly. We have a global reach. This includes a presence in several Asian countries and an American user base that includes thousands of men and women with Asian backgrounds. You can meet them in your neighborhood if you download the app, create a profile, and share your location.

Every person who joins the Hily online dating platform is entitled to the robust protections we have in place. This is true for our free and premium members. We have safety measures in place to verify the identity of all users and ensure your data is always safe. Additionally, we understand the concerns our Asian members may have regarding racism, fetishizing, and other problematic behaviors. To that end, we have empowered our support team to intervene when any incidents are reported.

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